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9 Epic movies about natural disaster you need to watch 03 May, 2019   

Movies about natural disaster are one of the most popular and oldest movie genres. The masses widely accepted it. Disaster movies leave us with an adrenaline rush. People watch this kind of movie over any other genre. But it is just a normal thing that not every movie is going to reach that "Epic" level. So, here is the list of top 9 epic movies about natural disaster that you need to watch as soon as possible because they are nothing but Gem.

1. Geostorm (2017):

Geostorm released in the year 2017 and performed an average verdict on the box office. This movie about natural disaster is directed, written and produced by Dean Devlin. This film portrays the scenario of natural disaster and revolves around a very interesting plot.

The plot follows the life of a Satellite designer who tries to save earth from a storm that has a reading which is out of the chart. This storm of such epic magnitude is caused because of the malfunctioning of a Climate-controlling satellite. This movie suffered a lot of bashing at the time of test screening in late 2016. After re-edits and adding some scenes this movie was later released in the year 2017.

2. 2012 (2009):

A movie that left peoples trembling and shaking in the theatres. 2012 is a masterpiece when it comes to science fiction disaster films. This movie is directed by Roland Emmerich and has a brilliant plot that will leave you with Goosebumps all over. The plot of the movie sets off in 2009 when an American Geologist visits India and learns about the fact that a huge solar flare is melting down the earth's core.

After learning that people can be saved from this disaster with the help of China's aircraft technology he tries to save several people and with this moves on a story that made this a blockbuster all around the globe as 2012 earned a striking total of $65,237,614 on its weekend release alone. This movie is a must watch and is one of the best movies about natural disaster.

3. Deep Impact (1998):

It is a classical piece of work and a masterpiece of the late β€˜90s. This movie has a low rating both on rotten tomato and IMDB (approx 5/10) but don't let this fool you. This movie is one of the all-time best fictional natural disaster movie ever made. Deep Impact debuted North American box office, and the sales counted to be $ 41,000,000 and $140,000,000 worldwide.

The plot of this movie directed by Mimi Leder, starring Robert Duvall as the lead artist portrays a story of a teenaged astronomer who discovers an eerie object in the sky. The object was later realized to be a comet which is on the way towards a direct collision with the earth. With mesmerizing visual effects, this movie is in the run for epic natural disaster movies.

4. The Day After Tomorrow (2004):

This Ronald Emmerich movie is a masterpiece that portrays the theme of a natural disaster on a whole different extent. Climate change and its effects are what base the plot of this movie. It sets off with the scene in where the protagonist tries to save his son who is stranded somewhere in Manhattan.

Side by side the story of an American paleoclimatologist and his colleagues who are trying to build a drill for samples in Larsen ice shelf goes on. Later this shelf breaks down and becomes a cause of a massive temperature drop all around the world. This movie shows an excellent display of how mankind is ignoring events that can lead to nature's wrath.

5. Only the Brave (2017): This American biographical disaster film will give you a real sense of tremble. Only the brave is directed by none other than Joseph Kosinski. The plot of the movies shows the emotion of the character so that that at the time of screening some of the viewers actually had their eyes wet.

The movie revolves around the story of a group of a fire-fighter in Arizona. This movie was based on real-life events and the wildfire incidents that took place in Arizona. The raging fire and spectacular visuals are the cherries over the pudding. This movie shows how sometimes natural disasters like wildfires can lead to such high-level ruckus taking so many life's away.

6. Airport (1970): Another epic pick for your search of movies about natural disaster is the early 70's masterpiece, Airport. This movie is a beautiful adaptation of Arthur Hailey's novel with the same title. It is directed and written by George Seaton. The plot of this movie portrays the efforts of an Airport manager who tries to keep his Airport open during a massive snowstorm. Everything sustains its place until a suicide bomber plots to blow a Boeing 707 in the air. This movie is filled with emotion, drama, and everything that you can hope for in a movie of the Natural disaster genre.

7. A night to remember (1958): A night to remember is a movie back in the days when black and white ruled in the movie theatres. This movie brings the final night of the fall of RMS Titanic into action. The plot of the movie is heart touching as it presents the audience the real insight and human interaction of what happens when a large mass is on the brink of death due to a natural disaster. A night to remember is all about the Titanic incident and how a normal night was turned into a night to remember.

8. The Towering Inferno (1974): This Oscar-nominated movie directed by John Guillermin is something that will come up every time you search for movies about a natural disaster. The story of The Towering Inferno is about a marvelous skyscraper in San Francisco (tallest in the world).

This skyscraper had nothing doom in its fate and caught in a fire breakdown on its opening night. Paul Newman and his son in law Richard Chamberlain are to be the cause of this fire because of some faulty wiring issue. This movie has everything to offer to satisfy your hunger for a thrilling natural disaster movie.

9. Titanic (2009): it is not possible to make a list of movies about natural disaster and not mentioning the all-time best Titanic in it. James Cameron's doomed love story, Titanic is everything you need to watch to fill your craving for an awesome movie. The actors that play the lead role are Leonardo DiCaprio playing the character of Jack and Kate Winslet in as Rose.

This love story cum natural disaster brings out a gorgeous outlook to the whole plot. The movie is set on a ship named Titanic which is to be the world's biggest passenger ship. The cruise shows the character of a variety of influences.

So, these were some of the epic movies about natural disaster that are a must watch for viewers of any generation. Some of these are critically acclaimed while some of the movies on the list are loved by the viewers. But all things considered, these movies are the best when it comes down to the topic of emotions and fictional disaster.

Now, all you have to do is to purchase a blue ray or stream over your Netflix. Grab some popcorns and snacks, then just jump right into any of these masterpieces and have a night filled with fun accompanying your family and friends.

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