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Best Online Business Courses For Students In 2021 15 October, 2021   

Earning an MBA degree is great for your business, but as an entrepreneur, finding the right chance to go back to school can be quite difficult, not to mention expensive. You are already spending what little you have on your business; it might be inconceivable trying to think of furthering your education. 

Despite all these odds, there are so many online courses and programs you can pick up that will keep you in the loop of all the changes and updates in the business world. 

These online business courses will help you advance your businesses, all from the comfort of your home. However, if you are going to invest money in an online business course, you should consider choosing the right courses. Whether online or physically, the right courses are the key to aiding business growth. Here are some of the best business courses for students to take in 2021.

Introduction To Google SEO 

This is a skill in high demand. With the right knowledge in this, you can become the most valuable member of the company within a short period.

Among the specialized courses under this marketable discipline, Introduction to Google SEO is one of the best ways to invest money and effort. 

Course Description 

This can be found on Coursera under the digital marketing discipline, and here’s how it works. 

As a business owner, SEO is one of the best marketing tools to analyze market trends. With the right keywords, your content can be ranked top by Google and other popular search engines. This is great for business because it drives good traffic to your site. 

In this course, you will be introduced to the elemental concepts of search engines and taught how it works. The professor will teach SEO strategies and how to drive organic users to your website, profitable keyword placement, and prevent Google penalization. 

The course takes approximately five months to complete if you go at a pace of 6 hours per week. 

Foundations Of Project Management 

As a business person, this is an important skill to have. It is the ability of a person to see a project through from start to finish while effectively coordinating every detail. As a project manager, it is important to have great communication and motivational experience. 

Course Description

Here is another course that can be found on Coursera. It spans about four weeks, each week requiring a commitment of about 5 hours per week. Supporting videos, quizzes and handbooks would be given to simplify the syllabus. 

In this course, you would be taught what it takes to embark on a career in project management. You will grasp the requirements of a manager and how to apply your previous work skills to this role. Managers add value to their teams, and it takes a knowledgeable one to do this successfully. Through the course of this lecture, you will master how to work effectively and how to apply for roles with the professional certificate you will acquire at the end of the program. 

Machine Learning For Data Science And Analytics

This field is a bit more extensive than the others and comes with a steep study curve. There are so many hard and soft skills a data scientist must learn to be successful, and each one is entirely important to the advancement of the career.

A data scientist needs a firm educational and social media background to effectively communicate statistical analysis to clients in an understandable and actionable manner. Essential skills for a data scientist are: 

  • Python programming 

  • R-Programming 

  • SQL databases 

  • Hadoop Platform

  • Artificial intelligence 

  • Data visualization 

  • Business strategy 

  • Statistics 

Course Description 

Developed by Columbia University and available on the edX platform, this course encompasses a total of five weeks with an average of seven to ten hours per week. 

It is an introduction to machine and internet algorithms. It will effectively lecture you on how to use predictive analytics and data patterns to offer solutions. It is important in web searches, stock trading, ads placements, and other applications. 

Business Management 

This course is a branch of business admin that represents all aspects of overseeing and supervising accounting business operations.

Business administration is a wide discipline that deals with every arm of your business.

No one has the chance to lead anyone around in the business world, and getting an MBA is the perfect way to gain knowledgeable business insight. Most students think getting an MBA or business education degree is difficult, but it is only as difficult as you envision it. Like other degrees, all you need is to spend adequate energy and effort, submit your papers early, and study very hard. 

It is understandable that as an entrepreneur taking the online route, you might not have all the time in the world to write every paper handed to you, which is why buying college research papers is an option. While you attend to your business, you can hire a professional who would write you a great paper. 

Course Description 

Although self-paced, you will need to put in an average of two to four hours per week to complete the course in ten months. Here, you will be taught: 

  • Operations management 

  • People management 

  • Corporate finance 

  • Strategic management 

  • Marketing management 

  • Credit pathways 

  • Job outlook 

  • Effective communication skills 

It was developed on the edX platform by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. It would help you understand the core of business management and the importance of effective decision-making.

Financial Accounting 

Without much being said, everyone knows financial aptitude is a huge part of a business. Business savvy or otherwise, everyone should know basic financial skills for their everyday lives. As a finance accountant, you oversee the company’s entire financial transactions, budget planning and analysis, purchasing decisions, and ROI.

Course Description 

This is another business course you can find on Harvard Business School Online. It is eight weeks long, with a commitment of six to eight hours per week. 

Through the duration of this course, you will learn to appreciate the functions of the income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements in developing your business. You will master how effective they are, alone and together. Also, with the knowledge gained, you will know how to make financial forecasts based on these statements and effectively gauge the value of an impending project. 

There are some basic competencies necessary to finance management, and some of these are: 

  • Cash Vs. Accounting

  • Budget planning 

  • Variance analysis 

  • Investments initiatives 

  • Balance sheet and income statement

Supply Chain Dynamics 

Chain management deals with the movement of goods or services from the production sites to the direct consumer. It is the main body of a business, and without this aspect, the business can neither satisfy clients nor retain them. 

It starts with the design of the prospective product, the entire planning and execution, the control of every party involved in bringing the product to life, and ensuring these goods satisfy the needs of the consumers. 

Course Description 

This lecture was put together by the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology and is available on edX for students. It spans thirteen weeks, with a commitment of about eight to twelve hours per week. Here, you will study the complex systems of the chain and how this skill helps to hold multiple firms with different goals and objectives together to achieve a common aim. 


Each of these courses is great and would give you a head start in your business. The best part is, you get to earn this online business degree in your home with absolute comfort and ease. Online degrees are equally as functional as physical ones, and as entrepreneurs, this is an amazing option for you. Think about your business, and choose a suitable course that would aid you in the long run.

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