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8 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Leave the Company 21 September, 2020   

There are employees who are productive, get along with colleagues, and rarely complain. Well, then why are they leaving work?

When the best on teamwork superbly, it’s easy to assume that everything is fine. Still, you need to listen and monitor the pulse of the company. Site Classy Business Women provides some of the reasons why the best employees can leave the company without you even doubting that they will do so.

1. They completely burned out at work

When someone is doing well, they are usually entrusted with even more work. That is why excessive expectations from only one person should be avoided, the responsibility should be on everyone. Only one person cannot carry the weight of the whole group.

2. They don't have a good "tool" to work with

It can be a bad or outdated computer, few people help him/her, no training or progress. In that way, the employer shows that he does not appreciate or invest in his team.

3. They feel that they do not appreciate them enough

The salary is not enough. When someone works hard, then he wants to hear it from his superiors. Nothing is implied. Everyone reacts differently, some like public praise, some like words of affirmation, a day off, or cash bonuses.

4. The work environment is uninspiring

We spend most of the day at work, so it is important that we feel full of energy and motivated to work. Let the walls not be sterile white, and the workplace without plants, every detail can lift the mood and make a little pleasure.

5. They are not progressing

Good employees are motivated and have an impulse that makes them be the best at what they do. It also means that they are constantly striving for progress and development in their careers. If they do not have the appropriate challenges, responsibilities, or opportunities to prove themselves in the organization in which they are, then they will look for all those elements elsewhere.

6. They want to make more money

Really good employees should be constantly rewarded. It is often too late when they ask for a raise because the employer cannot meet their demands.

7. They do not see the future

Sometimes because they do not have a clear vision and mission of the employer, or they simply do not fit. Sometimes they don’t see long-term goals, or if they do, they don’t see themselves on the way to achieving them. Employee talent must be developed within the company and together with the organization.

8. Their voice was not heard

Everyone wants to be a part of the change. If the voice and opinion of employees are not heard, and if the employer does not inform them about the challenges and achievements of the company, they will not feel part of the community.

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