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Balancing work and family: 9 simple life hacks 22 December, 2018   

Looking for perfect work-life balance? Well, you are not alone, almost everybody is struggling to find a balance nowadays. Working adults find it difficult to balance their personal and professional life these days which causes major problems in their day to day life.

This ratio keeps on increasing, which is not good for society, and this problem needs to be addressed quickly.

It’s all about giving priority; modern generation are concerned about their career. They give too much attention to this that they cannot focus on their personal life. As a result, they become unsuccessful in their personal life as well as professional life. It leads to several other problems like inefficiency at work and poor physical and mental health.

Maintaining work-life balance looks like a difficult thing, but many people are already doing it quite efficiently. But some might be finding it difficult in balancing work and family life. 

Life Hacks for Balancing Work and Family

1. Decide to find work-life balance

Accomplishing work and personal life balance is not a difficult thing to do in life, but one has to commit themselves to achieve this.

You have to make the sincere efforts to find a way that helps you to balance both. You should give the importance to your family and close ones which helps you to lead a healthy and successful life.

The moment you find out the importance of your family, it won’t be difficult for you to find the right balance in your life.

2. Establish the boundaries between your family and your work

Set up the boundaries between your family and your work, for instance, if you are planning to leave the office by 7 pm, try to follow this by completing the tasks at the time and leave for your home and spend some quality time with your family.

Ask yourself:

  • What are the rules you need to follow to get the best outcome in your work?
  • What are the rules that will give you perfect work-life balance?
  • How many hours will you be willing to work per day?

If any of your friends, relatives, or colleagues are facing issues or feeling uncomfortable with your rules, then you have to explain to them about your objectives and goals and ask them to be accountable. 

3. Accept the imbalance

Sometimes, you might have to cross the boundaries. For instance, if one of your family members fell sick then you need to rush to home to take care and spend some time with them, but sometimes you can’t because of  an important meeting with your high officials. This is acceptable because you need to succeed in professional life to feed yourselves and your family members.

The family members should understand this issue and try to address it very carefully to avoid further problems. But generally, the balance between your work and personal life happens only when a person can adequately meet family obligations and sufficiently perform your responsibilities at the workplace.

You must understand the fact that you have to earn to live a sophisticated life but there is a personal life too which is equally important and needs to be successful for your mental and physical health.

4. Spend your time for Exercise and Meditation


It is important for you to give enough time for your daily routines like eating and sleeping.

Normally it is found that your exercise routines are the first thing you will give up in your busy schedule which is a very bad idea.

Similarly, balancing work and family is not only about delivering quality output at your work but also taking care of your personal life and spending some quality time with your family members. This will make sure your soul, mind, and body are constantly refreshed.

To maintain your physical health, you need to spend a few hours a week for physical exercises like yoga, meditation or aerobics. Just try something that will keep you in a healthy state, physically and mentally.

5. Take some time off from work

Modern day businesses demand you to spend more time in the office and work to meet the demands of the client, but you can take your family to vacation when you find some time in the middle.

Vacation does not only mean taking them for a long tour and far away place, but you can also take them for lunch or dinner or for a recently released movie which may help you to spend some quality time with them.

You can allocate your tasks to your colleagues so that work will not get affected and another thing is that your colleagues will find it happy to do the challenging tasks that you are doing, and it will help you to stay motivated.

6. Delegate some Errands

Examine, delegating or outsourcing some of your time-consuming household chores to others will also help you.

When you are finding it difficult to maintain your work-life balance, it is better to delegate your task to your colleagues and family members so that you can have some time spend for your personal life.

7. Get rid of Perfectionism

Most of the workaholics develop perfectionist habits at a young age while meeting the demands on their time limited to school, hobbies, and some after-school activities.

Your family grows, and when you climb the ladder of work, your responsibilities increases as well as perfectionism skyrockets. One of the primary keys to avoid burnout is to get rid of perfectionism, When life gets more expanded, it becomes hard both neurologically and psychologically to hold on the habit of perfectionism.

The best option is to strive for excellence, not perfection. One of the challenges of balancing work and family life is knowing about when it’s okay to quit working.

8. Do some change in your daily routine


This is a primary thing that you should do. By making some changes in your life routine, you can bring much better results. For instance, waking up early, do some workouts, helping your spouse in making your kids get ready for school, dropping them in their school and reaching the office early.

When you are not able to achieve your professional life goals, then the changes in routine will help you to address the problems in a different way which may help you to handle the situation even better.

These kinds of re-adjustments will help you in achieving your work-life goals.

9. Analyze and eliminate time wasting activities

Sometimes, we don’t plan our daily activities in an organized manner; we spend a lot of time on unwanted time-consuming activities.

So you should plan and organize your activities. Plan in such a way your positive actions will help you to manage your life goals better and achieve results far beyond expectations.


Once the work-life balance has been defined and all its features analyzed. It is an equilibrium between an individual’s personal life and work. You can seek advice from many organizations and trainers who hold sessions regarding this issue. You can go there and find the right solution for the issue of balancing work and family. Following above-mentioned ways will help you to get out of this problem and you can be more successful in both personal and in your professional life.

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