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Conundrum behind the leaning tower of Pisa! 28 July, 2020   

"I will not fall ;I will stand tall"       

                            These words by infamous rapper Eminem reminds me of 'The leaning tower of Pisa' in Italy. It is a free standing bell tower which is known worldwide for its unintended tilt. It is the third oldest structure in the city. There has been contention about the real architect of Pisa tower. The architects who designed the tower are Bonanno Pisano, Giovanni De Simone who were Italian Engineers (kudos!).  The burning question that usually arises in everyone’s mind is how that tower is tilted and yet not toppled. During construction in 12th  century, due to the ground being too soft to properly support this massive structure, the tilting of the tower took place.

                                                     The tilt increased in the decades before the structure got completed in the14th century. The construction of the tower occurred in three stages over 199 years. The architects tried to complete the tower within two decades. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The structure toppled during the construction of second floor due to weak, unstable subsoil. However, the battles took place between The Republic of Pisa and Genoa, Lucca, Florence halted the construction for almost a century. This allowed the soil to settle. Otherwise that would have  collapsed by now(Thank God)!


                     Numerous efforts were made to restore the tower from falling over. But most of these efforts went in vain and worsened the tilt. In 1964, The Republic of Italy requested aid to prevent the tower from toppling. But this act of Italy promoted tourism in Pisa(That's a blessing in disguise). The tower was closed to public in 1990. The bells were removed and the cables were clinched to the tower and anchored.

                             The solution chosen to prevent the tilting is to remove 38 cubic meters of soil from underneath the raised end to straighten the tower. However it worked and continuous efforts for a decade straightened the tower returning to its 1838 position. Lead counterweights are stacked on the tower during restoration in 1998. In December15 ,2001, this tower is declared to be stable for another 300 years and opened to public. Nowadays people are wondering about the conundrum behind this tower ,but the efforts took by the experts made it possible for the leaning tower to be stable and erect. Those decisions made by wise men kept this monument standing tall inspite of all the hurdles and obstacle. Ultimately this tower is a personification of bravery and daring.

             "Standing tall amidst the sky;   by beating all the odds and let them fly"                                            


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