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A Quick Guide to Become Physically Fit 20 October, 2020   

Scientific studies indicate that being physically fit can easily add a few years to your lifetime. When we mention physical activity, people generally think of the gym and the exercises. Well, the truth is not just about working out your heart and body in a gym doing strenuous exercises. In fact, it is proven that low-intensity activity done throughout the day can easily help you stay fit and healthy for your life.

In fact, you can improve your physical fitness by simply increasing the number of steps you take every day. This can directly help reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Of course, there is no guarantee on these simple steps helping out on your obesity. But as far as health is concerned, this definitely works, especially if you cut down on the time you are simply sitting. 

Here are some fitness tips to help you stay fit and healthy for your life.

Fitness tips to stay physically fit

Before we delve into the fitness tips, it is first important for you to know what your fitness goals are. While it might just be losing a few pounds for some, some might want to get those six-pack abs. Remember that being fit is not about having the perfect abs or the hourglass figure, but rather about staying healthy, eating right, and following the right workout routine.

Without further ado, here are the fitness tips to help you stay fit. These tips can easily be practiced every day, and you don’t need anything specific to achieve your fitness goals.

Keeping fit with food

The first of the fitness tips involves information about what to have in food, when to have it and why? Having proper nutrition and having it right is the key to keep you healthy. The most common mistake that many people make is they leave their diet plan schedules when they feel disappointed by not getting any results. If you include unprocessed or whole food in your diet, meat or fish, coconut oil, brown rice (an example of whole food), and a sufficient amount of vegetables, your diet plan is already a healthy one. Let’s talk about some important tips for eating healthy:

  • Water for everyone

We come across multiple articles written on the importance of water, and by now, you are probably aware that 75% of our body content is made up of water only. And scientific studies prove that taking water as much as you can not only keep you hydrated, it can actually keep your fitness at its best. If you want to stay physically fit, then you should drink as much water as you can. 

Water washes away the toxins in your body and gives you the energy you need to continue your daily activities. It is ideal to have 2-3 liters of water every day for better health.

Yes, you may have to use the washroom quite frequently. But look at the better side; you will be getting out of your seat quite often and taking more steps.

  • Say no to sugar

Another factor that we keep hearing from expert dieticians is that we need to cut down on our intake of sugar to stay fit. Sugar will not only increase your body fat, but it can lead easily to many other illnesses. 

If you really have a sweet tooth, you might want to try out Stevia, a natural substitute for sugar. This will not only regulate the blood sugar but will help with losing fat as well.

  • Regulated intake

You mustn't dump food into your body. One of the common fitness tips that experts give out is to ensure that you eat at regular intervals and in small quantities. It would be best if you also remembered not to overeat but only eat enough to sate the hunger pangs.

  • Eat the right food

Most of us make a very common mistake to have lesser quantities of food instead of ensuring that we take enough nutrition. Include a highly nutritious meal enriched with proteins, amino acids, and essential vitamins.

Taking raw food also ensures that you have enough energy to handle the challenges of the day. You can choose organic food to avoid toxic intake.

It would help if you remembered that every individual has unique nutrition requirements, and a nutrition counselor can help you with the right diet for your body.

Exercising to stay fit

Fitness tips can never be complete without the mention of exercises in it. And when we refer to exercising, people often consider that it involves strenuous training and a hardcore fitness regime. 

This is so not true. As we mentioned initially, a simple walk up and down the stairs instead of an elevator can add more value to your body. There are many ways you can improve your routine like biking, walking to improve your body strength, and stay fit.

Here are some fitness tips with regards to exercising that will keep you physically fit.

  • You need to be quite careful about the regime that you choose. You cannot directly start with intense training as it will wear out your body. You should start it slowly with a walk for an hour every day and slowly build up the momentum. 

  • Once you are comfortable with the low-intensity training workouts, you can then start including a cardiovascular regimen. When we say cardiovascular, if you think of those heavy-weight instruments in a gym, you are not completely right. Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises there is. So if you enjoy spending time in the water, make it profitable for your body by swimming with a purpose.

  • An important factor to remember when you are exercising is not to do it immediately after your meal. This will compromise on the nutrition reaching the parts of your body.  

  • Warming up before the exercise and cooling down after is as important as the regime.  Also, stretching before, in between, and after the workout will help relieve you of any pain and keep your muscles intact.

If you are really keen on your objective to stay fit and lose weight, then hiring a trainer might help achieve your goal. They would help you stay focused on your objectives and design a routine that will best suit your body condition and your growing requirements. 

Lifestyle-related tips to stay fit

Now what we saw above are regulated and to be actively followed fitness tips. But there are a few lifestyle changes that can bring in more working out in our daily routine. Some of them include,

  • As we mentioned earlier, avoiding elevators and taking the stairs can have an amazing effect on your body condition. 

  • Parking the car away from the front door, whether at your office or your home or a mall, can really help. That is because you are then required to walk the rest of the way across, giving you the much-needed simple exercise to stay fit.

  • Take up gardening or yard work to help spend some time with nature soothing your mind and improving your physical fitness.

  • You can even clean up your house every week or at regular intervals. When we say clean up, it is not just dusting the carpet in your living room, but really good clean up.

  • Try to use public transport as much as you can and if the place you want to go to is nearby, try to walk the distance.

  • Stay away from electronic devices like television and computer at least for the weekends so that your time is spent in a much more productive manner.

And there are many other ways to improve your physical fitness. You can get yourself a pedometer to count the number of steps and start working towards increasing it every day. Some of these fitness tips don’t require any preparation and can be followed immediately. 

Being physically fit is a goal that anybody can achieve. What you need to do is, however, stay focused on your goals and work towards it.

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