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6 Tips for Online Student Learning Success 26 November, 2020   

Online classes refer to lessons that are conducted by the teachers over the Internet. It is performed through a systematic learning methodology wherein students can view their course syllabus and communicate with their peers and course tutor. While the concept of online and distant learning is not a new one, over the last year, it has gained a lot of popularity due to the global pandemic that has rendered the traditional methods of learning obsolete. Maintaining a distance has become crucial during such perilous times to reduce the virus's effect and keep the number of infected as less as possible. As such, almost every academic institution has started taking online classes in college and school to advance its educational course without risking the infection.  

As people try to adapt to the new normal, tutors are doing their best to simulate a school's environment for the scholars. While they are asked to attend lessons through their homes' comfort, they are also assigned plagiarism-free papers to keep their course going forward. However, working on essays can be a daunting task for the students if they are unable to keep up with the subject matter at hand. Thankfully, they can buy plagiarism-free essay online from Writix, an online service in the UK and worldwide that employs top writers to work on your custom paper at affordable prices. Taking help from professionals in times of peril is always the best idea since these papers contribute to your academic performance and overall GPA. Seeking help maybe even more crucial during these challenging times since students do not have easy access to their mentors and friends to work on their papers. 

What are the difficulties that scholars are likely to face during online lessons?  

While there are several advantages to online lessons, sadly, it also comes laden with some disadvantages. If not taken care of, these faults can seriously hamper the learning experience among scholars and can be a hurdle for tutors. Some of the most common disadvantages that have been known to challenging the process of e-learning are as follows:  

1. Struggle to adapt: 

The students are more often than not used to the traditional classrooms and the teaching experience associated with the school. Working face-to-face with instructors can be a completely new arena for them and can seem drastically different from what they were previously used to. Humans are, as a rule, resistant to change and have difficulties adapting readily to newer situations. This may create somewhat of a challenge to a successful online learning environment.  

2. Tech savviness: 

Not everybody is good with computers, and the ability to manage and handle such e-devices may not come readily to some. Lack of computer literacy is one of the major problems that is currently being seen in online learning classrooms. Some students and teachers cannot work with basic programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Word to handle the day to day course. During a computer breakdown, individuals struggle with troubleshooting and fixing the problems due to a lack of knowledge. Lack of technological proficiency may delay one's participation in the learning course.  

3. Low motivation:  

While at school, the learning environment is different as scholars are present with their peers, most of whom are attentive and focused during lessons. The teacher is also almost always physically present to help you out with difficulties or to snap you out if you seem lost. However, at home, scholars are forced to motivate themselves to work in their academic lessons, a task that can seem daunting to some. While working on their online classrooms, students may find their motivation is low since many distractions present themselves while working from home.  

Tips for online classes that work  

The global pandemic has completed altered the traditional schools' methodologies, and academic institutions have had to pivot their study programs to understand how to learn online. As with all learning methodologies, online lessons are rife with disadvantages. However, when taken care of, students can have a wholesome experience. Here are some tips for online colleges that have worked well globally with scholars currently enrolled in online courses.  

1. Set yourself up for success:  

The first and foremost step towards an effective and productive study experience begins with you. You cannot expect to do well if you are working from a reclined position and listening to your favourite songs in the background while having your social media turned on. To start learning well, you must first find a spot free from distractions that can stimulate the classroom environment, meaning having a table and a comfortable chair. While deciding on a space, it is best to look for one with sunlight since it is known to impact one's concentration positively.  

2. Build a schedule:  

The beauty of traditional classrooms is the rigidity of schedules that are maintained by the school curriculum for you. With online lessons, you are expected to attend several lectures and keep up with the coursework and assignments. As such, building a schedule can be of utmost importance to make sure you are keeping up. It is best if students have a set time to attend lessons and to finish their assignments. By having a schedule, they can also easily check if they have missed out on any classes or papers that are due. While making a routine for yourself, make sure to allow for some slack time such that the schedule doesn't overwhelm or stress you out.  

3. Keep in touch with your friends:  

We may be confined to our homes for now, but that doesn't mean we can't keep in touch with our group of friends and peers. One of the things that students miss the most in online lessons is the proximity and the rapport they share with their classmates. However, thanks to social media's power, we can easily interact with people from anywhere in the world. Working together in groups through apps such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams is one of the best ways to ensure that you are in touch with your community and stimulate a sense of collaboration.  

4. Divide the task into sub-tasks:  

If you look at a big project, it can seem challenging at first and can cause the individual to procrastinate as much as possible to avoid starting the project at all. However, when these big projects are broken down into smaller jobs, the goals become attainable and can be executed within the deadline. This process of breaking a project down into smaller tasks has been used frequently, not only in the educational system but also in other life fields. Everything is attainable when one can easily see the end in sight. Start small and build it up from there.  

5. Keep yourself motivated:  

Staying motivated is one of the biggest challenges students face daily, especially during these uncertain times. However, various steps can ensure you stay motivated. There are several productivity apps out there that can help you stay focused on the task at hand, such that it is completed within the allotted time. Investing in the right gadgets for study can also help both the students and teachers make the most out of their lessons. However, if you find yourself unable to focus at all, it may be best to buy essays online to keep up with your academic course. Think of the end at sight, the degree you will earn, and how it will contribute to your future to ensure that you keep working on your task.  

6. Stay positive:  

Keeping a positive mind frame during such difficult times can seem impossible, but everything begins in mind. Students should remember that these are temporary times, and everything will soon go back to normal once the pandemic is over. Mental peace always comes first, and if students find themselves unable to focus and to have to take a break, they must do so without having any guilt. Take the time to care for yourself and work at your own pace. 



Online lessons have several advantages, such as the flexibility of time and working from the comfort of your own home. If done right, it can significantly impact the scholars who are currently on the verge of getting their academic degrees. 

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