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Binance Earn Interest and Other Binance Interest Platforms for Beginners 11 October, 2021   

Binance earn interest is a program that allows investors to earn passive income, primarily on the Binance platform. However, most Binance interest is on one of the many platforms that work together with Binance. If you are not interested in trading crypto, for example Binance coin (BNB), you can try this easy yet lucrative method.

Investors get free BNB for holding their savings on a platform. The interest, which is given in annual percentage yield (APY), varies from one platform to another. On the Binance platform, you could enjoy up to 6.52% APY. Others such as the YouHodler platform give an interest rate of 3% APY on BNB savings.

The accumulated Binance interest earned depends on a number of factors such as the APY, type of saving you do, and the number of days you save. If you are new to this passive investment, we have a lot of informative and exciting insights for you.

Binance Earn Interest at a Glance

Binance earn is a suite on the Binance platform where investors can hold BNB and other allowed coins under specific terms and conditions to enjoy Binance interest. The BNB interest rate is clearly indicated on the live data dashboard since it keeps changing with time.

Investors need an account with BNB to start earning interest immediately. But before opening an account, it is worth noting the types of accounts that are available. These are pretty much the same as those on other crypto-saving platforms that allow BNB holding.

·       Locked saving account – Binance and other crypto saving platforms limit access to your savings when you choose this option. However, it has the best BNB interest rate when compared to the flexible saving account. Once you choose this option, you choose the period you want to lock your coins between seven to 90 days. It is suitable for people who want to wait until the BNB appreciates to trade.

·       Flexible saving account – This is a flexible way of enjoying Binance earn interest on your digital assets. Investors earn interest on their assets as long as they hold them. The main difference here is that they can access and take control of their assets. With this option, it is easy to grow your investment because you can add more BNB as you wish.

That said, it is worth noting that apart from Binance earn interest, there are other platforms where you can earn Binance compound interest easily. If you are interested in learning more about this, check the platforms discussed below to find out more.

Earn Binance Interest on YouHodler

YouHodler is a crypto-saving platform where you can hold numerous coins. You can hold both Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin at 10% APY and Binance Coin (BNB) at 3%. The former is collateralized and stable, so it regulates the exchange markets. Because of its stability, it has a higher APY as compared to the BNB.

But as you can see, both coins yield an interest that is better than many traditional banks that give less than 1% APY.

It is easy to register at YouHodler to get free BNB coins. Since it is a passive income, you can do other things as you grow your digital asset investment. YouHodler allows you to reinvest your interest if you wish. But you can still withdraw your interest every week through their exchange platform.

The good thing is that the YouHodler wallet is safe and secure and investors do not have to worry about losing their investment. The platform has not had such challenges in the past and its good reputation says it all.

Earn Binance Interest on Nexo

Did you know that you can enjoy Binance earn interest on Nexo? This is a platform that earns up to 8% APY on Binance coins and even more on stablecoins. Just like the YouHodler saving account, Nexo is very popular among crypto investors.

So, as a beginner, you can create an account and deposit your idle BNB in your Nexo wallet to earn daily compounding interest. Fortunately, you can easily withdraw interest regularly or increase your saving until you want to withdraw everything.

Nexo uses a flexible saving account, so you have full control of your assets at any time. If you wonder what this means, it is the ability to withdraw your savings any time you want. Users are not asked to lock the savings for specific days. Instead, it is left open for you to decide even though there are recommended days.

Nexo has low minimum limits and the platform is very easy to use, which makes it friendly for beginners. But one can learn more on their website, especially if you want to become an expert in Binance earn interest.

Binance Interest on BlockFi

BlockFi is also a popular crypto saving platform where you can get a Binance interest of up to 8% APY on BNB, BUSD, and other stable coins. Apart from margin with Binance, they also work with many other cryptos in the market.

BlockFi has both flexible and locked saving accounts and investors will have an easy time choosing how they want to save. But one thing to know is that each of the options has different BNB earnings.

The locked option does not give you access to your assets until the agreed time lapses, though it has a high interest rate. But if you want to grow your savings with time, choose the flexible account, where you can add more BNB and BUSD over time.

The platform is straightforward and simple, which is why it is highly recommended for beginners. In case you are stuck, the community and more information on the web will guide you. Lastly, the platform has data security and affordable services.

Binance Earn Interest on Celsius

The Celsius saving platform is not left behind matters related to Binance earn interest. It offers up to 11.9% on The Binance stablecoin BUSD. So, if you are interested in going the Binance way on the Celsius crypto saving platform, you should start by opening an account and depositing your stablecoins.

Since the Binance ecosystem is growing and working on improvements very fast, partnering with reputable platforms is now a norm. Collaboration between Celsius and Binance has been welcomed worldwide, and as a rookie, you can also jump onto the bandwagon to enjoy the lucrative Binance interest.

Investors have 24/7 control of their digital assets while saving with the Celsius platform. But most importantly, the interest is compounded on a daily basis and you can access it from your account regularly.

If you want to grow the investment, you need to let the BUSD or BNB stay in your account for as long as you want to hold it.

Binance Smart Chain on Invictus

Binance has now integrated its BSC with the Invictus crypto saving platform. This allows investors to get involved in a number of investments including Binance earn interest. Apart from high interest rates and low operation costs, this is a fast-growing crypto pool you will enjoy working with.

So, open an account with Invictus to start enjoying Binance earn interest immediately with a compounded rate. Since it has a DeFi approach, the investors have more access to their digital assets. Hence, it is easy to grow your investment as you wish.

The good thing with BSC is that it ensures high security and all the partners are subjected to this as well. So, your digital assets are safe.

Final Words

Whether you want to use Binance earn interest on the original Binance platforms or other crypto saving platforms that have high Binance interest, you have all the important information you need. However, there are more crypto-saving platforms that offer Binance interest as well.

As a beginner, the information shared here will help you make informed decisions on where to get some good interest and how to grow your income. But as you do this, make sure that all cryptocurrency precautions have been observed.


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