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Airtract Jeevesh Sabharwal Director and Founder of Horizon Buildcon Pvt Ltd

About Jeevesh Sabharwal 06 June, 2020   

Jeevesh Sabharwal

In India in 2006, a 22-year-old apprentice at the Horizon Buildcon Private Limited with a formal education came up with a keen preservative and worldly view. A natural in the business arena, he is the face of tomorrow for skyline; his acumen is only surpassed by his hard work and dynamism.

He went into business in, at the age of 22, three years before he graduated from Western International University, USA in Business Administration. With the strong culture of entrepreneurship, he has been a youngster dreamt of his own factory.

Director and Co-Founder of Horizon Buildcon Pvt Ltd.

Jeevesh Sabharwal is an Indian entrepreneur who has founded Horizon Buildcon Private Limited in India. It has been selected as one of India’s Biggest Companies to Work with and a Great Entrepreneur to Work for the consecutive year. It leads the industry in raising the standard of commitment to building a better world & value appreciation.

The Story before Being an Entrepreneur

Jeevesh Sabharwal is graduated from Western International University, USA in Business Administration. His success story of being an entrepreneur starts from the anecdotes of asking for some monetary help from his father and then now he made himself to meet the end of his dreams. He aimed to set up a unit in Real Estate Industry in which he has given his all efforts, hard work and enthusiasm that led him successfully to establish a company and become a business tycoon.

Left without a business, he decided to expand the business with trade divisions of purchasing land for residential projects and construction of hotels. He decided to go abroad and scout for opportunities. He ended up at a trade fair in Dubai where he met the person who led him into the business of construction ranging from building societies, residential, industrial projects, roadways projects, commercial complex and so on to keep achieving success goals ever. Now he is handling the Group’s Offices situated in China as well as in Dubai. Before achieving this success in the Industry, Jeevesh has also worked in various different companies as an independent consultant. The experiences led him to discover a capable businessman in him.

From Independent Consultant to Business Tycoon

Primarily focused on construction, real estate development and international trade divisions, Jeevesh has served several companies for the preparation of business plan & project report. He got an achievement of being the most capable businessman to solve typical issues faced by the people during the progress of any real estate project (either commercial or residential).

There are many parallels in the annals of the Indian real estate industry that emulate the success trail blazed by Horizon Buildcon Private Limited. Over the past decades, the company has emerged as one of the most progressive and multi-faceted real estate and construction entities in the country. Through the years, the wondrous entrepreneur Jeevesh Sabharwal at Horizon have stayed true to the commitment of building a better world by housing world-class commercial, residential and recreational properties.

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Jeevesh Sabharwal - Great doing Mr. jeevesh Sabharwal, you are a true superhero. i m inspired by you. keep doing the good work.

Jeevesh Sabharwal - Great doing Mr. jeevesh Sabharwal, you are a true superhero. i m inspired by you. keep doing the good work. Read Less

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