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Are we screwed with the unemployment crisis? 20 January, 2020   

Let us just agree on the fact that we are pretty much screwed up when it comes to career options. Tons of students graduate per year, and a very naive amount of them get jobs to fulfill their life requirements. I know some don’t want to believe so, but it is a considerable fact that it will be cool enough to think again and again about it. Still not in a mood to accept? All right, let me just put forth some convincing basic facts and numbers. I don’t know why people always fall for numbers.

The graduation rate is calculated on a four-year circle. This rate shows millions of students are graduated per year. And out of that, 68% of students are successfully passed and get academically fit enough to seek a job. The resulting number would be another bunch of million, which I don’t want to exaggerate here. Trust me, I hate scaring people. In addition to this, the government grants us unlimited offers of unemployment hike, financial crisis, unbearable education loans, and a couple of other disturbing realities to face.

See, as I mentioned before, we really are screwed up here. Do we have an education? Yes. Do we have enough employment opportunities? Not in a million years. Is this our fault? I don’t think so. The employment opportunities are almost invisible when compared to graduates' rate. Out of all this struggle, those who managed to get a job are only countable. The new generation denotes them as people who think “out of the box.” I personally call them aliens. Isn’t that a cool name to deliver them. At least I and Deadpool think so.

If you come up with an idea, there will be thousands of people who have walked the same path you crawled over. I am using the word ‘crawl.’ because we know the struggle of coming up with an innovative idea that we claim ourselves is innovative. We think for months and years to come up with something new. And there you go. Unfortunately, you end up with 100’s of ‘Idea mates.’ Sometimes I think, is the world at its highest concentration possible with innovation. No idea is new. Everything is found or applied or expired.

Education is of no use nowadays. Education is not making the achievement we are expecting in our career. Why is there a lack of opportunities for us? Let us assess ourselves.

1.Government negligence

Even though they are not completely responsible for the unemployment crisis, let us just corner the government for fun first. Being the caretakers of humanity, the government has a vital role in the control and assessment of job opportunities. But unfortunately, the government is busy with extraterrestrial problems which won’t affect us any soon. It is like ‘Sorry, Government not available at the moment.’

2. Work drop out

Now maybe we can blame ourselves, letting the government stretch legs a bit for a while. The millennial generation is so pampered that most of us are not in ‘vibe’ to take risks or pressure. We cant handle job environments, we cant accept company policies, and sometimes we don’t like their coffee. If our higher authorities are pointing out something we didn’t do or if boss pressurizes us to work even harder, we momentarily get pissed off(Actually bosses always suck!I will exclude some good ones from this commentary). Overall we don’t want to be treated as an employee, but yes we need the salary.

But coming to reality, some drop out of the current job for higher studies, relocation, business startups, etc. But I like the first reason better. It gives me a platform to push people to corner and criticize them(No, I am not a sadist. Trust me).

3. Growing technology

You might think about what does technology has to do with the unemployment crisis. Haven’t you guys been watching Terminator, Ex Machina, Her, Transformers, Avengers, I, Robot, etc.? Guys, we are on the edge of attack here. What are you all doing online?. I am just kidding; we are not discussing robotic invasion here, although it is a great topic to discuss. The computer technologies, advancement on E-commerce platforms, digitalization, etc. have pushed mankind to comfy sofas making us lazier and unemployed or more precisely unemployed and lazier.

The funny thing is that unemployment has become so cool that world organizations have divided it into 4 categories. Isn't that weird? ‘Degrade government unemployment,’ ’Education is waste unemployment’…. I am kidding again. That is not the actual naming they gave. They made more fancier names hiding the concept that I was trying to protrude. I won’t discuss those categories here because I don’t want to fancy such a critical crisis. Reality must be fed the way it is.

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