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7 Tips On Enforcing Data Security For Chat Agents 01 December, 2020   

No company wants to face a security breach of any kind, including data breaches. In a data breach, customer, and even company, information can be compromised without anyone knowing it. However, many of these breaches occur through innocent B2B interactions between corporate and customers and or partners. But that doesn’t mean that companies must succumb to any and every data breach.

Here are 7 tips for optimizing and maintain more efficient data security:

1. Separate Multi-Chats

Many organizations have found that having multiple chat windows open at once is an efficient way to offer live chat support,” says Brandon McCarthy, a business writer at Paper Fellows and State of writing. “While this method is beneficial in customer satisfaction, it’s still important for you to keep their information separate as well. Never type or copy-paste a customer’s data or revealingly responses into the wrong chat box.”

2. Make Your Chat Software Secure

Live chat security must be made secure at all times – no exceptions. Ideally, the chat channel must be encrypted from both ends of communication. With an encrypted channel, you’ll reduce the risk of intrusion and vulnerabilities. Plus, your chat solution adheres to standard security protocols by using the following:

  • Double-layer SSL encryption (for client-server interactions)

  • Network security controls

  • Secure two-step authentication

  • Reputable hosting services, etc.

    3. Don’t Send Private Info Over Insecure Channels

    Beware of doing business over insecure channels. Sending personal or private information over such channels could put your company and or client at risk of intrusion and other vulnerabilities. Such private information includes:

    • Payment card and account numbers

    • Card expiration date and security code

    • Passwords and answers to security questions

    • Customer’s home address and phone numbers

    • Social security numbers

    • Personal information (i.e. health records)

    Therefore, when handling and transmitting data, have a solution that offers these features:

    • HIPAA compliance

    • PCI compliance

    • Secure data transfer, etc.

      4. Report ANY Abuse

      No one is perfect, and neither is the customer. But sometimes, customers might be inconsolable, or would even threaten you and send inappropriate messages in chat. So, don’t hesitate to report any kind of abuse from customers to your supervisor. And, make sure that the chat log saves even if you aren’t used to saving chat logs – it’s for your own protection. By reporting abuse quickly, and keeping evidence from the incident, that can protect you from future abuse and potential lawsuits.

      5. Never Open Unscanned Files

      In some chat programs, people can send files to each other – the same is true for companies and customers. And, some files will contain sensitive information.

      However, don’t ever assume that all files are safe to open. Unscanned files from unconfirmed sources, when opened, can infect a company with malware, or any other form of hacking. Since hackers will target chat support, it’s important to not fall for phishing or scams. Be sure to scan all documents before opening them, or use a safe virtual document sharing platform to open them.

      6. Never Give Out Personal Contact Info

      It’s easy to get carried away in an engaged conversation with a customer,” says Harrison Harris, a marketing blogger at Essay roo and Oxessays. “No matter how much you’ve enjoyed chatting with a customer, or how apologetic you are for making a mistake, never give out your personal contact information, unless you have full permission from your supervisor. Even when granted by your supervisor, you’ll only be able to share your work email to keep in touch on a long-term solution for a customer. As for your private email, address, full name, etc., don’t share them.”

      7. Encrypt Archived Chat Logs

      Finally, if you must keep chat logs, be sure to encrypt them. Although chat logs can be useful in cataloging customer interactions and maintaining a continuous relationship with existing customers, these logs can also contain sensitive data that could be used against either you or the customers involved.

      Therefore, have a system in place where all archived chat logs are encrypted. In this way, if your company is malware-breached, hackers won’t be able to read anything, since encrypted data is often difficult to decipher.


      Ultimately, live chat is more than just a casual way of communicating with one another – company-customer interactions included – it’s important to not take this convenient way of connecting for granted. By following these 7 tips, not only will you protect your company from data breaches, but you’ll also give customers peace of mind that data security matters to you.

      Kristin Herman is a writer and editor at Ukwritings and Academized. She is also a contributing writer for online publications, such as Boomessays. As a marketing writer, she blogs about the latest trends in online advertising and social media influencing.

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