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How to power up your mornings like a superhero! 01 March, 2019   

Ok, so we can't all get bitten by radioactive spiders or come with superpowers acquired from distant galaxies, but we can power through our mornings just like superheroes. Read on to find out how.


The previous night:

  • Plan your day.

Think about the things you have to do, schedule them in.

Think about the sequence of events and actions that occur from the time you wake up.

This could be: Wake up, go to the gym, shower, make breakfast, pack in suitcase/handbag, dress up, fill up and petrol, etc.

Keep it simple, and write everything down that you need to do, no matter how small.

Having your work and day all planned out makes your day less chaotic. Make sure you leave gaps for change and unforeseen circumstances.

While you have a solid framework in which most things will go as planned, things can always change (eg. delays dues to traffic jam).

  • Pack your lunch, snacks and bag/suitcase.

Pack lunch and snacks in advance. It’s cheaper and more diet-friendly.

It’s likely that you won’t have time to do any cooking and packing in the morning. If you go to work/school/college without anything packed, it’s likely that you’ll pick an unhealthy option or one that’s unfriendly to your wallet. Let’s not forget the possibility that you’re playing Russian Roulette with your stomach. What if you pick up a nasty stomach bug in a moment of folly? Avoid the risks, pack yourself something, even if it is a sandwich. You have to eat, otherwise plummeting blood sugar can derail your whole day.

  • Pack your important documents and accessories in advance.

Don’t waste precious minutes in the morning rummaging around for your keys, the important file, your homework, your ID cards and so on. Don’t be embarrassed at a meeting because you forgot something essential at home. The dog has also moved on from eating your homework to better things.

Get it all together the previous night. You’ll feel like a winner the next day; it really adds to your confidence.

  • Have your keys/wallet and essentials ready.

These little saboteurs are innocent-looking enough, till you can’t find them when you really need them. You could have a common tray/bowl for such essentials, so you’ll always know where to find them. Also, have a fixed place for duplicates, if possible.

  • Get your outfit ready for the next day.

Whatever ironing/polishing/washing/repairs you must do, do it now.

You won't have time in the morning. Your impression at work/office is partly created by how well groomed you are. This involves having ironed clothes, polished shoes, and well-coordinated outfits. You need time to do this, it doesn't just happen on the day that you have to go to work.

  • Sleep in a comfortable bedroom.

Sleeping in a clean, cool, quiet bedroom ups your chances of quality sleep.

Sleep is necessary for a good, quality-filled life. When you sleep properly, your body has a chance to recharge. When you are fully recharged, you can achieve almost anything, and take on the world.

Jumpstart your morning :

  • When you wake up, wake up!

Shun that snooze button.

Get out of bed at the sound of the alarm.

The more you press the snooze button, the more you are likely to stay in bed and end up getting late for whatever you have to do. Get out of bed at the first alarm. Rip off the bandaid! You can always go to bed earlier.

  • Get up early.

Avoid the morning rush by getting up early.

Collect your thoughts.

We don’t have time machines. The most we can do to create more time for ourselves is to wake up earlier in the morning and save some time for reflection, reading the paper, maybe even preparing for a test or presentation.

  • Exercise and move your body.

Do some cardio, get some fresh air, move!

The first few minutes make a difference.

You don’t have to do much. Even 24 minutes will do.

Exercise benefits brain cells and the cumulative effect of an active physique will leave you more energetic and less hungry the whole day.

  • Have a healthy, substantial breakfast.

A healthy, substantial breakfast will give you the energy to concentrate through the day. Hunger is a distraction. A breakfast full of protein, good fat and other good stuff like fiber will ensure that you have energy throughout the day, and won’t experience a slump, or a blood sugar crash, later in the day.

  • Spare time for your loved ones.

Spare a few minutes for your loved ones.

Quality time is short in the evening, so try to get in a little time with them in the morning, preferably at the breakfast table and get an idea of what everyone is doing in the day. If you feel there are issues to be addressed, you can make a note of them and follow up later.  

  • Do the most important tasks first.

Finish your most important tasks first.  

You will be free to achieve more things during the day.

It’s like eating your Brussel sprouts to get to your dessert.

Otherwise, there is a possibility that you will procrastinate until the task gets too big to handle.

  • Set a routine.

Setting a routine will help you get things done faster in the mornings.

A routine comes with practice and is related to planning.

The more familiar the elements of your daily plan become, the faster you will get through your morning routine. Practice makes perfect!

Avoid these time- wasters:

The previous night:

  • Don’t overthink your day.

Keeping awake over-analyzing things is torture.

Don’t do that to yourself. You’ll lose sleep.

It’s one of those things that can ruin your sleep which you need, in order to perform well the next morning.

We all have problems. It is best to think about them calmly, and rationally, and not when we are just about to go to sleep.

Bedtime is for sleep, practice relaxation techniques,

  • Shut off all electronics at least 90 minutes before sleep.

Blue light emitted by mobiles, laptops and other devices, can disrupt sleep. Leave browsing for the morning.   

In the morning:

  • Don’t waste time checking your emails and social media.

Emails and social media can squander precious minutes in the morning.

Just say no! Cat videos, Netflix  ( and Facebook  ( are all addictive, and before you know it, it’s 4:00 am and you’ve lost the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Don’t skip your workout.

It takes 42 days to reinforce a new habit. It takes a day to break it.

Exercise has a cumulative positive effect you can’t ignore. Don’t work out for the cosmetic benefits of looking your best, though that’s good too. Do it to optimize your body and your brain, and the serotonin boost that comes from it. It’s great for your health, and barring a few exceptions, could potentially reduce your number of sick days.

  • Don’t get stressed.

Getting stressed can sabotage your best-laid plans. Take a deep breath, keep calm and carry on.





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