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7 Good Food Habits to Follow at Every Age 25 November, 2020   

Human being and food has come in a long way hand in hand. We always strive for good food habits throughout our life. Food is ultimately something that makes us whole, and having a good food habit is always fruitful. But how can one decide on good and unhealthy food practices? It is a dilemma that has been the issue among people for ages. Many reasons can affect your body apart from the food you eat, but nutrient consumption is the key to better health, and it is always recommended to keep the nutrient intake composition in check. 

Some of you are here just to clear some myth, while some have come to know how to get into good food habits. If you are really a fitness freak, we also have a list of the top 6 healthy living blogs worth following. Just have a look, and I’m sure that this will definitely be worth your time!

Before moving on, let us look into some of the necessary components needed for a healthy life. Basically, our food is made up of many components, from fats to proteins and nutrients. Let's start with nutrients and how their composition can make or break your health goals. Nutrients are the molecules present in food that every organism needs to grow healthy, be energetic, and reproduce. It is divided into two parts: macro and micronutrients. While vitamins are very complex to explain, 13 of them are further distributed into several parts. From sunlight to cod liver oil, numerous options can help any person maintain their vitamin level. As for proteins, they are rather important for our body, and for those who are into bodybuilding and weight training, protein can be the deal-breaker at the end of the day. Now, let’s move right into the list of 10 good food habits that can help you stay fit and healthy.

1. Breakfast is a must:

Breakfast is something that has been underrated since times. Although it is the meal we intake after a proper 8-9 hours of a gap as we sleep, people still skip them. Studies have proven that a well-maintained breakfast schedule can help anyone who is trying to lose weight. A healthy breakfast should include whole grains, dairy products, some fruits, and vegetables. It is a fact that not eating enough calories in breakfast can decrease metabolism, causing unexpected and negative weight gain. Breakfast is the core food for a healthy day; never miss it.

2. Say Yes to vegetables:

Green and leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamins, and it is beneficial for our bodies in many ways. Vegetables are the only option for vegetarian people who are always in the dilemma of what to eat and what not to. Vegetables are easily available and thanks to a large variety of them, buying one is not costly. Having only boiled vegetables in one of your meals can result in a positive enhancement in your metabolism. Start with three cups a day and move up the notch slowly and steadily.

3. Green tea after meals:

Nothing better than green tea when it comes to taking high amounts of anti-oxidants. It is a viral hoax that green tea is only for those trying to lose weight. It is something that should be consumed at least twice a day by everyone regardless of their age. 

4. Protein is a must:

We generally do not care about the nutritional composition of anything we eat, which affects us in a very adverse manner. Adding protein to your diet is an excellent food habit that can help you stay fit and healthy without any worries. Proteins, as told earlier, play a very vital role in the well being of our body. We can increase its consumption by eating food rich in protein such as eggs, beans, nuts, etc. These wholegrain products will provide you with huge benefits.

5. Set up Water reminders:

With the water, your body receives many minerals necessary for its well-being. Water is not just something that is only needed to satisfy your thirst. It has many benefits to overlook. Drinking plenty of water (about 4 liters per day) can help your body in detoxification and help you eliminate all the acne and pimple problems. You can also boost your digestion system by proper water intake. Drinking water 30 mins before and after your meal will serve as a healthy habit for your digestion.

6. No to drinks with high sugar:

Isn't it fascinating how delicious and tasteful the sodas are? But have you ever considered how bad a soda can be when seen through nutritional terms? It is approximately just two cans of soda that can make you reach the daily sugar consumption limit. So, if you are a soda freak and can't think of any day without it, slowly switch to diet sodas and gradually cut down. Try replacing it with calorie-free flavored water. A complete stop to the sugared drinks should be your goal.

7. Chew does matter:

Who could have thought that something like chew could play a big role and be a good food habit? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but chewing is one of the most important aspects of eating. It will give you a better jawline for starters, so this is something for your face and looks. When you get into healthy terms, chewing your bites 20-25 times can boost your metabolism manifold. This is because the food breaks up into components that our body can now dissolve in a much better way.

So, these were some of the habits that can let you reach the health goals you have in your mind. Moreover, being in several good food habits is something that your body will appreciate you for. If you're taking vitamins ans supplements, then there's something you can doo for good karma and environment β€” Take the best ones with better and sustainable packaging. So what are you waiting for? Start these as soon as possible and lead a better life.

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