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Common car problems that you can fix yourself 15 January, 2021   

A car is a very convenient way to get from one point to another, no matter what the opponents of this method of transportation may say. "Oh, you will stand in a traffic jam while I quickly get there on a bus/subway" Yes, yes, all these screams from the side station only amuse when you drive in a warm, comfortable car, listening to your favourite music or enjoying the silence.

But cars are not perfect, and if major breakdowns are rare enough, especially in new cars, then even the most modern models are not insured against minor problems. In this article, we will discuss common car problems and how you can fix them yourself.


Dead car battery

The most common cause of engine start failure is a dead car battery. Many ignorant car enthusiasts think that if the car does not start, then there is a problem in the engine. As a result, many naive car owners spend a lot of money on various unnecessary diagnostics in technical centres.

So if you can't start your car, and it is over five years old, it might be time to replace the battery with a new one. By the way, you can not only save on diagnostics in case of battery failure but also learn how to install the battery yourself. To do this, search the Web for the battery replacement process in your car model.

Flat tire

Your vehicle manual has detailed instructions on how to change a flat tire. But this is all theory for an ideal world. The real world includes all sorts of surprises: wheel bolts that do not budge, rust in the hub, a flat tire, etc. But we are not reminding you of this in order to scare you. This is necessary so that you are prepared for the unexpected.

And for this, you must know in advance how you can change a flat tire yourself and what you may encounter. So you will not be afraid of the process of changing the wheel and can do everything yourself. Otherwise, you will have to catch someone who will help you on the road (not guaranteed that it is free), or spend a lot of money calling an on-site mobile tire changer or tow truck. So again, we advise you to look for a video on YouTube, with a detailed description of the wheel change process


Even modern cars are not protected from corrosion, as most of their bodies are made of steel. To avoid corrosive processes, you can treat body parts with special solutions that prevent rusting. The main thing is to treat the bottom of the car, as well as the wings, which constantly interact with water and snow. If you find scratches to the metal, then they need to be puttied before being treated with an anti-corrosion solution. We also recommend not leaving the car for a long time in places with high humidity. 


If the "oil can" on the dashboard lights up, Don’t panic. Maybe it’s not as serious and fatal as you may think. Although this pictogram may indicate the presence of serious breakdowns, most often it simply indicates a banal lack of oil. Therefore, we go to a meeting with the oil dipstick under the hood. If the problem is really in the level of oil, just top it up.

The turn signals blink quickly

This most often happens in a situation when the lamps in the remaining lighting fixtures have burned out. The problem is solved simply and in the most obvious way. It is necessary to empirically establish in which particular lighting device problems appeared, and replace the lamps. 

Headlights shine poorly

Practice shows that very often this happens due to corny oxidized contacts. Before running to car service, you can independently disassemble the headlights and check the condition of the lamps and surfaces that come into contact with them. If during the inspection it was possible to find traces of rust, we arm ourselves with a cleaning compound, a metal brush, grease and remove the corrosion. The headlights should then function like new. 

If you need to replace the lamps in headlights, make sure to replace both of them. 

Professional care

Sometimes it is faster and cheaper to fix something in your car yourself, but it is better not to go into some systems and elements of your favourite car, especially if you do not have enough qualifications, knowledge or experience for this. Make sure to get car maintenance quotes from the right professional that will take good care of your car. 


The modern car is a very complex device. But when the car has some problems, it is not always necessary to contact a car service. Some things you can fix yourself, saving money on paying for the work of the master.


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