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20 Best careers to start at 30 that you could love 21 December, 2018   

Age is just a number when it comes to career. Careers change as per our needs and requirements, but frequent changes in one's career can often bring disadvantageous results. Due to this, there is a need for career development. There are three stages in career development: first being the "bring it on stage" where the career development is strong, and people are determined to make a mark in the world.

The second is the "realistic stage" where career realities are displayed, and conflict can be seen between career priorities and personal life. The last is the "reinvention stage" where some people think of refining their lives while some opt for retirement. It's the choice of the person what decision one wants to take in a particular stage because careers are not limited but ample to avail for the best careers to start at 40.

So, if you are in the reinvention stage and believe that your time for retirement has not come, try venturing in career options that go as per your interest. In the technologically advanced world, there are various options for career available which can be opted according to one's requirement and satisfaction.

The twenty best careers to start at 40 include:

1. Content marketing writer: with the advancement in technology, the use of social media has created a vast impact on society. Many companies also require professionals that could help promote their business on social media.


The role of content marketing writer is to virtually design, edit and manage all the digital communication.

2. Tutor: with the developing competition, the services of private tutors are in need and if you are well qualified you can opt for teaching outside the classrooms as per your requirement. With the availability of technology, one can even be an online tutor.

3. Sales demonstrators: if one feels that he has excellent communication skills and can easily attract customers then sales demonstrator is an ideal career to go for.

4. Translator and interpreter: one knowing more than one language can become a translator/interpreter and earn a lot. There are also jobs regarding the translation of documents which are preferred to be done by human beings rather than relying on online translators.

5. Dietician: with the serious obesity issues there is a requirement of a dietician in hospitals and clinics. A dietician has become important because they make awareness about the food that is harmful to our body. Companies even hire dieticians to help in meal planning.

6. Fitness trainer: everyone today has become a fitness freak, and because of it, they join gyms to maintain their bodies.


If a person enjoys working out, you can offer service as a fitness trainer, one of the best careers to start at 40. Because one can devise workout strategies for the older generation, which cannot be developed by the youth.

7. Massage therapist: with the growing stress in life, the requirement of a massage therapist is also increasing. They are required in spas and clinics. One can even open a massage parlor in their homes.

8. Traveling guide: at the age of 40 one might have good experience about traveling and hold the requisite knowledge thus a traveling guide can also be regarded as one of the best careers to start at 40.

9. The setting of a startup: if you have a plan regarding a startup you can even establish one at the age of 40, but you need to be sure about the plan devised.

10. Financial advisor: another career option available for the people in their 40s is a financial advisor. If you are a master in financial techniques such as insurance, mortgage, estate planning or taxes and saving, then this is the right career for you.

11. SEO specialist: SEO stands for search engine optimization which majorly deals with the traffic generated on the website. The work of an SEO specialist consists of optimizing of the site so that it could occur in the first page of a search engine like Google, Bing etc. The job of an SEO specialist is highly flexible as one requires only an internet connection.

12. Yoga/ Zumba instructor: Yoga instructors help to keep the body and mind of an individual healthy.


If you see yourself as a yoga expert, you can opt to teach it in your 40s as a career. Nowadays Zumba has also become famous among the women to keep physically active. 

13. Event planner: if you believe that you have the skills and the talent to be an event planner then it is possible to opt for event planning as a career. All you need is skills and good leadership qualities to plan a particular event.

14. Fine art: fine art includes painting, drawing, photography, sculpting, etc. if you believe that the art you perform as a hobby hold specific skills try making it your career. By doing this, you not only earn a certain amount of money, but you are even able to pester your hobby. 

15.  Salon: staring a beauty salon can be considered as a profitable business for the people over 40.


The beauty salon offers facilities like skin care, hair care, body care including manicure and pedicure, waxing and others which are not only crucial for the ladies but men also seem to hold an interest in them. It can earn a lot with proper marketing functions.

16. Blogging: A blog can be referred to as an individual website or a page that is updated on a regular basis with proper articles or stories on multiple/single topic. There are various kinds of blogs- fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, business, and many others.

17. Open a microbrewery: Microbrewery is a kind of brewery that produces a small amount of beer at a time; it is considerably small as respect to professional ones and are majorly owned independently. Thus if you have any expertise in brewing one can open up a microbrewery or can sell the beer produced to certain local bars or even online because virtual demands for every sort of thing is increasing.

18. Social worker: the major community-based career at the age of 40 is to become a social worker. It a career option with growing opportunities and also with a higher rate of satisfaction. Even the Forbes, list it as the most meaningful career.

19. Dog breeder: if you love dogs and want to make a career together with dogs as part of it, then you can be a dog breeder


You can earn a lot of money by breeding dogs of the marketable breeds. Thus you can set up your own kennel and breed dogs because they are the domestic animals that are loved the most by the households.

20. Recruitment agency: this sort of career enables you to become a retailer between the candidate and the company. The role of a recruitment agency is to help people to search for jobs and aid businesses in recruiting the best candidate. If you are 40 and want to start a career, you can opt for it.

With a vast variety of career options available for the people, it becomes easy for them to choose one as per their requirement. Though apart from the above, there are more good careers to start at 40, it should be kept in mind that whatever career one is opting for is as per their interest and is fulfilling the amount of satisfaction that one wants at such an age.

Always remember that age does not matter, all that matters is the zeal and enthusiasm to do all the things that one wants to achieve in their lives wholeheartedly.

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