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7 Great, Award-winning civil right movies 03 December, 2018   

‘Civil rights' is a term that defines some of the most important bounds and depth in which a person can do any act or perform anything, and that will not be questionable under any country's Jurisdiction. Civil rights are the most common and basic rights that every person of a country enjoys, be it a man or woman. Civil rights are the same for all and are made for all. It is laid down in the constitution and is treated with supreme caution.

We live in a world where there are hundreds and thousands of cases that revolve around the factor of not being able to avail the complementary civil rights. While civil rights are supposed to be something that every being in a country can enjoy and have a sense of comfort and ease, there are some events where we are forced to drop down the power the constitution gives us. Such cases are sometimes left untouched, and people do not do anything about it, but there are some Heros in our society that does not bend down against their loss of civil rights and fight for what is right and just.

Today, we are talking about 7 civil right movies that have won awards on a global scale and are recognized by both the public and the critics. But before heading into the list, let us first understand what civil rights are and what are the privileges that normal citizen of a country has.

What are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are the guidelines laid down by the constitution of a country itself that empowers an individual towards certain things where no one can stop them from availing it. Civil Rights are an essential aspect of the democracy of any country. The Law penalizes anyone who interferes with other persons civil rights as it is a punishable offense.

Civil rights are an important and magnanimous set of rules and regulations that were formed to protect the people of a country from the cases of unfair treatment. These rights are there with us to make sure of the fact that each gets equal treatment, which helps to maintain the equilibrium of the power and saves the whole country from any sort of uprising.

Civil rights include rules that include the safety of any individual from issues regarding Mental and Physical integrity, Safety and life. It also helps to end the discrimination and bullying that is done on the basis of race, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, color, national origin, political affiliation, religion, disabilities, etc.

Civil rights cover many concepts that make sure the safety and well-being of the people of a country. These concepts are based on specific issues that people face in a day to day life that many of us can relate it. These concepts empower the citizens and are made to work as direct contact between the constitution and the masses.

Now, as we have a basic understanding of civil rights, we have a full house of Civil rights movies that we are about the cover. There are no many movies out there on the topic of Civil rights, but you will be glad to hear that most of the movies that are made on the topic of civil rights are just marvelous and can be easily termed as the must-watch ones'.

7 Award-winning Civil Right Movies that are a must watch

Before jumping into the list let me make one thing clear that all the movies are a masterpiece in one way or another as they are widely appreciated and critically acclaimed. Also, these are in random order so do not misjudge these as some sort of ranking.

1. Guess who's coming to Dinner (1967)


Guess who's coming to Dinner is a masterpiece from the old golden days of American film Industry. This award-winning movie talks about the taboo topic of interracial marriage and how people suffer if they choose to marry a girl or a boy who is not of the same racial background. It is connected to the civil right of ‘Right to Marriage' which clearly states the fact that every person has the right to choose anyone as their partner despite their cast, creed, race or nationality.

2.12 years a slave (2013)


12 years a Slave is nothing but a masterpiece in any way possible. This movie is one of the best movies I have ever watched whether in the civil right movies genre or in common. This movie portrays about how devastating and disturbing can a life of a slave is. This movie won the Oscar, and it deserves it.

3.Malcolm X (1992)


This masterpiece from the early '90s is just epic and is critically claimed by numerous institutions. This movie is directed by Spike Lee, and it is the biography of Malcolm, who ran a civil right campaign for all those people who suffered issues of not being able to avail civil rights by one means or another. This movie is undoubtedly the best work of Denzel Washington who is the lead actor in this movie and plays the role of Malcolm.

4.American History X (1998)


Another gold from the '90s is the most appraised movie of all-time, American History X. this movie portrays how an elder brother who is a former Nazi stops his younger brother from walking on the same bad path on which he had suffered through his life. This movie talks about how racism is a curse on society and how the family members of a person should encourage them to leave such behavior.

5.Schindler's List (1993)


We all knew how beautiful and an important decade of the '90s was for the movies on a global scale. One of the movies that claim the topmost spot of this decade in the civil right movies genre is the title of ‘Schindler's List.' One of the best Steven Spielberg movies of all-time. The plot of the movie is set in the era of World War II where people were suffering through the lands and when there was no hope or certainty that one would see the sunshine of the next day. This movie shows the horror of how bad and destructive war can be both in materialistic and mental terms.

6.Django Unchained (2012)


The director of this movie, Quentin Tarantino, is known for his amazing work in the field of both cinematography and writing. Django Unchained won 2 Oscars, 57 other awards and a total of 151 nominations at the Oscars in 2013. That is a feat to reckon with, and such a milestone is touched by very few. This movie portrays how courage can lead a person to achieve their goals and why it is important to know the boundaries and limits of the jurisdiction and humanity.

7.Richard Wright- Black Boy (1994)


Another Mind blowing movie from the '90s, the Black boy broke the charts when it hit the movie theatres. This movie explores the life of an African-American Athlete cum Singer cum Actor cum a thousand of talents. This movie portrays how tough it can be for someone who is talented enough to get his goals but only suffers because of racism and backward mentality of the public.

So, there you have it, folks, these seven movies are the top recommendation from my side for the genre of movies on the topic of Civil Rights.

Some of them are well known among the masses while some are not as famous as the others, but the fact that all the movies are critically acclaimed by major companies like Rotten Tomato and IMDB make them a must watch.

And yes, these civil right movies should be in your watch list for the next movie night with your friends and family in case you have not watched them.

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