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7 Work-Life Dilemmas Holding You Back from Success 29 March, 2020   

Trying to maintain a successful career is stressful on its own and the responsibility gets incredibly harder when you have a family life to attend to. 

Apart from doing work in the office, you also need to keep your children and spouse happy by planning activities such as family trips, family gatherings, eating out, etc. That can impact the workflow you can manage and end up limiting the career growth potential you have. 

There are also other work-life dilemmas that are holding you back from succeeding not only in the workplace but also at home. What are those dilemmas and how can they be addressed? 

Here is a list of 7 work-life dilemmas and how to ensure they don’t end your career

1. Aiming for perfection

Perfectionist habits tend to develop at a young age where kids are expected to proportion their time to school-work, hobbies, and maybe an after-school job. Although this might work for younger ones, when you grow up, the responsibilities escalate, and being a perfectionist turns into a pipe dream. 

If you continue striving for perfection, you will be at risk of burning out and ending up achieving very little. You will fail to maintain a balanced life between work and family life, and one of the two will end up suffering. Instead of striving for perfection, try reaching for excellence, which is the healthier alternative and will maintain a balance in your life.

2. Being hooked on gadgets 

Digital devices have been integrated into the daily activities done at most workplaces, and although this is beneficial because people can work remotely, it is also detrimental. Some people focus too much on their careers - to the extent that they bring work at home and then neglect their duties towards family. 

That is a negative sign for the stability of the family, and the line between home and work slowly blurs out. When you get home, remember the reason why you are there. It is for spending time with family and relaxing. Shut off all work-related devices and enjoy the moment by doing some recreational activities with the entire family.

3. Not getting enough exercise. 

It doesn’t matter how busy it gets, but we don’t forget to eat, sleep and excrete but exercising is usually the most forgotten activity. It is essential that you exercise because it reduces stress, lifts your mood, which in turn improves the overall mental health, and releases endorphins that make you feel good. 

It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do; it could be calisthenics, yoga, or cardio, and also meditating helps in this regard. Meditating also contributes to mental health improvement and reduces stress levels. No matter how busy you are, surely you can dedicate only 5 minutes to meaningful meditation daily.

4. Avoid wasting time on futile activities or with certain people.

Cutting back on wasting time with non-essential people in your life may sound rude, but it actually benefits you. Shutting out the toxic people is the equivalent of minimizing the time spent on activities that waste the time you have. Those activities may include social media, surfing on the internet, or spending time on emails. 

People who are usually sent into a time-wasting rabbit hole by these activities can use software that limits the time they spend on them. That software includes Freedom, RescueTime, LeechBlock, etc. but unfortunately, you can’t use software to avoid futile association. In that matter, you need to politely excuse yourself from spending too much time with people that waste your time.

5. Restructure your life

The majority of people’s daily activities are structured on habits that aren’t set in stone. Sometimes those habits can cost you the overall wellbeing you’d possibly achieve when they were restructured. 

For example, a woman who has a demanding job may feel the urge to come home and cook for her husband. They might fear that their husbands might be upset, but when it puts you under pressure, it could be the only viable option. 

Taking a birds-eye view of your life will help you determine what change could be done to make things better. Probably you might need to delegate or outsource some of the tasks you used to do for yourself.

6. Start growing from small goals.

Making drastic changes from the beginning could be a recipe for disaster because you might tire out too quickly. For example, jogging is good exercise, but when you go from 0 miles per day to running 5 miles daily, you might not even go on for a month. 

Starting small when it comes to goals is important, so when you decide that you’d like to spend more dinner time with family, start by scheduling one evening. From there, expand to two evenings and grow from there.

7. Not scheduling the time you have

Once you have determined where you can improve at home or at work, start planning the time you have. To make the plan, you have a reality, draft a daily schedule that is realistic to make it easy to use. 

When you are thrown off course by circumstances above your control, work on getting back on the saddle again. If the schedule needs to be re-evaluated, don’t procrastinate on working on it and making it more feasible.

A work-life balance can be achieved through honest evaluation and developing a realistic plan followed by a schedule. Remember that trying to be a perfectionist will cost you the career you have, or even worse, your family. 

Try avoiding bringing work at home but rather rest and pursue recreational activities to unplug from a stressful day in the workplace. Also, when there are habits that you need to change, don’t be scared to restructure them by delegating or outsourcing.

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Scott Mathews is a freelance writer at UK assignment help. He is also an editor at essay writing service in the USA and dissertation service. People can buy custom essays or college papers written by Scott on a wide variety of topics such as economy, history, artificial intelligence, and marketing. Scott’s hobbies are hiking, playing the guitar, and photography. 

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