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8 Reasons Why Throwing A Party Is Good For Your Health 14 August, 2020   

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Are you heading to your best friend’s party? Hang on. How about throwing one in the coming weekend? Give it a thought. Although it’s stressful to host a party no matter what size, throwing one does wonders for your health.

While playing the host and chilling with people over a delicious meal, you’ll evoke metaphors for open-mindedness, sharing, community, and mutual understanding. 

Your hosting needn’t be flawless. The main point is that throwing a party is a gratifying deed and has several health benefits. 

Here are 8 reasons why throwing a party is good for your health:

1. Fosters friendships: 

Haven’t you heard about countless robust, genuine benefits that strong friendships have on your overall well-being? Prioritizing friendships and investing in them is certainly crucial for boosting your physical and mental health, in fact, for your very longevity. What better way to do so than inviting your friends home to a lunch or dinner party?

Whether they’re your old-time buddies who’ve not been in touch for long or about an emerging friendship with gym mates, throwing a party will help you get together and bond well. While breaking bread, you can have free-ranging, fun-filled, and deep conversations, creating an intimate experience for all present.

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Sharing home-cooked food with your buddies is a joy in itself. What’s more, if you make it yourself, the party gets all the more intimate. While relishing the feast, friends might affectionately tease you about your way of cooking. Take it, however, that they will sing praises for your culinary skills outside. That’s how true friends are, right?

2. Develops your organizing skills:

Playing the host of a party involves uniting parts for making a whole and honing both culinary and social skills. It’s also about enlivening other people and creating lasting memories. Add to that the large set of uncertainties like the band not showing up in time, or the meal getting cold due to the games taking too long. Be sure, yet that the entire process will cultivate your organizing skills.

Throwing a party will teach you time management, the crux of organizing an event successfully. It’s human to lose yourself in doing an activity you enjoy utmost, such as arranging flowers together or finalizing the menu. This way, unawares, you spend too much time on small activities.  So, while hosting a party, you’ll learn to organize your time properly and succeed in running the event smoothly.

3. Provides the motivation to tidy up your house:

Indeed, one of the most practical reasons for throwing a party! What better motivator than the anxiety of social embarrassment? Once you’ve fixed a date for a party at your house and you’re done giving invitations, it’s time to take a really good look at your house and make it perfectly party-ready. Now you’d be on a mission to impress your guests with a super-clean, sparkling home! 

For instance, you’d want to declutter the living room like remove the shipping boxes from it, change the faded sofa covers, etc. Won’t you keenly clean weird or awful stains off the kitchen sink and washbasin panels? Restocking bathroom supplies, cleaning up your bedroom, keeping your best pieces of crockery ready for the bash, and the list is endless.

As you’ll tidy up your house for the D-day, you’ll realize how good you can get at the job by imagining how others will perceive it. Don’t you wish to consistently maintain a shining and clutter-free home? All you’ve got to do is consistently throw parties at home!


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4. The fun element reduces cortisol: 

No doubt throwing a party makes life better. Who doesn’t like a life with meaning and texture? The spontaneity and connection involved in having people around and entertaining them create a natural high. All in all, throwing a party is plain fun!

While talking with your party guests and laughing, the stress hormone called cortisol declines, further boosting your mood. The heightened positive emotions sharpen your mind, distracting background depressive thoughts if any. 

While throwing a party at an outdoor venue like a resort, etc. sounds good, it feels even more fulfilling to host one at home. You feel a deep connection with the folks you’re with, as the remaining world seemingly vanishes. How about lubricating your home get-together with the quintessential, sweet-and-woody-tasting dalmore?

With such downright intoxicating moments and good vibes generated all over your house, hosting parties will certainly destress you for hours together. On your party day, you might as well say out loud, “Bye-bye cortisol!”

5. Helps you to become generous:  

Besides making you an initiator, throwing a party, more importantly,  enables you to offer a remarkable service. While giving food and hospitality and creating a delightful experience, you certainly evolve into a generous being. Besides being altruistic, this giving also boosts your health.

Being generous produces feel-good hormones, quieting down your anxious or fearful thoughts. Consequently, you come out happier and simply feel great. So, the next time you’re throwing a party for people, especially at home, and eventually feel yourself glowing warmly, it isn’t simply arising from the oven!

6. Helps you overcome social anxiety:

Not practicing social skills makes them rusty. This further keeps you from practicing them, eventually becoming a cycle that causes debilitating social anxiety. You end up feeling extremely awkward while interacting with others. 

Hosting a party is an excellent way to repress this adverse cycle. Playing the host hones your social abilities in numerous ways. These include how to chit-chat, listen completely, include everybody around, and carry on a conversation. 

While entertaining others, you learn to tell interesting stories, like about your past adventures or beach getaways. Besides overcoming social anxiety, you also essentially learn to refrain from being a conversational narcissist and keep the conversation balanced. Last but not least, throwing a party helps you to master the art of managing guests who exhibit bad or unacceptable behavior.

7. Breaks the monotony of routine life: 

Day by day, the same routine. Doesn’t it make life dull and boring? Throwing a party provides the much-needed excitement to make a regular, ordinary week atypical. Giving out invitations, planning the party, and having people around for a fun-filled celebration add bright spontaneity to your otherwise, ho-hum life.

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It could be a birthday bash, or a Christmas Eve dinner, or just any lively party. Hosting one boosts your dopamine levels, making you want to repeat this pleasurable activity.

You can think of innovative ideas for a themed party or set an interesting dress code for everybody. For instance, how about an “enchanted forest” theme with decorations like big shimmer flowers, glittering large leaves, sparkle stars, and toadstools? 

8. Promotes good sleep: 

It’s certainly exhausting being a party host! After all, planning, organizing, and attending well to each guest, who would not want a good night’s sleep? You’ll certainly get it you’ll sleep better than the other nights. 

The reason is that apart from all the hard work you put in making the party a success, you’ll feel immense joy in having treated others well and made their day. It further improves your mood, relaxes your mind and body, and ultimately induces good sleep.


Now you know how throwing a party benefits your health. So, keep aside all negative reservations of playing the host and be sure that you’ll enjoy doing it thoroughly. Are you already calling up people? 

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