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7 Quick Personal Safety Tips you Should Know 20 November, 2018   

Personal safety does not only refer to physical but also the mental security, worrying about safety gives you no relief from being attacked, but no one can stop you from being precautious.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” a famous saying. Life can throw many situations which lets you down. Here are few personal safety tips that might save your life during emergencies.

1. Hospitality and personal safety

In the hospitality industry, safety risks are quite common. The most priority of the people working under the tourism field should be the safety of their guests. so they should know the following things.

  •  The guest should know the staff with their uniforms and name tags.
  •  Room keys should be kept safely and lock everything before you get out. Always cover the peephole while you are in.
  •  The main thing a guest considers in the hotel is safety. It should be risk- free from theft, robbery, criminal acts.
  •  Don’t prop your door while you go out for a while. Its easy for a sneaker to get in and set up for a crime.
  •  Every journey comes with its own worries, we all know prevention is better than cure!  So keep your travelling plan and your accommodation details within you.

2. Online safety


  • Don't share too much on social media: Everybody tends to share personal pictures nowadays. but evil eyes see such information, it might be harmful.
  • Never reveal your id and password: Don’t expose your relationship status or home address online. Keep your privacy things like ATM, credit cards, id cards safely.

 3. Women safety

Violence and criminal attacks against women are a daily story. Being alert is a must for every woman to be safe from such harsh situations. Be self-defensive. Nowadays it is a must for every woman to learn a self-defensive act.

  • If you are being followed by someone turn around and look at his face and ask about time or weather. Carry a pepper spray with you. It helps you prevent from sudden attack.
  • Keep your bag close to your arm while traveling in a public transport vehicle.
  • When you are recharging your phone, don’t spell out loudly on your phone number.

 4. Workplace safety

Be it a woman or men; workplace safety should be made sure for everyone. While going out of your home to make a living, you should never avid your comfort and safety.

  • Beware and be alert: “For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” this is the first step of defense. The most crucial component of self-defense is awareness.  Beware of the surrounding and your strangers around you.
  •  You have the right to fight. There are a thousand ways to protect yourself. First and foremost, thing is to trust yourself. If you feel something weird get out of it.

     Always keep in mind that you CAN and SHOULD protect yourself physically. You have the legal rights to do so, some Indian law relating to women’s right are:

    5. Road safety

    • Pay attention on driving, avoid multi-tasking. Don’t use the mobile phone while driving and wear on the seat belt when you get into the car. 
    • When you are walking alone on the road, keep your mobile phone with you and avoid using it. Being a phone make you less alert.
    •  When you are traveling alone on a taxi or bus, make sure that you share the taxi number with someone in your family. Intentionally calling and sharing such details to the near ones in a way that the driver notices will make you safer.
    •  Escape is always the best way to keep away from problems. The criminals can overpower you. So, it is better to stay away from them as far as possible.
    •  Stop, Look and Cross: if the signal is a red wait for a while to cross the road. Show respect to the people; don’t deny their right to live.
    • Help your kids to learn the traffic signals and what they indicate.
    •  Know your destination where you are moving. Write and keep emergency information within you and try to avoid taking valuable things.
    •  If anything strange happens while in the bus or train, scream as loudly as possible and bring in to notice of others.

     6. Home safety tips

    Airtract-ImagePersonal safety should be taken care of even if it is at home. see these tips for staying safe wherever you are:

    • Always keep the main doors are closed and check for the surroundings.
    • If you find anything suspicious or unusual never hesitate to inform your nearby police station.
    •  Set up a burglary alarm. This helps in protecting your home if something unusual happens.
    •  Don’t let windows or doors open even if going out for a short while.

     7. Children safety

     Every parent is concerned about their child. It is important to teach them how to face the threads and consequences from a young age.

    •  Give your child the courage to face any consequences and teach them how to protect oneself from such situations. It is important to teach your child your emergency contact number to call if they are trapped.
    •  Teach your child a password or a safe word which is known only to you and your child. This will help your child to identify the person in case you have fail to pick him up and have to send someone unknown.
    •  Know the children’s daily activities and habits. Listen to them and communicate throughout their day’s happenings.
    •  Children’s are always innocent. Advise them not to open the door for strangers.

    Precautions for safety

    • Carry a pepper spray with you

    Pepper spray is useful from stopping from an attacker. When it is spread it cause a burning sensation? The face, eyes, skin, and body start itching intensely. It’s not much expensive and is simple to operate. You can enjoy a safer evening walk, late-night jogging; also it is convenient to carry in a purse, pocket or jacket.

    •  Use flashlights instead of candles

    Don’t use candle while the power is off instead use flashlights. A strong wind can hurdle the candle and the possibility to spread fire is high

    • Walk Carefully

    Avoid Walking alone and using a headset while moving, and Use the internet wisely or it may distract your mind. Although the internet is useful, it can also be dangerous when we are not careful. While communicating through online security issues like frauds, a virus can spread your secrets to others.


     Personal safety is not only meant for woman or children, every individual in the society faces treats like robbery and even acid attacks. It is a case of much importance to follow the safety measures and ensure that your life is not under threat. Crimes and attacks are a never ending story. So, to protect your soul from them is to follow the personal safety measures above. Beware because you just got one life to explore.

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