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Best Audio Books for Your Listening Pleasure 28 December, 2020   

People who have grown up listening to Grandparent's bedtime stories will certainly enjoy listening to the Best Audiobooks. This concept of Audiobooks started in the early 19th century. There were Cassettes, CD’s and now in 20th-century digital versions. Listening to audiobooks will improve reading and listening skills, which is also the best-suggested and convenient way to learn other languages in a hassle-free way. Voracious readers always crave to listen to the best audiobooks and always search for one. A good audiobook certainly needs a good narrator. Without a good narrator, the audiobook is like a sugarless dessert and saltless food. Some of the best audiobooks are exact words to word narration, and few are abridged versions. Audiobooks are the best sources of recreation for the people on the fun-filled family trip. Many of us wish to read a good book but cannot do so due to our busy lifestyle or schedules. They are the best companions in driving from work or long trips.

Audiobooks are the best sources for people with visual impairment and also ennui in book reading. There are a wide variety of audiobooks available online for your listening pleasure. Audiobooks are available for both android and apple users. We can pick the best audiobooks depending on our favorite genre. 

Few websites, such as Librivox, Internet archive, Storynory, etc., are providing free audiobooks with vast libraries, including different genres. One can enjoy downloading apps such as audible, and Google plays books, Kobo books, Nook audiobooks, etc., obtainable for both Apple and Android users.

Let us explore the best audiobooks in different genres.

KIDS audiobooks

We always love to tell stories to our kids, or sometimes we become kids and eager to listen to adventurous stories but mostly, our time may not permit us. Here are a few suggested best audiobooks for kids.

  1. The wonderful wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum takes us on an adventurous trip that was excellently narrated by Anne Hathway. The audiobook is available on Amazon, iTunes, and also in the free download form.

  2. Diary of a wimpy kid by Ramon De Ocampo teaches the kids to deal with childhood worries positively. This audiobook is available on iTunes, Amazon, and also on some free downloading websites.

  3. The Harry Potter series read by different readers is always a favorite for kids since it is one of the best fantasy novels of all time. This audiobook is available on the audible website, and abridged versions are available on iTunes.

Family audiobooks

We always love to listen to audiobooks going on a family trip or a long drive. Here are a few suggested and best audiobooks for a fun-filled family trip time.

  1. Stuart, little by Julie Harris, is about a little mouse on an adventurous journey that will keep us excited on a family day. The Stuart little audiobook is available on Amazon, iTunes, and other free downloading websites narrated by different narrators.

  2. Peter Pan, by J.M.Barrie, is an all-time favorite for all ages. Peter pan adventurous journey and the beautiful narration will make our day on a family trip. The unabridged version of this audiobook is available on most of the websites.

  3. The green ember read by Joel Clarkson is an excellent choice that takes us through Rabbits' journey with swords. This audiobook is available on Amazon, iTunes, and also on a few free download websites.

Romantic audiobooks

Romantic audiobooks will take us to a different world full of love and pain. Best audiobooks always need the best narrator, and our best romantic novels were given for your romantic journey.

  1. Outlander, narrated by Davina Porter, deals with the story of a Nurse, Claire Randall, and her breath-taking romantic journey to delve into her past and present. The beautifully narrated story will take us on a voyage to a romantic world filled with love and passion. This unabridged audiobook is available in iTunes free download websites such as audible, audiobooks, etc.,

  2. Kiss of Highlander, narrated by Phil Gigante, is about romantic time travel. The romance between Drustan MacKeltar and Gwen Cassidy was narrated very well, takes us on a romantic journey, and stands out as the best romantic audiobook. This audiobook is available on websites such as kobo, audiobooks, brilliance audio, etc., and it is also available on Amazon and iTunes.

  3.  Fifty shades of grey, narrated by Zachary Webber, is Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele's story. The story is about how Christian's dark side and his childhood horrors were changed beautifully by Ana. This romantic audiobook is available on audible audiobook websites. This is also available on Amazon and iTunes. 

  4.  Fault in our stars is a heart touching love story. The conversations between Hazel with few last days in her life and Augustus Waters with heartful love towards her will make us understand the pain of eternal love. This audiobook is available on a few websites, including audible, brilliant audio, audiobooks, etc., and it is also available on Amazon and iTunes.

Humor audiobooks

Well, who doesn’t want humor in a busy, scheduled day life? We suggest laughing at your problems by listening to the all-time favorite best audiobooks in humor. Here are a few suggestions which will take you to the edge of humor.

  1. Bossy pants by Tina Fey is an all-time best comedy audiobook. It is all about Tina, a young girl, and her dreams. All her passions and dreams were well narrated humorously will help you to relieve your stress. It is available on Amazon and iTunes. It is also available on a few websites, including Kobo, downpour, audiobooks, etc.,

  2. The bedwetter by Sarah Silverman is a hilarious novel. A hilarious entertainer by Sarah will make your day happy and cheerful. This is available on most of the free downloading websites, iTunes, and Amazon.

  3. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, narrated by Marc Devine, is one of the best audiobooks in the humor genre. It takes us on an adventurous journey of Finn written by Mark Twain. Most famous books in the world read by a child and remain an all-time favorite. This is available in iTunes, Amazon, and websites including loudly, learnoutloud, a cast, audible, etc.,

Horror audiobooks

We are excited to speak about the best audiobooks in the horror genre. Of course, who doesn’t love to get scared? We love to make your day scarier and a Halloween one. All-time scariest novels well narrated by great narrators here for you.

  1. IT by Stephen King, narrated by Steven Weber, is one of the creepiest stories. Horrifying one takes you to the edge of the seat. The plot revolves around a creature that specifically targets and kills the kids in town. This audiobook is available on Amazon, iTunes, and websites including audible, audiobooks, etc., 

  2. The Haunting of Hill House, narrated by Bernadette Dunn, is again the scariest thriller that gives us Goosebumps. The story revolves around a haunted hill house with paranormal activity. Suggest listening to this audiobook if you want to feel the scariest moment.  This audiobook is available on Amazon, iTunes, and some free downloading websites, including audible, audiobooks, Kobo, etc.,

  3. Last but not least, The Exorcist, narrated by William Peter Blatty and Eliana Shaskan, is an all-time favorite for scary audiobook lovers. The story builds a bridge between Demonic possession and faith. The best story, written by William Peter Blatty, is the scariest of all-time horror movies. The unabridged version of this audiobook is available on iTunes, Amazon, and a few websites, including HarperCollins, kobo, audible, etc.,   

We would suggest you listen and enjoy the immense pleasure of the best audiobooks to conclude this. We are sure that after listening to them, you will enhance your passion for audiobooks and become a die-hard fan. All the above-listed audiobooks are observed to be the best and stand-alone ones in their respective genres. We would like you to go through the journey of breath-taking adventures, the funniest stories to keep the happiness throughout the day, Scariest to create chills in your bones, and the best audiobooks in the romantic genre and reach the pinnacle of happiness. 

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