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7 Tips on Hiring Stand-Out Warehouse Staff 04 March, 2020   

Warehouse employment was historically not a demanding field, but with the rise of e-commerce business, this has become one.  With more people shopping online, warehouses and distribution centers have become really high in demand and hence their staff. Warehouse staff members play a significant role in sustaining the productivity of a company. 

So, are you looking for employees to staff your warehouse? Are you confused about how to source and hire the best candidates?  We’ve put together a few tips for you to hire standout warehouse staff members.

1. Detailed Job Descriptions

The foremost step you need is to nail down the requirement you want the candidates to meet. Set a standard, and this will be easier for you to knock out the unfit candidates. Having a rational process and a strong idea of an ideal candidate will help you recruit more efficiently. 

Attracting the right staff is basically presenting them with a clear job description. For warehouse staff, the job descriptions may include:

  • The ability to manage and process shipments and orders
  • Processing supply orders, packing, and shipping
  • Maintain warehouse equipment and inventory
  • Maintain inventory controls
  • Maintain safety regulations and policies
  • Contribute to the larger team and organizational goals of the company
  • Inspire others to a superior work ethic

2. Financial Planning

A well-financed warehouse results in a more thoughtful work environment, greater job security, as well as greater stability for the operation overall. This will attract many well-qualified workers to the job.

A room for financial incentives can increase job satisfaction as well as skill-acquisition. Financial planning considerations include:
  • Room for promotion
  • On and off the job training
  • The costs involved in creating and maintaining a high-quality work environment
  • The provision of staff resources and consumables (think lunch rooms, quiet areas, social spaces, etc.).

3. Look for Specific Skills

Warehouse jobs require workers to have a variety of skills. For instance, you will need workers who know how to operate a forklift and possess a forklift license. 

Skills and abilities that warehouse job candidates may require are:
  • Data entry and basic IT skills
  • Drivers license
  • Safety Training
  • Resource Management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to work in a team environment
Of course, not every candidate needs to possess all these skills. Just be on the lookout for candidates who have a history of performing duties with these skills. They can be a great asset to your warehouse.

4. Quality Management

Quality management is how you end up with quality warehouse workers. All your managerial level staff members must be trained in ISO 9001 quality management.

Once you have quality managers, they will know how to hire and lead workers effectively. The principles of their managerial style will include leadership, customer focus, people involvement, and a systematic approach to their managerial duties.

Your business will benefit from the expertise of suitably qualified ISO 9001 consultants who can teach your staff members to perform their managerial activities effectively.

5. Look for Red Flags

Pay attention to any potential red flags when interviewing job applicants. Have they worked too many jobs within a short timeframe? Have they been unemployed for several years? Do they lack references?

These are all reasons not to hire someone. The candidates who potentially quit after a few months of work is definitely not an asset. The red flags may include:
  • A history of unexplained absences
  • A history of safety-related incidents
  • Evidence of an unreliable work/behavior pattern
  • Aggression
  • A reluctance to co-operate with the wider team and inter-team relationships
  • Indifference to company policies and regulations

6. Hire Temporary Workers

When you need to hire low-level workers, it is better to hire them through a temp agency in the beginning. The great thing about temp workers is they do not work directly for your company, so you do not owe them any benefits. Moreover, your permanent staff can train your new temp workers. 

This will save your company from investing huge time and money. However,  if you end up getting an excellent worker, then perhaps you can offer them a permanent position in your company.

7. Use Employee Referrals

Set up an employee referral program where you offer your employees a bonus in exchange for referring a qualified person to fill one of your vacant positions.

Employee referrals can take the pressure off your HR department, and it can help ensure that you hire good workers.

Recruiting quality employees is not an easy task, especially when you’ve got an entire business to manage. This is why you need to depend on steps to help you recruit the best talent that can contribute to your business. The workers are the soul of the warehouse. Choosing a good coworker and providing a good work environment will always add to your business.

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