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An unbelievable journey :- My experience 05 June, 2020   

It was a cold day in 2018 which i never been deleted from my mind ; I started my journey to MUMBAI for a job interview  & my train timing was  @2:30 AM at night there was no one in the station due to winter season a few trains were passing on , suddenly a little blows of wind touches me  like wise someone passed me quickly , i turned & saw no one was there, astonished a little bit & for sometime i thought it may be bird than i walked towards platform no.3 to catch the train through  the foot-over bridge & on the bridge i saw a old man whose age was like 60 to 70 years round over a blanket to save himself from cold than he saw me with a look that he wanted to tell me something, i came near to him & asked... hello...hello..that old man turned his head & asked where will i go ? i replied am going to MUMBAI, i asked where will you go he replied with crying- no where  "my wife  gone over there to find some food to eat".that old man was a daily wager & he usually stayed in the platform, I thought at this cold night how they find food, so i gave him some biscuits which i took from my home & a bottle of water , I feel a smile on that old man's face & that old man blessed me with holding my hands my eyes were wet by his approach of finding some food,& i knew what's the value of food this time for that old man, after this i stared down towards platform & my train was about to come, few steps on walk  i sat near the bench & browsing on my mobile than train came i went through this.

                       On another day i reached MUMBAI city & I found someone had stolen my wallet where my money & some essentials was there i prayed god oh god !! kindly please help me what will i do now in this new city without money than i feel the presence of god beside me A simple person with white dress wearing a turban his head asked me about my problem after hearing  the incident he took me to the nearest gurudwara ( a place of worship in sikh religion), where  he gave me a room for freshness, & some food to eat , when i started to leave he gave me 2000 rupees(two thousand rupees ) & his id card. he was by name Guruveer Singh the Owner of that company from  where  i was called for interview, i was surprised what is happening with me .

    The moral from this i learned that Help everyone as according to your ability whatever you help, there is someone ( god) always help you in every situation , your help never be lapse away....Thank you.

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