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Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing - A Quick Overview 18 December, 2018   

Every businessperson wants his business to grow and prosper. But to achieve success and growth, you need to promote your business and build a loyal clientele; this can be done through advertising and marketing. Advertising can be done through traditional marketing or modern methods, i.e. digital marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

The term traditional is in itself a broad term which incorporates different forms of advertising and marketing. Traditional marketing is very much important for the development of any business instead of the progress of new technology of online marketing. Mostly traditional marketing fall under four categories:

  • Print- This includes posting advertisements in magazine, newsletter, newspaper, brochure, and other printed materials that are used for distribution.

  • Direct Mail- The direct mail technique includes fliers, letters, brochures, postcards, catalogs, and other materials that are printed and mailed directly to the customers or targeted consumers.

  • Broadcast- Broadcasting includes advertisements shown on television and radio and other methods of advertising such as on-screen commercials in theatres.

  • Telemarketing- This involves people who do cold calling to targeted consumers over the phone to build up the rapport for growing of the business.

What are the New Forms or Modern Technique of Marketing?

You might believe that traditional marketing is best to attract new business and develop your clientele but new techniques, and innovative marketing have replaced traditional marketing in recent years, which is due to the development of newer technologies. The modern technique is referred to digital marketing and the use of the internet is increasing for business development. You can use the internet in various forms such as websites, YouTube videos, social media, social networking sites, mobile phones, banners, and many more. Digital marketing uses digital gadgets and devices, but it functions similar to traditional marketing.

Let us now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

The advantages of traditional marketing over digital marketing are discussed below:

  • Reach local audience: Use of traditional marketing can make your task easy to reach the local audience. Radio is definitely the best option and the quickest way to advertise your business and put across your message.

  • Reuse and recycling possible: Online marketing will not require any physical material like posters or pamphlets, but the sole advantage of having hard copies of the advertised material is an added benefit. The fliers, posters, pamphlets, etc. can be reused and re-read anytime and anywhere wherever you are located and for this, no internet connection is required. These promotional media can also be kept for future use and recycled.

  • Familiar marketing mode: Traditional marketing is a familiar mode of advertisement for older people and businessmen, as they don’t need any explanation about the promotional material. They will accept the flier or pamphlet distributed, and will read it whenever they get time and in no time, the old people would understand that it is an advertisement for any brand or a product. Digital marketing is not a cup of tea for older customers.

  • Hard copy easily processed: Traditional hard copy marketing is always easy to process mentally and recall in future.

  • Greater exposure: Traditional marketing always has a high success rate. This method of marketing is tried and tested method, and thus every businessman believes that the traditional method will prove and provide them success. Online marketing might reach most of the population, but there is no guarantee of reaching it to all the targeted audience.

  • New audiences: Traditional marketing will allow you to reach a large population and across many demographics. You can use billboards, television, and radio for advertisement. These will also spread your message across the various geographical area and also reach your targeted audience, and it might be possible that new audiences might get connected to your brand and business.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

Although traditional marketing has been getting success in the past, there are some disadvantages of traditional marketing too due to the increasing use of the internet in recent years. The beginning of the enormous use of the internet, use of smartphones, iPods, tablets, and social networking sites, small businessmen are also able to advertise their products using websites and web pages through banners, social sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, podcasts. These cost less compared to traditional marketing. Some of the disadvantages of traditional marketing are discussed below:

  • Static text: In traditional marketing, static text is used for advertisement. For example, if you place an ad for your product in a newspaper and you run out of stock, then you cannot edit your ad, and there will be many unhappy customers, and in this method, you cannot interact with the customer. But in digital marketing, you can immediately update your page or site about the stock and let your customers know about the situation.

  • Lack of time to update message: In traditional marketing, you will not get time to respond to the changes you wish to make in the advertisement as compared to the new modern online marketing. In the traditional advertisement, you need to prepare your ad well in advance even though if you want to publish your ad in the daily newspaper. While by using the internet, small businessmen can easily change their ad in a few minutes.

  • Expensive compared to online marketing: For putting ads on newspapers, or distributing any flyer or pamphlet, you need to pay for it every time you plan for running a campaign. But in online marketing, for any changes in the website, you don’t require any additional costs. This can be done easily by the team who are working for sales of your product. Traditional marketing companies will charge you for each delivery of fliers and mailers, whereas in online marketing your ad is open to the entire World Wide Web.

  • Customized Marketing not possible: In traditional marketing, the specific customer cannot be targeted; the only specific market can be targeted. For example, in traditional marketing, an ad is created for young ladies of a new style of purse or handbag. But in online marketing, you can look at what a viewer is looking for and thus suggest products of her choice.

  • Provide less information: In traditional marketing, it is difficult to present complex pricing options and offers for the product. The print media does not have enough space to display all the different variations of the price and other offers, which might appeal to the buyers. In the case of online marketing, you can offer your customer with various options and appeal them to buy your product.

  • Conversion of traditional media to online marketing: In recent times, many traditional marketing methods such as newspaper, magazines are now going online so that people can read the news wherever they are as nowadays internet is also available to most of the population.

  • Ignorance of traditional methods: Most people tend to ignore or skip the advertisement more easily, such as they might not read the ad on the billboard or banner, change the channel of the television when the advertisement or commercial is shown, etc.

  • Forced on the consumer: Traditional marketing is mostly forced on the customer, as it is a part of their daily life. This type of marketing has a low response rate.


Thus, it can be concluded that traditional marketing can be used with online marketing to develop your business. An integrated approach of marketing by using both the strategies will help you to spread the message about your product or brand. The impact of consumer-to-consumer communications is important in the marketplace, which is known as word-of-mouth strategy. Word-of-mouth communication is interesting as it combines the consumer’s outlook and lower costs with faster delivery. This can be done through technology only such as social networking sites, discussion forums. In traditional marketing, the salesperson who tries to sell products door-to-door can also be a part of word-of-mouth communication. Hence, it is up to you as businessmen which marketing strategy will suit your product or brand.

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