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Business Maths or Why Supply Chain Security is Important 13 October, 2021   

Business maths is essential in today’s world. There is a lot of application of this commercial math into several small and large-scale enterprises and businesses. Colleges are beginning to recognize the importance and application of this math in the outside world. It is no surprise that it is not in the curriculum.

At the same time, many college students greatly despise math because it is seemingly complicated, and the idea of crunching numbers for homework is not entertaining. Perhaps, it is the fear of getting the math homework answers wrong. You need to understand that business mathematics at the college level is about trial and error sometimes. Either way, it is always advisable to seek online help when stuck.

Even when you are done with College, your math problems don’t end there.  Another important subject matter that is very important in running your business is supply chain security. It refers to the steps you take to reduce or mitigate risks and threats to your project, and it requires using maths. Some of the risks are fraud, hacking, theft, and many more that your business is subject to. In this article, we will show you how business maths and supply chain security can help boost your progress.

What ways are Mathematical Evaluation and Supply Chain Security Important in Business?

If you have doubts as to how business maths and supply chain security could be useful, then check these out:

Price Evaluation

All the business mathematics formulas may not be so useless as you think. The foundation of price evaluation is in mathematics. You cannot sell and make profits without having a price. So many calculations go into price evaluation; your favorite store doesn’t come up with random prices for goods and services.

They have to calculate the cost of buying, the cost of transportation and maintenance, and several other additional costs. If the numbers come out too high, they subsidize a bit. Either way, it is impossible to do it without the help of math.

Profit Deductions

The point of doing work is to make profits. No one wants to run a business at a loss. How bad will it be if an owner doesn't know how to calculate his net returns on the business. Such an owner is unsure whether the business is running in loss or profit. You have to be logistic in business.

You can only calculate your returns with math. The same boring college maths can help you tell if you are going bankrupt or getting more significant. You can avoid such by studying your math, practicing problems, and getting better. It would be worth it in the nearest future.

Risk Mitigation

This is where supply chain security comes into action. In your business, some unforeseen circumstances happen. Sometimes they are avoidable, and sometimes they are not. Either way, you have to be prepared for these unforeseen circumstances. Supply chain security calculation would help.

You will use it to calculate while factoring in risks like theft, natural disasters, unforeseen competition, theft, and other similar conditions. The primary aim is to reduce your risks to the bare minimum, so you will have to be mathematic in security installation.

If any of the unforeseen circumstances were to hit your business by chance, you are not caught unawares. It won't affect your sales or profits, and you will bounce back in no time. Effective supply chain security could save a lot of business owners from bankruptcy.

General Analysis of Finances

In business, evaluation of general revenues and expenses must not be taken for granted. You need it for adequate growth. If it is a large-scale enterprise, you would be able to analyze revenues from employees properly. Small businesses can also use it to project future increases and decreases in the sales figure.

You can only do everything with the help of business maths. No other subject or course taught in your school would show you how to do it. These figures will go a long way in making you last longer in the hustle.


The importance of mathematics usage in business cannot be overemphasized. Mathematics has been here for ages, being implemented in various fields; it is not leaving anytime soon. If you have plans or already have a project and are not implementing business maths, you are only short-changing yourself.

A little addition of simple arithmetic operations and formulas to calculate your revenues and expenses would make a difference for you. However, your foundation in the subject has to be firm.

If you are still in college or university, take your teachers seriously. Do your assignments, study, and get good grades. Makes sure your knowledge in business maths is solid; it is only a matter of time before you start seeing the difference. A simple understanding of such arithmetic evaluations will set you apart from competitors.

You also need to consider supply chain security. If any unexpected circumstance were to occur, such evaluations would make sure it is minimal. In the end, your business will thrive.

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