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How to make a game - Quick beginner's guide 13 November, 2019   

There is a myriad of video games on the market, but how cool would it be to learn how to make a game? Making video games is a big business. There are thousands of people developing new video games every day. So how do you find out how to make a game? There are plenty of websites that offer tutorials and manuals to assist you. You need to work out what kind of game you want to create. You need to establish a budget – though you can make a video game for free. You need to work out a story or plot and factor in your ability level. Then you get started.

Step 1: Starting Up

Firstly, you need to have experience in coding or game development to get started. It's a learning process, so it's wise to start simple. It is hard to keep it simple, as our ideas may be bigger than our ability or experience. We are used to the high-tech professional games that we play on our consoles.  

You will make plenty of mistakes. This is fine, learn from them. If you form a firm idea and stick to it, you will have a more successful outcome. 

When you learn how to make a video game, it is important to think it through from start to finish. You need to work out what genre your first video game will be. Existing video games will inspire you, and this can help you work out the feel and look you would like your game to have. Professional developers will begin with a prototype of their game. This is a basic working model of the finished game. You can test all the features before you start playing and add to it later.

You need to establish the platform for your game as well. Will your game run on a pc, a mobile phone, or a tablet? It will help you work out what tools are best suited to your project.

Step 2: Game Design Document (GDD)


You need to create a 'game design document,' (GDD). This is the living design of your game to guide you through the game creation process. If this concept seems alien, imagine you are pitching your game to a company. The GDD should answer any questions about your game. It may be useful to ask a friend to act 'as if' they were the company and walk them through the game to clarify any inconsistencies. 

 Steps 3: Testing

So, you have made great strides in your first video game. The next step is to see if it works and if it's enjoyable. Find a friend who will give you good, honest feedback. Ask them to play it and listen to their critique. One factor in learning how to make a game is that you need to be able to listen to others' opinions. Play the game yourself and see what you think. Fix any bugs.

Step 4: Gaming Communities

Once you have finished your first video game and had it tested, you have to share it with others. There are gaming communities online to do this. There are also online events known as 'Jams.' These events allow you to make a new prototype with specific constraints. It gives you a chance to see how your skills have developed and increase your knowledge. You can also get to know other gamers.

Step 5: Publishing


If you have completed all the steps above, your final step is to publish your game. It's an exciting moment if you have just learned how to make a game.

Different engines offer different ways to publish your game, and they will give instructions on their sites. Alternatively, you can send it to your friends or put it on the app store.

Step 6: Making Money from Your Game

Your game is done, your friends have tested it, and everyone loves it. Could you make some money out of your game? Selling to big companies is extremely difficult. You can go out on your own and reap the benefits yourself. Publish your game on sites such as YouTube. You can offer a free trial and then charge gamers to go further in the game. You can add affiliates to your page and claim revenue from the number of hits they get from your site. Also, you can sell your game on eBay.  The process of how to make a video game is simpler than you might think. The resources that are available on the internet today make it possible for anyone to learn how to make a game. There are numerous tutorials online, and plenty of step by step guides to help. Utilize these resources. Stay calm and confident and stick to your idea. Follow the process through, guided by the tutorials. Add some simple graphics and sounds and make your game the best it can be for a first video game. Find someone to check the feasibility of the game. Then publish it to let other gamers to try your product.  

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