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Advantages and disadvantages of robotics in the future world 19 April, 2019   

Robotics is the new revolution in this digital world. These have made the jobs of humans easier. In other terms, these have replaced many of the jobs that are otherwise done by humans. As you all know, robotics is widely used in manufacturing industries, laboratories, controlling traffic, research, to carry out search operations and in military missions. 

There is no wonder when you see robots filling fuel in the petrol stations down the line. Humanoid robots are doing most of the jobs that are done by humans and without human errors. Though the robots have taken over a good percent of the existing workload, the chances of robots replacing humans are quite uncertain.

If you own an organization, you can use robots at the place where it is risky for humans to perform a job. However, to understand the logic behind the creation of robots, you should certainly learn about the advantages and disadvantages of robotics.

Advantages of Robotics, the machine form of humans

Can reach places where humans cannot

You should know the significance of optimally using the robots and also when to and when not to use them. You cannot use a robot even for a small task. I always dream of using the robot to spy on suspicious people to avoid horrible incidents from happening in the country. However, you can use robots to explore space, spy on people and make them do the jobs that humans cannot.

Robots can reach the places where it humans cannot breathe or survive. They can provide you with information that is hard for humans to acquire. The best thing is that you do not need to pay the salary for robots or serve them with delicious food to keep them happy. All they need is charging. No human-like to do monotonous tasks. If you do it repeatedly, you will get bored, but robots will not complain about getting bored. 

Perform tasks faster than humans

Robots can do any kind of task pretty faster than humans. In fact, if you are producing two to three items in the industry a day, with a robot, you can manufacture 50 to 100 items a day more accurately. These are widely used in manufacturing industries and also these days in hospitals to keep patients active and entertained. 

Work without human interference

You do not need to wake up the robot to carry out its tasks. Everything is done automatically just by passing a few commands to it. This will awaken even the whole world is sleeping.

You can use robots for entertainment and get out of depression and also carry out various household and office tasks. Also, if you want to learn about underwater, you can send them into the deep sea to gather information or clicks of the deep sea.

Produce products

If you have started a small manufacturing plant and could not afford to hire many employees to supply the required items to meet the demand, then buy one robot and get all the work done.

Robots are used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the automobile industry to assemble cars. Also, these are used to build car, plane and other vehicle parts precisely. This is one of the main advantages of robotics. 

Create new jobs

You do not need to worry about the accuracy of the work done by robots since they get the things done with perfection the first time. With its progression, it churns out new jobs as people need to design and fix the issues in robots. Robots can work round the clock without getting tired. This is one of the advantages of robotics. 

Tolerate a hostile environment

Robots can survive in the interplanetary space. The robots are made in such a way that their physical state and performance remain the same even when they enter the other planets.

These are perfect for doing the jobs of humans done with consistency and accuracy. Undeniably, a single robot is equal to 100 human beings, which is one of the advantages of robotics. They can take up many responsibilities and can also manage themselves without human intervention.

Mining and ocean

This is one of the main advantages of robotics. The new revolution in robotics world would be the usage of robots in mining and oceans. They can be used to dig up fuels and explore in-depth oceans. These are the perfect replacement for many perilous human jobs. In simple, robotics is saving the lives of humans in undertaking harmful jobs.

Do Repetitive and dangerous tasks

I often complain of doing the monotonous job. However, with the advent of robotics technology, I am delighted that takes the repetitive and time-consuming tasks from the shoulders of humans and does it for them. In addition to simple yet boring jobs, they can also do hazardous tasks.

Also, they have the ability to set the speed and time of doing the tasks. The best thing is that they can act as a faster pace without getting affected by the factors which humans do. 

Work without break

Can you work continuously for two days without taking a break? I personally β€œNo”. Humans go nuts and their brains stop working when they work without a break and sleep. However, robots can work without sleep and break. You can employ robots in places where it is risky for humans to handle jobs. They can work continuously for months together without a break, maintenance and are considered to be more productive than people. 

Carry Medical surgeries

Do not get amazed to see robots in hospitals and doing surgeries to patients in the coming years. They behave like humans. There are a few robots which are kept in the entrance of hospitals to shake hands with patients and calculate their blood pressure, weight and other parameters. They are also performing surgeries in a few hospitals more precisely. 

Disadvantages of robotics

With the advantages of anything come disadvantages. Robotics is no exemption from it. However, the disadvantages can be overshadowed with its advantages. Let’s discuss the disadvantages of robotics.

Supply power continuously and cost higher

This is one of the disadvantages of robotics. Robots consume a lot of power to function. Many daily wage workers would lose their jobs, which are actually the bread and butter of their families.

Robots need to be maintained continuously to keep them in good condition. You would need to invest a huge amount of money to buy robots. On top of this, to develop software to make it function as per your needs would cost whopping. 

Increase unemployment

I see many youngsters without jobs. If robotics comes into force, then many skillful workers would also lose their jobs and would be on roads, which is one of the disadvantages of robotics.

Robotics is certainly going to replace workers in factories. People either have to look for other jobs or to be trained in how to work with robots. If robotics starts to replace humans, then definitely the unemployment rate across the globe increases. 

Cost a fortune for maintenance and repair

You need to continuously maintain robots to keep them in top-notch condition to retain their performance. The programs incorporated in robots should be updated as per requirements. In the case of outages, it cost you a fortune to get it repaired. Moreover, the time it takes to restore lost data and cost would be high. 

Not easy to retrieve data

Robots are good at storing huge chunks of data in them, but when lost is hard to retrieve. It is not as powerful as the human brain. Though they can carry out monotonous tasks, they cannot get better to best as humans do over time, which is one of the disadvantages of robotics. 

No emotions

Robots do not have any kind of emotions ingrained within them and work without conscience. Robots can never interact like humans, as they lack empathy, which is one of the disadvantages of robotics. 


Robots can also be dangerous to humans when they malfunction or designed to work for warfare. 

No intelligence

Robots cannot think beyond what is programmed to them as human brains. They are completely mechanical and not so intelligent. Moreover, they work as programmed and cannot take decisions. 

Use of robotics would increase in the coming years with the evolution of technology. Many companies are eagerly waiting to optimally use robotic technology at their works. However, this article might have given you clear insights of when to and when not to use robots. 

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