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6 Healthy Living Blogs worth Following! 18 May, 2019   

As we progress more into the 21st century, the trend of blogging has emerged significantly all over the world. Thousands of blogs have been established in different blogging platforms and websites. Most of these blogs have a story to tell which intrigues the mind of the readers.

Blogs can be of different genres - lifestyle, fitness, health, food, technology, etc. Just search a genre on Google, and you will get hundreds of blogs related to it. Most of the blogs written by the people are informative and very useful. They enlighten the people about different topics happening around them and spread awareness as well.

 In your search for the best healthy living blogs which will give you vital information on how to stay fit, cook healthy meals, or improve your well-being, you will come across a dozen of them. So when you have so many options to choose from, how are you going to select the one which is worth your time and attention?

Don't worry because in this article you will come across 6 of the best healthy living bloggers whose blog will surely impress you and can even prove to be life-changing.

Bloggers across the world play an essential role to motivate and influence the lives of their readers. They share their experiences, knowledge, and expertise in their blogs which people use to apply in their personal lives.

 Have a look at these six bloggers who have managed to help their readers to practice healthy living genuinely.

● The Real Life RD

A very versatile and registered dietitian, Robyn Nohling who runs her blog by the name of The Real Life RD is one of the best healthy living bloggers out there. She has a brilliant gallery of informative images and a website full of helpful blogs which are beneficial especially for females.

She has currently more than 30 thousand followers on Instagram, where she uploads a lot of different pictures related to a healthy diet, healthy food, how you can cook food for healthy living, and other healthy living habits. Not only this, she even tries to cover various problems which readers and followers may be facing in their lives.

Robyn has also offered her customers with different solutions to serious medical problems with the help of online medical courses. If you are facing any hormonal issues or going through period problems, then you would want to have a look at these different online courses.

● The Fit Foodie

As the name suggests, the Fit Foodie is a blog related to healthy and sustainable eating habits. Run by Sally O’Neil, her blog has reached thousands of people, and many of them have also seen mind-blowing results as well. She has tried to find a better way of staying healthy without having to compromise on fun and tasty eating.

On her blog, you will come across various blogs which contain recipes for amazing and flavourful foods which gives you the joy of a treat without having to eat junk.

She has covered the right amount of recipes which include the healthy way of making candy, chocolates, ice cream, puddings, etc. These are the items which many people cut down because of various fitness issues.

● Peanut Butter Fingers

Established in the year 2009, Peanut Butter Fingers was created by Julian Fagan so that she can share different recipes that help in healthy living. Little did she know that her blogs contained information and guidance that could be immensely valuable to thousands of other people also.

Over time the blog has become a massive success with more than thousands of readers every week and over 41 thousand followers on Instagram, Julian now shares fitness tips, different ways of cooking healthy and helps the people to maintain a balanced life which goes a long way. She also uploads blogs that deal with baby care and maintenance.

Julian is very much active on her blog and Instagram, working hard to come up with different kinds of informative content every week. Her honest and straightforward approach towards the content for the readers has made her even more popular among the people.

● Oh She Glows

In your search for healthy living blogs, you surely need to check out Oh She Glows. Launched in the year of 2008, Angela Liddon started her blog to show and educate the people more about plant-based diet and lifestyle. Yes! Her blog deals with different vegan ways that will help you to maintain the balance in life you are looking for.

Her first popular book “Oh She Glows Every Day” went on to become New York Times bestseller in 2014. The book has 100 plant-based recipes, most of which are gluten free as well. All the recipes contain real-world ingredients which are easy to use and fun to eat. She also has a verified Instagram account with 600k+ followers.

In the blog, she has tried to cover different kinds of recipes that will not compromise on your taste buds and will give you the same joy of eating good quality food always. She suffered from an eating disorder for eight years, and that is why Angela knows what the best way for her readers to leave this disorder behind and stay healthy is.

● Happy Fit Mama

As the name suggests, you can understand that this blog is consistently taken care of by a mother who has the aim of keeping herself healthy and fit. The happy mama is Angela, and she is a physiologist and RRCA running coach. She had gained ample knowledge and experience in her career, which allows her to share her skills with others.

She is what people will call as “Fitness Junkie.” Angela was overweight when she was in college and wanted to get rid of the unnecessary fats from her body. She got into an intensive routine that allowed her to balance her weight and also her life in a brilliant manner. Her ability to tackle work, personal life, and healthy living, has impressed the people.

In her blog, she shares her daily exercise routine with all the necessary details that will help the people to carry out the same exercise themselves. Angela also shares different recipes that help you to maintain healthy eating.

● Harmony Restored

When we are talking about healthy living blogs, we cannot miss out on Harmony Restored. The blog was created by Megan, who was suffering from ill health and mental instability very frequently. But her true spirit and the ability to understand human psychology helped her overcome difficulties in a much easier manner.

Megan, in her blog, shares different kinds of ideas and methods which will help the people to get a breath of fresh air into their minds. She believes that mental health is as important as physical health and if the former is stable, the latter will not face any issues.

Megan is an expert and trainer of Kinesiology, which involves the way of reading wisdom present in every person and cultivates their problems according to that. She offers personalized advice, support, and information to her readers and clients, most of whom have seen life changing results in their health.

So if you have read the article till this point, then you are now aware of the 6 different healthy living blogs which are very much worth your time. These blogs are run by experienced and very knowledgeable people who know what they are doing. Their readers look up to them for finding the right way to get into healthy living throughout the year. 

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