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9 Gifts New Homeowners Actually Want 20 October, 2020   

Gift-giving can be one of the ways to express creativity and make someone truly happy. Creative gift-giving is ideal for birthdays or other similar occasions. When it comes to picking the right gift for someone who just bought a new house or an apartment, one should be practical above all. People who take this big leap and buy their own property often struggle with money afterward. There are so many things a person needs once they buy a new home. If you wish to commemorate this occasion properly, go for one of the practical gifts from our list.

Netflix Subscription 

It’s highly unlikely that someone from your inner circle doesn’t already have a Netflix subscription. However, if a person just bought their place, they probably cut their subscriptions for a while until they furnish and set up their place. This is where you can step in like a true friend and get a Netflix subscription for a binge-watcher friend. He or she will appreciate this gift and any other similar digital subscription. If your friend is a gamer, you can give them a video game subscription as well.


A basic set of tools

Let’s assume that emergencies are bound to happen at some point even in newly built homes or apartments.  If a person has a toolkit nearby, he or she will easily sort out any small repair or a problem. But what if they don’t own even a basic set of tools? You can use the likelihood of the second scenario and gift a tool kit as a housewarming gift. Even if your friend has never been into DIY projects before, they can easily look up an online video and find an answer to their question. With the right set of tools, any problem can be solved.


This gift is ideal for anyone who loves art, fashion, and unique details. But, before you narrow your choice down to one piece of art, you need to do your research first. In order to avoid getting something your friend won’t like or that it doesn't fit well into the decor, ask for help. You can discuss your options with a gallerist or an interior designer to get some pointers and avoid a gift-giving disaster. If you want to play it safe, go for a smaller painting that can easily find its place in your friend's new home.

Set of kitchenware

One can never have enough kitchenware or other useful objects that can make everyday cooking and eating easier. No one will be disappointed with a new set of plates or cast-iron cookware. Buying something that will last a lifetime won’t go unappreciated by your friend. These items are a necessity in a new kitchen so if you’re looking for a safe gift, go for something that falls into the kitchenware category. Mugs, cutlery, pots, pans, coffee cups, cake plates, and anything else you use daily will be appreciated by your friend too.

Fire extinguisher

If you want to buy something unique, practical and something probably no one else would have thought of, a fire extinguisher is just it. Accidents do happen and having a small fire extinguisher nearby can be a lifesaver. If you go for a fire extinguisher, you’ll probably be the only one with this unique gift. This will also tell your friend that you gave this quite a lot of thought because you thought about their safety. While some people choose funny gifts, you can be a practical person among your friends. Pick a cute fire extinguisher and turn something practical into truly memorable.

Window treatments

When people get their own place, they make a list of priorities because they probably can’t buy everything at once. Window treatments are among those things that are low on any list because people can live without curtains or blinds, but they can't live without furniture or a refrigerator. While your friends focus on furniture, you can focus on the finishing touches. Custom made blinds can give you endless color choices and options, so you’ll be able to pick something that will surely fit into their home decor. 

An air fryer

An air fryer is a great option for anyone who is a fitness enthusiast. If your friend is into a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle in general, then this gadget is perfect for them. In case your friend isn’t already familiar with this gadget, you’ll make their meal prep a lot easier. An air fryer can be used for grilling, frying, baking, and roasting. 

Essential oils diffuser

Essential oils do wonders against stress, anger, or any other negative emotion that can drain all your energy. If your friend is prone to stress just like many of us are, an essential oil diffuser might be a great gift. An essential oil diffuser can blend into any decor with ease, so you shouldn’t worry about that. Include at least three different kinds of essential oils, each one perfect for a different kind of emotion. Eucalyptus will boost energy,  lavender is great for calm sleep, while frankincense is great for meditation and yoga.

Spa voucher

The entire house buying process from researching, visiting open houses, applying for a loan, and actually getting it to finally get the house keys to moving in is rather stressful. It’s one of the best and tiresome life’s moments and everyone can’t wait for the final phase. Decorating the house and dealing with small adjustments as your friend decorates is yet another set of stressful moments. That’s why you can also give a voucher for a spa, massage, or another relaxing indulgence. Your friend will love this thoughtful gift and enjoy it to the fullest.

You can’t go wrong with any of these nine gift ideas if you have a housewarming party coming up. There’s nothing more beautiful than picking a great gift for a person and finding the one that will actually be of use to them in their new abode.

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