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Broken Mirror - Poem Published 29 April, 2019   Report Issue

Broken Mirror - Poem

Through this broken mirror,

I can see my heart 

broken up into pieces...

Each broken piece

depicts the pain and sacrifice.

It render those melancholy days 

through which I survived.

Each broken piece is the result

of hard trying and dedication

which ended up  in heartbreak. : (

Though the mirror in front of me

is broken and the vision is blur,

the mirror inside me is clear and lit.

I can see my face in each broken pieces

which depicts the new opportunities

and the inner strength.

These broken pieces are the lesson

which was learnt from the past.

Sticking up these broken pieces

of sad, anger and heart pain

the vision is made clear 

and open up to new and fresh chances. : )

And thus, the new unbroken mirror 

reflects the new ME...

                                                                                                        - Anjana V

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