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7 Careers With a High Job Satisfaction 31 August, 2021   

We all want a job that both pays well and is aligned with something that feels fulfilling and mentally stimulating. But oftentimes, it can be hard for us to find a job that can bring us that spark.

If you're struggling in your current office desk job setup and are looking to break into something new (and potentially lucrative), here are career paths with high job satisfaction to get you feeling hopeful.

1) Education Assistant

Do you enjoy working with young children? If so, you may find a career in education a fulfilling one.

Education assistance is one of the most satisfying jobs in Australia, with an average salary of $58,825 per year. As a teacher's assistant or a teaching aide, you'll work closely with teachers and build up close relationships with students. This includes running activities and making sure classes are going smoothly.

You'll also get to work at various schools and study levels, which can be a plus when it comes to job options for the future.

2) Interior Designer

If you have an eye for home decorating or the beauty of architecture, consider a career as an interior designer. They get to work on people's homes and offices all day long and are paid an average salary of $57,264 per year according to TSA—not a bad salary in most cities.

Unlike architects, who're usually paid better while also juggling more responsibilities, interior designers are creative workers whose tasks usually revolve around coming up with stylish rooms and work on their designs from start to finish. They'll brainstorm the plans, find new furniture pieces, negotiate with clients for space in their home or office—as well as draw out the blueprints for their creations.

Another similar career path is graphic design, a good option if you want to work from home and are proficient in Adobe Photoshop.

3) Support Work

Want a relatively stress-less job where you can work from home? Try support work.

Many types of support work can be fulfilling, but a particularly popular one is working as an executive assistant. Executive assistants are people who help out different company leaders by minding appointments and running errands for them.    

There's also working for a non-profit as an administrative assistant. You'll be able to work in the comfort of your own home and you'll get to complete tasks like data entry, filing forms and organizing people's schedules—all without too much pressure or stress.

The average salary of an executive assistant is $56,008 per year.

4) Outdoor Education Instructor

If you're into the environment and enjoy spending time outdoors, becoming an outdoor education instructor might be right for you. This job will pay you $58,648 per year on average. For being out all day and teaching kids and teens about wildlife, you'll have the chance to work with a team of people in different organisations. This can be a benefit because it helps you develop people skills that are easily transferable to other fields of expertise.

If you like camping and enjoy being close to nature, this is a great career path to consider.

5) Event Planner

Do you reckon yourself a great organiser and planner of large-scale hosted events? If so, you may enjoy being an event planner!

Event planners are often seen as cheerful people who love to plan parties and social events. Event planners are paid an average salary of $58,926 per year—a good wage to organize weddings, corporate gatherings and fundraisers all around Australia.

To become an event planner, you'll need to have a few years of experience to be able to manage different stakeholders throughout the planning process.

6) Freelance Photographer

Do you enjoy capturing photos, whether it be of nature or people at their best? If so, freelance photography is a great option.

Freelance photographers are often paid per project so you can choose which assignments to take on, as well as earn a great amount of income from each job instead of working an eight-hour shift. You'll be able to grow your freelance photography business through word-of-mouth and online networking as well.

As a freelance photographer, you'll need to have some equipment and be customer service-focused to succeed in the industry. Your services will mostly be used by businesses who want professional headshots for clients or outdoor photography of their products. You might also become involved in photographing events, like weddings or conferences.

7) Tour Guide

Did you know that in Australia, tour guides are paid an average salary of $25.33 per hour? 

Tour guides often get to work outside all day long, have a flexible schedule and meet new people every day. They also get to develop their own tour-guide business, so they can choose the tours and areas that interest them rather than working at one place for a long period.

Tour guides are often employed by companies to lead different groups through big cities all around Australia in order to teach people about history and architecture.        

If you've always enjoyed hearing stories about interesting pieces of history or seeing beautiful architecture, becoming a tour guide could be an exciting option for your future.

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