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6 felon-friendly companies offering great careers 03 December, 2018   

Facing up’s and down’s is a definite part in every individual's life. Being convicted of something that you have done may ruin your life or career. When we talk about the felony, the only thing that comes in our mind is that something which is very wrong or is rotten to the core. But if you are one among them who feels this way, then you need to stop at this very instance, because many of us have and you if possible, should too.

Felony is not just a word these days; it has become a tag that can ruin the life of the person who gets it. But have we ever considered the fact that the crime he or she might have indulged in could be the result of the sheer need or some mental issue that they did not have any control over? Well! Many companies are now opening their arms wide and open for the felony tagged peoples. These felony friendly companies help the candidates to grow and to make their life better by working in a positive and cheerful environment and giving them tasks that are suitable for them so that they can enhance their arsenal of skills.

There a lot of felony friendly companies out there who try their best to help a fellow felony tagged individual and help them to mould him or her into a better being. But before jumping to this we must first understand what felony is and how does it affect a person's life and career.

What is a felony?

The term ‘Felony' is not something that anyone hopes in their wildest nightmares for being convicted of in their life. This is a common term that is tagged to people who are indulged in some really serious crime which is high on the chart in the eyes of law. 

What does felony include?

Felony includes many aspects; there are so much of them that a person can get lost in counts. Some of the major points in which felony plays a big role, meaning people are related to these crimes very often. Some of these felonies are:

·      Aggravated assault or battery

·      Animal cruelty

·      Larceny

·      Possession with intent to deal out of specific types or quantities of banned drugs

·      The manufacture, distribution, sale of illegal drugs

·      The simple possession for use of several types of illegitimate items.

·      Theft or larceny (theft or larceny over some specific quantity or value of goods)

·      Various forms of fraud

·      Vandalism on federal property

·      Copyright infringement

·      Tax evasion

·      Forgery

·      Treason

·      Threatening some government official (judge, police officer)

·      Murder

·      Vehicular homicide

·      Burglary

·      Manslaughter (unintended killing)

·      Computer Crime Fraud and Abuse (computer hacking)

·      Arson

·      Extortion

·      Rape/sexual assault

·      Blackmail

·      Child pornography

·      Mail and wire fraud

·      Kidnapping

·      Perjury

Companies that offer a great career to felons

Apple INC.


Show me just one person who does not know about Apple INC. the Tech giants are known for their standards and how they are making society a better place. Apple is also known for hiring felons who need a second chance with their lives. They let them train and offer them jobs that require only some basic knowledge.

Dave's Killer Bread



This company was founded by Mr. Dave Dahl. He was a con who was caught in a case assault, armed robbery, and delivery of an illegal substance, because of these charges he was convicted and sent to prison. Mr. Dave Dahl was in the prison for almost 15 years and after he was free from the prison and when he came to know the harsh reality where felons cannot get any job, he started his own company and this gave birth to a $50 million dollars worth of marvelous enterprise. Just like other felony friendly companies, this company also sought to give back to those who were once imprisoned.

Apart from baking bread on a large scale, this company has 1/3 of their people comprised of people who were charged with a felony from various backgrounds. The recruitment team actively hires ex-cons. They believe in the ideology that no person should suffer because of some issues that happened in the past and if they are willing to work hard and make their future healthy and pious.

Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines


The big three United Airlines, Delta, and American Airlines have continued their favor of making the availability of second chances for everyone. Each of these names offers entry-level jobs to the felons such as customer service or call center positions. There run many internship programs so that people tagged with a felony can follow to become a cabin cleaner or crew member Airlines are known for the employment of ex-cons and felony cases verdicts.

The Army


A very popular being among the masses is that once a person who gets a tag of a felony with his name will not be able to work in the governmental or defense sector. To bust this popular myth we are here to tell you that in the time of need when mass recruitments are done, anyone can ally for jobs like chefs, drivers, communication specialists, medics and writers. There are numerous job opportunities in the Army sector, so it is not like if you are a felon you cannot work in the army. It is a very felony friendly sector and one can choose it as his or her career path.

General Electric (GE)Airtract-Image


Another major insertion in the field of felony friendly company is General Electric. It is a major corporation, and GE is dedicated to following and education felons of various backgrounds to work in any of their departments. They have works of many fields from aviation to energy management and they provide internships and apprenticeships to provide the essential qualifications for any post that is to be filled by a new fellow felon. Plus, they offer competitive salaries with astonishing benefits.



Amazon, as we know, is a million dollar company and is known to almost everyone in the world these days. Their success and fame owe a very big contribution to Felons. People who were ones tagged as felons can now get a job in Amazon. They have a very large range of jobs from delivery boy to co-coordinators. So, if you are suffering from the issue of not getting a Job, then you know where to go.

So, these were some of the companies that offer jobs to those who are tagged as a felon and face problems with getting a livelihood. These felony friendly companies show the pathway to everyone with a moral that everyone deserves a second chance in their life.

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