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Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing 10 January, 2019   

It is important to know that cloud computing makes it very easy for you to access software and applications from the advanced internet platform. Cloud computing is the delivery of different computing services. It includes analytics, software, networking, database, storage, and servers. Undoubtedly, business owners can reap lots of benefits from the cloud computing process. Like other methods, cloud computing has some own advantages and disadvantages.  If you want to know more useful details regarding cloud computing, you can read this article. The following passage covers working, uses, advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics of cloud computing.

Working of cloud computing 

The cloud computing process offers an easy method to access databases, servers, storage and a comprehensive range of required application solutions online. When it comes to Amazon Web Services, it is one of the cloud services platforms that maintains and owns network-connected hardware needed for the application services. If you want to get the advantages of cloud computing, you can utilize it in your business.

Uses of Cloud computing 

Many individuals are possible using the cloud computing method currently even without knowing it. When you use an online service for sending email, watching movies, editing documents, listening to music, watching movies, stories pictures or playing games, it is possible that this process is making it possible behind every scene. Many organizations range from global corporations to tiny start-ups and non-profits to government agencies are already embracing this technique for a variety of reasons. You can easily several things with this cloud that includes:

  • Store, recover and back up data

  • Create new services and apps 

  • Analyze data for both patterns as well as make predictions 

  • Deliver the software truly on demand 

  • Host blogs and websites

    Advantages of Cloud Computing

    Easy implementation:

    The cloud computing process lets you retain similar business processes and applications without dealing with any backend technicalities. The cloud infrastructure is easily manageable by the internet, so you can access them quickly and easily.

    Save money:

    One of the advantages of cloud computing is that it helps you to save your IT cost.  Regardless of their sizes or types, businesses can exist for earning money when keeping both the operational cost and capital to the minimum level. When you use the cloud computing process, you can easily save the extensive capital amount without any in-house application and server storage needs. The huge lack of your on-premises infrastructure removes their related operational amount on a form of air, power conditioning, administration costs and much more.  The most impressive fact behind cloud computing is that it requires you to only pay for which is used and unlock when you like.  When you use this method, you need not to worry about capital. It is one of the common misconceptions that many large business platforms can afford for using the cloud computing techniques. But in reality, cloud computing is very cost-effective for almost every small business.


    The cloud computing techniques offer simplified and enhanced IT maintenance capabilities and management through the vendor managed infrastructure, SLA backed agreements and central administration resources. The maintenance and updates of IT infrastructure are fully eliminated because each resource is well-maintained by the best service provider.  Additionally, you can enjoy an easy web-based user interface to access applications, services, and software without any installation requirements. When it comes to SLA, it ensures the guaranteed and timely delivery, maintenance, and management of IT services.

    Strategic Edge:

    The ever-increasing resources of computing bring you the competitive edge and better opportunity for the competitors. It is because the entire time duration you need for the IT procurement is almost zero. The business can organize critical assignments applications which deliver lots of essential business advantages. To bring the benefits, it does not require upfront costs or more provisioning time. The cloud computing process let you to easily forget about the technology as well as focus only on your major business objectives and activities. Also, it can aid you in reducing the overall time duration required for marketing your newer services and applications.

    Flexibility for your business growth:

    The cloud computing process is scalable easily so business can subtract or add resources according to their requirements and needs. When your business grows, you will develop with it. The good thing about cloud computing is that it is bringing you an efficient recovery. The cloud computing process delivers more accurate and faster retrievals of data and applications. With minimal downtime, cloud computing is an efficient and outstanding recovery plan.


    The fully managed service platform makes cloud computing more consistent and reliable than the in-house IT set-up or infrastructure. Most of the service provides the service level agreement that guarantees better availability. The businesses can truly benefit from a comprehensive range of the redundant IT resources and a fast failover mechanism. In an instant, if the server fails, both the hosted services and applications are transited to every available server.

    Disadvantages of Cloud Computing


    Even though the cloud computing companies implement the finest industry certifications and standards, both the important files and store data on other service providers open up some risks forever.  When you use the cloud-powered technologies, you require offering your cloud computing companies with complete access to your important business details. In the meantime, being the public service creates cloud computing companies with some security challenges routinely. The great ease in accessing and procuring cloud solutions can bring nefarious people the full ability to identify, exploit and scan vulnerabilities and loopholes within your computer.

     For example, in the multi-tenant cloud design where the multiple users or individuals are hosted jointly, a hacking individual may try to completely break into the other user's data stored and hosted on a similar server. Though such loopholes and exploits are not possible to face, and the possibility of a negotiation is not truly great.

    Vendor Lock-In:

    Even though cloud computing company guarantees that the cloud is flexible to integrate and use, switching the cloud solutions is really something which is never completely evolved.  Many businesses may find it difficult while migrating their solutions from a particular vendor to other. Integrating and hosting current cloud-based applications on any other platform may easily throw up both support issues and interoperability. For example, the Net (Microsoft Development Framework) based applications may not function correctly on a Linux platform.

    Restricted Control:

    The infrastructure of a cloud is purely owned, monitored and managed by a cloud computing company, so it transfers less control over the customers. When it comes to customers, they can only manage, and control, services, applications and data operated on that, not a backend infrastructure itself. The major administrative tasks like serve shell access, firmware management, and updating are not passed correctly to the end user or customer. It is one of the disadvantages of cloud computing.

    No Redundancy:

    When it comes to the cloud services, they are not redundant. As the technology will fail, so you can avoid getting fully burned by buying the redundancy plan. Even though it is a huge amount, in many cases, this resource will be surely worth it.

    Bandwidth issues:

    For superior performance, you have to smartly plan and try to avoid packing big services as well as storage systems into a tiny data center set.


    When cloud computing companies take care of many clients daily, they can truly become overwhelmed as well as may come up fully against the technical outages. It can truly lead to the business tasks being suspended temporarily. Along with this, if the internet is offline, the business will fail to access any of the applications, data or server from a cloud.

    When it comes to the advantages of cloud computing, they are not only very good but also efficient and cost-effective. The disadvantages of cloud computing are almost negligible and incidental.

    It is beneficial to know that your decision to prefer cloud computing solutions are truly enormous with saving a considerable amount with better regards to different tasks. It includes maintenance and installation, reduced downtime, negligible staff involved in the process of server monitoring.

    Cloud Computing Latest technologies

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