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Best Mass Gainer Hacks and Try this Weight Gainer Supplements 22 October, 2020   

The modern era population is getting conscious about their weight and physical fitness. Whether you are obese or underweight can be decided by your BMI.

According to researchers, BMI or body mass index determines your criteria for being obese or underweight. According to a global research study, BMI less than 18.5 is considered underweight for 20 years or above adults. This is an estimated figure required for absolute health. The BMI calculation is based on the height and weight of an individual without considering the muscle mass. The research further concludes that the number of underweight people has dropped down than obese people in the last 20 years. Adult men are more underweight than women. 

Apart from these stats, you might feel that the addition of some kilos might be effortless. But it is equally challenging for an underweight guy to achieve a healthy weight as an obese person faces. It seems, eating lots of calories may be beneficial for weight gain. But eating lots of calories is not the right path; an overall healthy diet plan with a balanced content of all nutrients is the best mass gainer, which adds to your BMI and saves you from unhealthy hazards of blind uptake of calories.

This article aims to provide you with information regarding healthy weight gain with the eradication of any ill effect of kilos' addition to you. Healthy weight gain means you should gain a fair balance proportion of muscle mass and subcutaneous fat instead of unwanted and unhealthy fat in your belly.

Underweight people can be equally susceptible to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, as other health disorders as normal weight or obese people do. The best weight gainer ways can be a healthy lifestyle and a healthy balanced diet with no compromise to health at the relevant time. 

Best Mass Gainer Hacks

Consumption of lots of calories-

Being underweight, the question comes to mind, how to add calories. It has a simple answer, eat surplus calories than your body burns. Just concentrate on 3-4 big meals at large intervals of 4-5 hours, avoid snacks in between (like fruits or nuts or chips). This will help you to consume a large number of calories throughout the day. Snaking will reduce your appetite and might teach your stomach to feel full.  Snacks may add on to calories but on the cost of your appetite that will let you eat less in your main meals.

If you are taking 1000 calories in your lunch, you can opt to add 250 calories more with it.  Eating more calories in meals will help you to put on weight faster. Consumption of extra 500- 1000 calories a day will contribute to your wish of mass gain. 500 extra calories a day will help to gain one pound each week. 

Now the question arises, what to eat? Answers are clear incoming paras.

Role of Protein for hard gainers

Start with protein as it built muscles for you. You can add chicken, meat, eggs, fish, milk, and almonds as a rich source. Protein is the best mass gainer for your body. Without extra protein, extra calories taken will turn into unwanted body fat. Protein will lead to an increase in lean body mass and building up your muscles. 

Salmon is the best weight gainer as it supplies healthy protein and fats to you with many calories. To boost yourself with protein and healthy weight gain, you can opt for other oily fish too.

Vegetarians can stuff themselves with protein through beans, whey protein, peanut butter, and full-fat dairy products. Plant extracts like coconut milk and peanut milk are beneficial for skinny persons. You can also load yourself with famous worldwide protein and calorie surplus drinks like chia, lassi, telba, kefir, horchata, and misugaru during your meals. 

If you add protein powder or peanut butter to your smoothies and shakes, you will get enriched with an extra protein supply bonus.

Role of carbs in the diet

Carbs are equally essential to get bigger. Rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, banana, mangoes, Alvarado, etc. will help you achieve your calorie goals. Bread, pasta, and other snacks can be consumed on occasions as it is already stated above, snacks decrease your appetite. 

You must include vegetables in your meals in the best possible manner to charge yourselves with extra calories.

Role of fats in health gain

Fat also plays an important role in your weight gain diet. It would be best if you stocked yourself with nuts, seeds, nut butter, cheese, dried fruits, full-fat yogurt to meet healthy fat requirements to build subcutaneous fat, not belly fat.  The addition of healthy fats will relatively add to your calorie count. Avoid eating junk foods to protect yourself from building ugly belly fat.  

Olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, etc. are a great source of healthy fat to meet your extra fat requirements more healthily.

Role of desserts

Desserts can be an excellent choice for an occasional calorie bonus. However, it would be best if you did not depend on it. You can still enjoy healthy versions occasionally, such as dark chocolate, whole fat yogurt topped with fruits and granolas, some whole-grain pastries, or granola bars. You can opt for a few servings of cakes and ice-cream in a month to satisfy your cravings. Healthy versions of desserts are the best options for occasional dietary changes.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Thinking of a healthy lifestyle, what comes to your mind, eating healthy? Perhaps you are correct in a way, but adequate sleep, proper exercise, and avoidance of alcohol and smoking are also necessary aspects of a healthy lifestyle.


The best mass gainer hack you must opt for is regular exercise. If you want to get fat, you have to build your muscles. A healthy balanced diet with lots of lean protein will assist you.

Exercises should be more related to weightlifting to enhance your muscle growth if you don’t have skeletal problems or any muscle issues. Heavy lifting will help you to gain mass in place of fat.

Cardio exercises are mass muscle gainers as they provide an excellent way to supercharge your strength, fitness, and well-being. For better results, join a gym and carry on workouts under a qualified personal trainer's supervision. 

Compound exercises such as bench press, dips, chin-ups, squats, overhead press, pull-ups, and deadlifts can strengthen your muscle and help them grow.  Simple joint work, extensions of legs, and even leg curls also assist you in gaining strength.

One more thing, you must be consistent in these exercises. Routine your workouts, don’t overdo it; otherwise, you will lose what you have gained. 

Note- don't go to workouts on an empty stomach, as your body will use stored body fat and muscles to keep you energetic that will ruin your dream of weight gain. Focus on oatmeal and other energy foods to fuel you at least one hour before the workout, and similarly, you must feed on heavy meal after a workout to suck up calories. You should include the rich supply of protein in your meal post exercises as new muscle tissue is built soon after exercises, your body starves without meal followed by a heavy exercise.

One more important thing is rest between exercises. Make sure you take sufficient rest of 1- 2 minutes while training to slow down your heart rate and preserve your calorie count.


Sleep is the best time for your body to store calories when you are doing nothing. 7 hours of quality sleep is essential. The best weight gainer is 8-9 hours of quality sound sleep each night.

Sleep not only facilitates you with sufficient rest but also builds your muscle by compounding your exercise and diet profits. Muscle doesn't grow during workouts; they grow more in your resting periods.

Bad habits of smoking and alcohol

Health ruining agents like smoking and alcohol slow down all your efforts to get bigger. Health experts say one who doesn't smoke has higher weight as compared to smokers. Alcohol consumption fills your stomach and kills your appetite with other ill effects on fitness. 

If you are serious about weight gain, pursue a healthy lifestyle by quitting alcohol and smoking.

Tips to gain healthy weight- 

What to do?

  • Eat more, fill yourselves with extra calories with regular meals each time you eat.

  • Add a calorie-rich extra meal to your routine; you can stuff a whole grain sandwich or other carbs in these extra meals at an unusual time, like at bedtime.

  • Choose protein first, then vegetables while eating. Consume calorie-packed and protein-dense foods before vegetables. This can prove to be a mass muscle gainer hack. Try some best mass gainer supplements also.

  • Drink calories rich milk or shakes to soothe your thirst; it will help to supply extra calories. Drinking calorie-loaded milk instead of water is one of the best weight gainer tricks. 

  • Track your calories regularly with health tools.

  • Opt for large-sized plates than the existing one; you will automatically eat more.

  • Go for the healthy version of fat such as full-fat milk products, nuts, and dry fruits, fatty yogurt, or real grain sandwich.

What not to do?

  • Avoid drinking water before your meals; you may feel fuller soon due to this habit.

  • Cease smoking and alcohol intake.

  • Don’t forget to fuel yourself before and after workouts.

  • Don’t reduce your sleep to less than 7 hours.

  • Avoid junk foods such as pizza, burger, and fast food if you don’t want belly fat deposits.

  • Avoid eating snacks at the time of big meals. 

Best weight gainer tools

1. Calculate Your BMI

BMI or Body Mass Index is the total of your body fat measured in terms of your height and body weight. It applies to adult men and women. 

2. MyFitness Pal

Track your calorie intake with this 5 Star rating app. It has a database of 5 million foods and multiple foods in a single meal taken at a time. It can be the best weight gainer hack for those who want to liberate themselves from the underweight problem. 

3. Lose it

It is a 5 star rated app that can be used to count your calories and other nutritional information from whatever you eat by uploading a pic of your meal. It has a database of 7 million foods plus.

4. SparkPeople 

This android app is the best calorie tracker designed to track your cardio and strength training workouts with calorie and nutritional value counting mechanisms. It has a database of more than 4 million food.

5. MyNetDiary

This android app mimics a nutritionist in your hands. It is rated number one in a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine to frame your weight goals with the track of your daily meals and workouts. It excels in calculating your calorie intake and nutritional information of food with accurate amounts with diet tips.

Best weight gainer supplements

1. Whey protein powder

Whey protein is a milk protein that provides you with a high supply of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It is the highest rank holder in the best mass gainer supplements as it is absorbed fast in your body to construct your muscles by the increased blood supply to your muscles. It fulfills your protein requirements post workouts. 

2. Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein has a remarkable influence on protein synthesis as the best mass gainer. It lowers down the catabolic rate when you are resting or in sleep. It is absorbed slowly, and it vacant your stomach slowly, thereby increasing your hunger. It is recommended to take casein before bedtime and post-exercise with whey protein. 

3. Creatine

Creatine can be used as the best mass gainer supplement as it stocks you with fast energy during your workouts. It acts as a mass muscle gainer, as stated by scientific studies. It boosts your muscle strength by influencing insulin to stimuli muscle growth. Take it before your workouts to stay energized and grow your muscles fast.

4. Beta-Alanine/ Carnosine

Recent studies reveal that muscles have a high concentration of carnosine. They are meant to revive your muscle with enough strength and endurance to enhance muscle fibers' contraction with greater energy. It is a much efficient mass muscle gainer than creatine.

5. Some protein products

There are many protein products available in the market like Serious Mass, Pro Gainer, Super Mass Gainer, Mass-Tech, etc. that rejuvenate you with a high concentration of protein to enhance your muscles' built and weight gaining goals. They are the best weight gainers when used together with a healthy balanced diet and heavy training workouts.

If you are not able to gain weight that is considered healthy, don’t feel disappointed. Being underweight is not an issue now; focus on your weight goals and eating more calories in a healthy balanced diet boosted with essential nutrients.

Keep track of your calorie intake each week by the above stated best weight gainer tools. Perform regular weight training exercises and concentrate on healthy muscle built up by best mass gainer supplements before and after workouts. The building of muscle will facilitate you with stamina and strength along with a fitness bonus. You can enable yourself muscle growth without hazards of overeating consequences and sum up kilos without belly fat. 

The overall approach to a healthy lifestyle discussed above is the best possible mass gainer methods and weight gainer supplements. Just follow the dos and don’ts illustrated above to achieve mass muscle gainer and weight gain goals healthily. 

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