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Top 20 Cheap Protein Sources 27 September, 2019   

Just like your home needs a strong foundation to stand, that is how important protein is to your health. They are very helpful and are referred to as the building blocks of life. Protein builds muscles as well as tissues in the body. From a growing child to an adult, everyone needs protein.

 This is more important for people who work out to lose weight or simply keeping fit. Since this nutrient is important to your health, you may be interested in knowing cheap ways you can get it without breaking the bank. And this is why in this article, we shall be looking at the top 20 cheap protein sources.

 There have been some arguments about protein being a very expensive nutrient and not within the reach of an average person. This argument has led so many to embrace carbohydrates and fats since they appear to be more affordable than protein. It is for this reason that we have come up with this article to reveal some cheap high protein foods that anyone can afford.

Here are the top 20 cheap protein sources anyone can afford!

  1. Natural peanut butter

    Airtract-ImageTalk about one of the least expensive sources of protein and what comes to mind is natural peanut butter. With only 2 tablespoons of this, you will get 8 gram of protein. You also get minerals such as vitamin B-6 as well as magnesium. It not just high in protein, but also makes you feel satiated so that you lose weight and gain muscle. And just in case you are one of those that aren’t at home with peanut butter because it is high in fat, remember that those fats are mostly mono-saturated fats that are considered to be healthy.  

  2. Natural unsalted almonds

    Airtract-ImageAlmond is another great source of protein and is also a healthy tasting snack. One handful of almonds will provide your body with 6 grams of protein. In fact, when ground, almonds can become cheap protein powder that bodybuilders will find very beneficial like whey protein. It is also a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and manganese. These antioxidants are great for lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising the good HDL cholesterol levels. 

  3. Whole beef ribs

    Airtract-ImageBeef ribs are among the cheapest sources of animal protein. Some may argue that it is high in fat and would want to stay away from it. But there is always a way to go around this. You can parboil it, put it in the freezer for the fat to congeal so that you can scoop out the fat. You will be left with lower calories while getting your cheap protein intake.

  4. Sunflower seed kernels

    Airtract-ImageDid you know before that 1 oz kernels of sunflower seeds had 6grams of protein? They are also a great source of photochemical like phenolic acid, arginine, betaine, and choline. They also lower bad cholesterol, protect the membranes, etc. Make sure you have a handful each day.

  5. Wheat Bran

    This is another excellent source of protein that is also cheap. 1 oz of wheat bran contains 6 grams of protein. You don’t just get good protein from it, but also dietary fiber. You can have it as a cereal or in your soup as a sprinkle. People who are on a cheap diet plan and looking for a good protein source will find wheat bran to be quite helpful.

  6. Lentils

    Airtract-ImageIf you are a vegetarian looking for a good source of protein, you will be delighted to know that 1 oz of lentils contains 7grams of protein. They are also very good at maintaining proper cholesterol levels. Your digestive system will love it too. But you will need to combine lentils with another source of protein to get the essential amino acids.

  7. Chicken drumsticks

    Airtract-ImageChicken drumsticks are not just among our top 20 cheap protein sources, but also much lesser in fat content than red meat. 1 drumstick of chicken with its skin provides you with 14grams of protein. You can also reduce the fat and cholesterol content by getting rid of the skin.

  8. Kidney beans

    Airtract-ImageA cup of kidney beans contains 47 grams of protein. What can you say about that? Kidney beans are superfoods that contain a lot of phytochemicals and fiber. They are also very affordable.

  9. Canned tuna in water

    Airtract-Image1 drained cup of tuna which is 5.4 oz contains 39 grams of protein. You get almost the same level of protein in canned tuna like you have in fresh tuna. You can easily use canned tuna in salads, sandwiches, pasta, etc.

  10. Tilapia fillet

    Airtract-ImageTilapia fillet is an excellent source of protein that is also very affordable. 100 gram of tilapia fillet will give you 20 grams of protein. It is also low in mercury than many other types of fishes.

  11. Milk
    Milk is another quality source of protein that is also very cheap. You can get 8 grams of protein from 1 cup of milk. And there are a thousand and one things you can do with milk. Start drinking it today, if you haven’t.

  12. Canned anchovies in oil

    Airtract-Image1 can of anchovies in oil (2 oz) contains 13 grams of protein. You will love the nutty flavor which can be used in pasta, sandwiches, and salads.

  13. Whey protein powder
    If you don’t have time to always fix a rich protein meal and need a cheap source of protein, consider whey protein powders. You can add it to shakes or take it as a drink.  1 scoop of it (1 oz) contains 20 grams of protein.

  14. Mackerel

    112 gram of mackerel fillet contains 21 grams of protein. It is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

  15. Canned sardines in oil

    Airtract-ImageYou would agree that canned sardines are quite cheap. They are also a good source of protein with 1 can containing 23 grams of protein.

  16. Round steak

    Airtract-ImageRed meats contain the most proteins. Round steaks are less expensive than other meats with 1 pound containing 100 grams of protein. You can settle for half of round steak and still get 50 grams of protein with lesser fat.

  17. Cod Fillet

    Airtract-ImageCod fillet is one of the least expensive and tasty fishes you can get. It is not just rich in protein but also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 and 6. 1 oz which is 28 grams contains 5 grams of protein. Meanwhile, 1 fillet contains 41 grams of protein. If you can’t find it written – cod fillet, it will be written haddock or Pollock. 

  18. Chicken liver
    Another cheap source of protein to consider is chicken liver. It is high in protein and quite an excellent source of vitamin A and iron. 100 grams of chicken liver contains 17 grams of protein. You should take it minimally if you are pregnant to avoid certain birth defects.

  19. Ground beef
    You can use ground beef for various dishes. It is also rich in protein with 100 gram of ground beef containing 17 grams of protein. If you are looking to cut out some fat, go for lean ground beef. 

  20. Whole eggs
    We purposely left the best for the last. You would agree that eggs are not just great sources of protein but also very cheap. 1 large egg contains 6 grams of protein. In case you are worried about its high content of cholesterol, you can always get rid of the yolk and still get your protein from the egg white.  

There you have our list of top 20 cheap protein sources that don’t have to leave a hole in your pocket to get them. You can always buy some of them like eggs in bulk and save even more. 

 What do you think of our list? Did we cover everything or do you have suggestions? Let’s talk about it in the comment section. 

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