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6 Top Mechanical Engineering Companies to work for 11 June, 2019   

Once you have finished your studies, you require a job to sustain your livelihood and make sure you are living a good life. But to sustain a happy and well-deserved life you need money, right? Most people prefer to work under a company as it is more stable and has fixed earnings. If you have pursued your studies in the field of mechanical engineering, then you will surely need a good company who hires employees for the same field as well.

Several mechanical engineering companies in the world hire hundreds of brilliant and skilled individuals to work under them. Not only that, they offer lucrative salaries, incentives and many other facilities to them.

Most of the employees love to work under them, not only because they are popular and reputed but also because of the extra facilities these companies provide to their employees. So if you want to know about some of the most desirable companies people work for, you are in the right place. 

Not every company has the resources or the ability to provide their customers with different kinds of advanced facilities. Therefore, here are the top mechanical engineering companies where you can try your luck!

1. Google

Without a shadow of a doubt, we are sure that you know what Google is. Google is currently the world's biggest computational technology company and has employees working all over the world with more than 88,000 employees. If you aspire to become successful, then landing in Google will surely take you to brand new heights.

Google always requires a team of professional mechanical engineers to work on their advanced computers and mechanisms which they use for running their business. Why? This is because they do not buy their hardware but builds them from scratch.

The employees work in a friendly and technologically advanced environment that enhances your set of skills and experience. The company also provides different kinds of benefits which includes health insurance, vacation policies, yearly incentive, etc.

2. Microsoft

One of the top mechanical engineering companies, Microsoft has more than 100,000 employees working all over the world. The company offers some of the best opportunities to their employees to work under favorable conditions, with knowledgeable and cooperative people and more importantly gives you the chance to work with the advanced mechanisms that they have in store.

You will always get the chance to develop and design new mechanism computers and different other hardware which Microsoft deals with. Microsoft hosts different employee skill development campaigns, annual performance meetups, training, and other activities which ensure that the employees are working well.

Microsoft also makes sure that all of their employees are receiving good employee benefits like paid vacation trips, medical insurance, yearly incentives, and also recognizes the work of every hardworking individual.

3. Larsen and Toubro

Popularly known as L&T, Larsen, and Toubro is a mechanical engineering giant renowned all over the world. The company has different departments which deal with various aspects of the industry like Aerospace, Automobiles, Electrical, Mining, Metals, etc. The company houses a massive employee count of more than 101, 00 individuals.

Larsen and Toubro have very good management which ensures that every employee is getting equal opportunities to work and excel. They also have different facilities which ensure work-life balance, employee satisfaction, proper delivery of incentives, etc.

If you are looking for a job opportunity which will offer you different and versatile responsibilities, then Larsen and Toubro is the place where you should be landing. 

4. Ford Motors

If you love automobiles and want to work in a company where you will get the opportunity to take care of different motors and mechanisms, the Ford Motor is a great place for you. Ford Motors has been in the industry for 100 years and has more than 202,000 employees work for the multinational automaker.

When you get yourself employed under this company, you will get the opportunity to work under brilliant industry experts and increase your experience. More importantly, as an employee, you will get to face new challenges in your career which will help you to become successful. They also provide skill development and awareness campaigns to make sure the employees are working in their full potential.

Some of the other well-known benefits include retirement plans, paid vacation trips, paid sick leave, etc. The company has a very professional but friendly atmosphere all the time which helps the people to work in peace and discipline throughout the year.

5. Kirloskar

Kirloskar is one of those top mechanical engineering companies who deal with core mechanical work throughout the year. They mostly deal with the designing and production of different kinds of equipment like Engine Parts, Valves, Compressors, Agricultural Products, Pumps, Refrigeration systems, etc. All of these will allow you to demonstrate your potential skills as a mechanical engineer.

Kirloskar has more than 20,000 employees working in their company and constantly looking for different kinds of innovation and new designs which will appeal to the masses on a large scale. That is why you will constantly need to bring your creativity and obviously had work.

Kirloskar is well known for its sophisticated training and main working area. The experts and trainers at Kirloskar make sure that you receive the right training so that your performance can be made more perfect. Other than that, the company also gives different incentives, vacation trips, and different professional backing which will be necessary for your career.

6. Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer electronics and other essential equipment which makes the life of the people more convenient. iPhone, iPod, and MacBook where some of their groundbreaking inventions. 

Apple constantly works throughout the year to develop various mobile applications, hardware, and mechanical systems. This allows you to keep working on similar projects throughout the year and develop your skills. You get to work with advanced computers, chipsets, mechanical systems, etc.

Apple takes care of its employees in a good manner as well. The company provides paid leaves, vacation trips, celebrity meetups, skill development courses, and different other employee satisfaction benefits.

All the companies that we have mentioned in this article hire employees from all over the world. If you have the right set of skills and potential, then you can try your luck out with these companies which we have mentioned in this article.

Being reputed and so much successful, these companies know how much it is important to keep their employees satisfied that they can give their 100% throughout the year. You can get to know it by looking at the employee benefits.

We hope that our article on the top mechanical engineering companies to work for helped you to set your goals high and ensure you a secure and successful career ahead of you in your life.

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