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BTS Quinn L takes a lead with BTS 25 August, 2020   

The youngest Bighit worked to ever work for a Kpop group named Quinn (last name not verified) takes a lead with Kpop groups at only 13 years old! The young actress was spotted with BTS on several occasions, starting from music videos, all the way to ARMY seeing her with the members at a concert. Quinn was seen behind the scenes of their ‘ON’ mv shoot where she was featured in Jin and Sugas scene, holding Jimins hand and teaching him a handshake! She was also spotted after a concert by an ARMY named Arian Chel who said that Quinn was around Jimin, V, and Jungkook the most and they were all very gentle with each other! The young girl loves another K-Idol named Felix Lee from Stray Kids who she wants to meet extremely bad! I hooe with all her ability that she will reach her goals!

bts child actress quinn jimin

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