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How to get better at programming: 7 Expert tips! Published 04 April, 2019   Report Issue

How to get better at programming: 7 Expert tips!

It is great to have a goal to become a "kick-ass programmer" But, most of the time people set goals without knowing the way to achieve them. But in this case, we will provide you a short guide on how to get better at programming. I will be sharing 7 expert tips to get better at programming.

These bits of wisdom are gathered from various sources. You might know the basic programming techniques, but sometimes, you need to revise on what is necessary than basics. So, read on!

1. Remind yourself, "You don't have to be born as a good programmer."

The first step in improving something is that you must understand you are not born an expert, but rather you are thriving to be something better. Never boast that you know everything or you are doing something that others are lacking instead open your mind in learning from everyone around you.

When it comes to the field-working, you are definitely going to learn more from the experienced ones. So, go for "I know what I am doing" attitude which will keep you on track of your work and achieve your goals as aimed.

2. "The code works," is not where you should stop, it is a start.

Once you get the code working, it is never the time to stop. Start playing with the codes. You must try to understand why and how things work with different endings. When you understand how things work, explain why certain things work, and why certain choices are better than the others. You must also be able to troubleshoot the problems when they don't work the way you want.

3. "Write, write & Write."

Good programmers have the habit of writing down the codes. Sometimes, the great coding will come out exceedingly well, but that rarely happens over the first try. Yet the best software comes only after getting into writing over several times.

  • First, write to get the key to finding out the possible solution. Well, don't expect others to recognize that this is the proof-of-concept, but you should know what it is for. You may fail in the first try, but keep going.

  • The second time you write, you will have to make it "work." 

  • The third time you write, you get it "right.

    The best writing practice teaches you in how many ways you can approach a problem. And now, you know how to get better at programming just by writing essentially. 

    4. Read lots of Code.

    You would have probably expected me to come up with this advice, and certainly, it is both the most common and valuable suggestion on how to get better at programming. It is very important to read others code where it gives the best information. Also, when you read the code of others you will get to see how someone else has solved a problem, and it is best when you don't treat it as simply coding; but think of it as a challenge and a lesson.

    When you look at the work of the best developers, everything will seem to be so intense. While what you don't see is that even the kick-ass developers have several versions of failure before showing their best software to anyone else. 

    5. Learn techniques, not tools.

    From time to time, you will realize the programmers are coming out with several languages and techniques. That is why you need to expertize in any languages and focus on the basic languages. Give attention to the programming fundamentals because these basics will never change. It is important to know how you expertize in your techniques with the sources while handling the tools. 

    6. Take baby steps.

    Yes, success does not come just like that at the moment. It takes more effort than what you are doing now. It requires patience and constant hard work to achieve something really big. It is important to make little goals like getting a small solution for a problem or little progress in your daily life.

    It can be either starting to learn a book or reading your favorite programming languages. It is never that simple to start anything but fixing small goals can help you get out of your comfort zone and work for betterment to achieve them.

    7. Enjoy your results

    At last, enjoy the immense progress in your career. You might probably go out and reward yourself for your accomplishments. Yes, celebrate your success and continue with the great work.

    Luckily, we have got your back for the time while figuring out how to get better at programming. Keep a track on your progress to give yourself a push each time you feel being left out.

    Well, now all you got to do is get out there and start working to become a better version of yourself in programming. If you have the dedication to stay focused, I'm sure you will get the success in no time. 

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