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Biotechnology in medicine - Scope and Applications 26 December, 2018   

Biotechnology is one of the famous and most significant fields come with an array of useful applications. The best thing about this vast field is that it is used in the medicines. The area of genetic engineering and biotechnology introduces different techniques.  

The polymerase chain retort, gene therapy, recombinant DNA technology, these are few techniques the uses of DNA molecules and genes to make an adequate diagnosis of diseases.  As the emerging research field, biotechnology comes with the better potential for solving different kinds of biological issues.

Role of biotechnology in medicine

Biotechnology influences the healthcare industry in different ways. Trends in biotechnology change the features of the medical field. When it comes to genetic engineering, it is another important field that contributes effective and safe medications and treatments.

One of the biotechnology applications that get more fame among medical field is insulin discovery. Apart from that, biotechnology also provides advanced medical devices and equipment for both preventive and diagnostic purposes.

Now, healthy life appears as a major concern for every individual due to infectious diseases. That’s why biotechnology comes with lots of promising and excellent technologies. Biotechnology also plays the most significant in reducing health differences worldwide.

It also has the potential to increase the expectancy, health, and quality of life. For example, malnutrition is a common problem that arises because of insufficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients in food. This health condition results in even death.

The field of biotechnology work smartly to eliminate the problems by introducing nutrient-rich resources like soybean, Maize, potato, Golden Rice and more. Biotechnology not only brings some benefits but also helps to control the pollution with the biodegradation process of environmental pollutants.

The scope of Biotechnology:

In medicine Biotechnology has genetic engineering that motivated expectations for drugs, therapeutic proteins, and various biological organisms. It includes engineering yeasts, pesticides, seeds and also modified human cells. The modified cells are used to treat multiple genetic diseases.

The genetically-modified food, cloning, stem cell research and gene therapy are the most significant benefits of genetic engineering that make this field an essential one in the modern world. There is a broad range of biotechnology products available for therapeutic use.

In the product range, some of them are intended to mimic the counterpart of human accurately, and others are projected to vary from the human counterpart.  Also, they are chemically modified, novel or analogues products.

It is significant to know that many biotechnology products are now regulated as the medicinal products. Though, the rigid condition of other products like tissue, cell therapies and organ-based products varies worldwide.

They fall within an edge between the required practice of medicinal products, medicine, and medical devices.  Biotechnology has different medicine areas which are used for developing both cure and diagnostic kits.

Biotechnology and its applications

The biotechnology-derived medicines are derived from different kinds of expression systems like a plant or insect cells, transgenic animals, mammalian, yeast, Escherichia coli and more. This kind of expressed gene or protein includes the same nucleotide sequence or amino acid as the endogenous form of human.

They are intentionally varied in the sequence for conferring a huge technical benefit named pharmacodynamics profile or optimized pharmacokinetic. Biotechnology in medicine uses both cell materials and living cells to produce both diagnostic and pharmaceutical products.

The primary function of these products is to prevent and treat various human diseases. The most exciting thing about biotechnology is that it offers lots of applications to medicine. It is helpful to know that these biotechnology applications are giving better results to human.

If you want to know the significant applications of Biotechnology in medicine, you can accurately read the following passage that shares vital details regarding various biotechnology applications and trends in biotechnology.

Molecular Diagnosis

It is one of the most popular and helpful biotechnology applications used in this immediate health care filed.  People who have the symptoms created by pathogens are readily known to be diseases. Most of the individuals fail to diagnose this condition earlier, so they will get lots of problems.

It is even worse when the concentration of pathogen is already high. Therefore, an early knowledge and diagnosis of pathophysiology condition are important for a better cure. There are many techniques available for this condition, but the biotechnology techniques have the potential to bring the desired results.

You can quickly achieve better diagnosis with Recombinant DNA technology, ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immuno-sorbent Assay), and PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).  The PCR is a useful technique that amplifies this disease before it produces any symptoms and signs.

Medical Biotechnology

The medical biotechnology is another important application of Biotechnology in medicine.  As an active application, it generally deals with proper use of the recombinant DNA technology in different therapeutic processes.

The best thing about this technique is that it brings you numerous benefits. By using this technique, you can rule out many more straightforward issues of graft rejection against administered therapeutics. Insulin production is a classic example of medical biotechnology.

In before, the pig’s pancreas is used for manufacturing the insulin. These kinds of insulin products are constantly creating lots of problems in the form of immunological reactions. To overcome the problems, medical biotechnology comes with the genetically engineered insulin which is based on Trends in biotechnology.  

E. coli is the leading resource of this genetically engineered insulin.  It is produced with an aim to compatible with the human body. Moreover, it is manufacturing efficiently to deliver positive results.



Gene Therapy

It is a well-known application of Biotechnology in medicine. The impressive thing about gene therapy is that it holds the highly sophisticated and outstanding key to the genetic diseases. Apart from that, it is also used for treating the diseases by inserting a correct and normal gene for your inactive or defective gene. 

When it comes to the normal gene, it commonly takes the area of an inactive or defective gene. In addition, it also carries out the functions of those genes. In other words, gene therapy has better potential to create a complete cure. If you want to get the benefit, you can ensure that it is used in the initial stages of human life.

In some instances, the new genes make some corrections in your genetic information. It is an outstanding process when your genes begin performing or functioning in the errand of your body.


Genetic testing

It is one of the heredity techniques used for ending various genetic diseases and other genetic related problems in carrier screening, parents, and sex.  It is the best technique that uses suitable DNA probes that have a better sequence similar to mutated sequences.

Most significantly, genetic testing is used for recognising illegal individuals. Along with this, many people opt for genetic testing to examine the parenthood.



The biopharmaceutical is another most significant and most important application of biotechnology.  The combination of drugs does not concern any chemicals. Nevertheless, microorganisms are completed it possible for expanding them.

The proteins and their large molecules are the most significant sources of this biopharmaceutical application.  They can attack some hidden mechanisms or functionalities of your disease. Apart from that, it also wipes out the bugs.

Currently, most of the scientists are frustrating for expanding the biopharmaceutical drugs that are treated against various diseases including heart diseases, hepatitis, and cancer.

These are the useful applications of Biotechnology in medicine that makes biotechnology as the most significant part of human life. Additionally, they influence all aspects of good human health.  It not only offers advanced medical devices but also plays a vital role in avoiding various health problems.

The advances and Trends in biotechnology develop lots of new and useful technologies that are resulted in the quality production of various biological variations and genetic processes.  The new technologies help to produce lots of biochemically-defined sources of medical significance. 

The best thing about the biotechnology field is that it creates a massive potential for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. If you are interested in biotechnology and medical field, this article is the right choice for you.

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