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A text message from my daughter. 25 July, 2020   

“Every time u call it’s negative. Nothing ever positive. Every time u call I hold my breath, then take a deep breath to answer the phone. Every time u call I’m worried that either Brad  killed Tony or Amanda. Or that Brad flew into a rage and killed himself. Nothing ever positive, ur life is so sad. No joy. U get angry when I say that I don’t want kids, but do u see why? Life is miserable. U didn’t have to have more kids. I watched u struggle everyday raising Peter and I and realized that kids weren’t worth the misery. Joyless existence. Pouring ur hopes and dreams into someone who’s not guaranteed to love, b thankful or appreciate u. I give u advice but then u keep asking the same question and asking for the same advice. I don’t know what u want me to say. U live ur life in an abusive marriage, in an abusive home where all members take their turns abusing u. U call me saying that Tony shoves u and when u fall he doesn’t help u up. I tell u to leave or make him leave but u say no. So what is the point of calling me? Is it to stress me out? Or just to vent? U don’t vent if ur not willing to do anything about the situation. I CANT HELP YOU without infuriating myself and I’m sorry my mind state is incredibly important to me. I find myself becoming more and more isolated cuz I just want to b quietly mentally healthy. As black women we owe it to ourselves. U say I’m selfish and that I only care about Peter, that’s not true but Peter is the only person I can do something about.”

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