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Child Marriage:A Bane Of Life 20 September, 2020   

There is one girl, Mrs X who belonged to the backward class. She got married at the age of 10 due to pressure of grandparents. After one year she had a baby boy. Imagine she became mother at the age when she didn't even had the knowledge of pregnancy. Now she is 21 and has 3 children.
This is not only the case. Estimates suggests that each year, at least 1.5 million girls under 18 gets married in India.
Effects of child marriage:
•death during childbirth
•increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases
•obstetric fistulas
Law which prevents child marriage:
‌Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
Under the act, Whoever contracts a child marriage(marriage between a girl of 18 years and a boy of 21 years) shall be punishable with a rigorous imprisonment which may be extended to 2 years or with a fine which may extend to one lakh rupees or both.
Benifits provided under this Act:
•Protect right, freedom and will of the child
Protect and provide relief to the victims.
•enhance punishment for those who-
~performs, conducts or directs any child marriage
~ is male adult still marrying a child
~despite being a parent, guardian or member of the organization participates in child marriage.
•calls appointment of Child Marriage Prohibition Officer for whole or a part of state by the State Government.

Despite the invention of these laws, child marriages are still on rise.
Judicial system needs to be more effective in bringing justice to the victims.
•Awareness campaigns must be set up in backward areas.
•Provide incentives and economic support child's family

Child marriage

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