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Create a Zen Oasis in Your Home Using These 9 Tips 25 December, 2020   

The art of Zen mediation was practiced by Buddhist monks ages ago. Recently, Zen philosophy made its way into the West, and it is trendy when it comes to spatial design. Apart from remodeling the garden, you can create a Zen oasis inside the house, and here are 9 tips on how to do it.

1. Go for natural hues inside the house

The first step to turning your home into a Zen oasis is to alter the color scheme inside the house. You want to establish a spa-like ambiance through the use of mild colors, such as light green, cool blue, and fragrant orange/yellow.

The palette you opt for should consist of natural hues and pastel colors. For instance, a mediation-inducing color for the bedroom will help you fall asleep faster. A word of note: limit the palette to two or three colors in general. 

2. Creating a quiet corner

It’s impossible to meditate inside a noisy room, so every house needs a quiet corner. Whether you choose to place it inside the study, the bedroom, or the living room, the quiet corners should get plenty of natural light.

This means that the window area is ideal or you can create a glass wall, i.e. a corner. Furthermore, the corner should be filled with greenery; even you managed to find only a couple of Zen-friendly houseplants to feed the room with oxygen.

3. A deluge of natural light

You might have concluded by now that natural light plays a decisive role in a true Zen oasis. All the rooms inside the house, including the basement and the attic, should have large windows or glass walls. A deluge of natural light should deluge the interior during the day.

Rooms that cannot be refitted with larger windows, such as the bathroom can be adorned with mirrors that will reflect natural light across the room. At night, swap the harsh overhead light fixtures with soft, ambient lighting to help you reach Zen.

4. The power of accessorizing

You want the switch to a Zen home to be quick and affordable without jeopardizing conceptual art. There is a way to avoid overspending and that is to heavily accessorize. For example, if you have a dark sofa, instead of having it reupholstered into a pastel color, adorn it with pillows and cushions.

In terms of ease of maintenance, linen cushions are the best shopping option. Nowadays, you can find cushions of all shapes, colors, prints, and sizes online, so they will fit in perfectly with the living room sofa and other furniture, such as armchairs and even stools.

5. The gateway into the oasis

The biggest proof that you have successfully turned your home into a Zen oasis is the feeling of relaxation the moment you step inside the house. The hallways should be inviting as if beckoning you to leave stress outside.

This is achieved by getting rid of the mess typical to doorways. Keys shouldn’t sit on the console table and clank all the time but they require a separate peg. A storage unit for shoes is also necessary to get rid of footwear clutter one and for all!

6. Use raw textures

Unlike your shoes, the walls inside your home don’t have to be smooth. In fact, raw textures are part of Zen philosophy since they represent the uncouthness of nature. This includes conventional flooring options such as hardwood or bamboo floors. In other cases, you might want to break the mold a bit by applying stucco, i.e. rough plaster on interior walls.  

7. Keep the walls bare and clean

Another Zen feature in accordance with the use of raw textures is to limit wall decorations. Clutter can occur in a vertical space, so don’t put too many pictures, frames, and paintings on the walls.

Clean surfaces, including bare walls, lie at the heart of Zen philosophy, symbolizing frugality. Minimalist décor and limiting interior ornaments, in general, are the two best ways to distress your living quarters.

8. A green home

We’ve already mentioned that the quiet corner should be beautified with some houseplants but in fact, you can add greenery to the entire house. Since Zen is all about reconnecting with nature, what better way to click with Mother Nature than filling your home with succulents and orchids. 

9. An indoor water feature

Apart from plants, the sound of running water calms our nerves the most. Since your home probably isn’t large enough to house a
Koi-Fish pond, you can add a small fountain.

These can be purchased at DIY and garden centers and they are easy to connect to a water source. The fountain might not look like much but just the burble it resonates with is enough to instantly appease anyone suffering from stress. 

As you have seen from our 9 examples, an indoor Zen isn’t that hard to create. Moreover, you don’t need a hefty home budget, as most fixtures are DIY. In fact, you’ll achieve inner pieces just by installing the water fountain, repainting the walls, and choosing pastel cushions for the living room sofa.

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