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Civil Liberties Vs. Civil Rights: 3 Ways they are different 09 April, 2019   

‘Civil liberties Vs. Civil rights' is an agenda on which people have doubts since ages and still have not got any solid answer. Today we are here to discuss this topic as one should know their rights and liberties and how to use them. 

The term Civil Rights and Civil liberties are used synonymously very often. But there is a great difference between both the terms. To understand both the topics lets the first know the basics. 

What are Civil Liberties?

Civil liberties are the guidelines that are laid down in the constitution of every country. It defines certain parameters within which no one can budge in without the consent of the individual. This area is safe from any other being whether it be the Government or Law.

The scope of Civil Liberties changes from country to country. Despite the differences, there are many aspects which are similar wherever you go. Civil Liberties cover many aspects of the constitution, and we will provide you with a complete outlook on the topic. 

What do Civil Liberties include?

Civil Liberties are a large concept and cover a major part of the constitution. Some of the common elements that civil liberties include are:

Freedom of Conscience: Freedom of Conscience or Freedom of Thoughts lets the people of the country know the power and privilege to hold any opinion.

Freedom of Religion: Freedom of Religion is the principle that let the masses the power to support and follow any religion or community they want to.

The Right to Privacy: the Right to Privacy is one of the most controversial rights as it defines the limits and boundaries of which a person can do anything that is legal, and no Law or Government can interfere.

Freedom of Speech: Freedom of Speech is the principle that allows us and empowers the freedom of a community or an Individual to articulate their thoughts and opinions without any bound.

Freedom of Assembly: This principle is often used upon with Freedom of Association, and it empowers the people of a country to pursue or defend any belief.

The Right to a Fair Trial: This right was made ironclad so that no individual or community gets to face any punishment from the law that they are not worthy of.

The Right to Equal Treatment under the Law and Due Process: The Equality before the Law right gives us the right that each individual will be treated by the law of the country equally.

The Right of Life: This is a moral principle that is made to give a person the right concept of life. This right says that no human being should have to lose their life from the hand of another human being.

Freedom of the Press: Freedom of Media AKA Freedom of the Press is a principle that let's communicate and express our thoughts and information through any media platform.

The Right to own Property: This right empowers any individual or community to own a property that is registered on their name.

The Right to Defend Oneself: This right was made to ensure the safety and security of the public when law enforcement is not nearby to assist. 

What are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are the guidelines that empower a person towards certain things where no one can stop them from availing it. Civil Rights are essential for the democracy of any country. The Law penalizes anyone who interferes with other persons' civil rights as it is a punishable offense. 

Civil rights are a significant and expansive set of rules and rights that are formed to protect citizens of any country from unfair treatment issues. These rights make sure of the fact that an individual must get equal treatment. This helps to maintain the equilibrium of power and saves us from an uprising.

Civil rights include rules for the safety of any individual from issues regarding mental and physical integrity, safety and life, etc. It also helps to end the discrimination and bullying that is done by race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, color, political affiliation, national origin, religion, disabilities, etc.

What do Civil Rights Include?

Civil rights cover many concepts that ensure the safety and well-being of the masses. These concepts are based upon certain issues that people face in a day to day life, and many of us can relate to it. It is important to be aware of your civil rights and its concept. There are more direct concepts that can be related to an individual without much problem.

Civil Liberties vs. Civil Rights: how are they different?

Both terms are concerned about the protection and privileges of the people. But despite all the similarities, there is a great difference between the two terms. Here are the points of difference:

The scope of the concepts: This is a major difference between Civil Liberties and Rights as both have a different reach in terms of the scope of the concept. Civil Rights are the rules and regulations that are laid down for the individual. As for Civil Liberties, they have a greater scope than Civil rights as they cover concepts that apply to the masses.

Affecting Object:  Both of the terms affect different perspectives. Civil rights are made to affect people of any country at an individual level, but on the other hand, Civil liberties are made with the thought of affecting the whole population all under one circumstance.

What and whose right is affected: This simple point of difference will explain the whole Civil Liberties vs. Civil rights concept. We all know that the right to marry is civil liberty; it is civil liberty because it is applies to everyone and anyone can avail it.

Meanwhile, if any couple is denied a marriage license just because of some personal dispute or opinion of the registrar, then this is a case of civil rights violation. In his case the party whose right is violated is specific, and it is a problem that is faced by some particular people.

Civil Liberties are something that has a greater scope than civil rights, and it affects the masses and not the individuals directly. Whereas, civil rights are the rules and guidelines that affect a person or a group of individuals directly. So, I hope by this, the concept of civil liberties vs. civil rights clarifies a solid answer to you.

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