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6 best tools and tips for automating social media marketing 24 April, 2019   

If you want to go to an all new level with your social media campaigns, then you need to be quick and responsive. To make your online marketing strategy more effective you need to invest in the right social media marketing tools.

Bring about the much-needed change in your marketing strategy by making way for some of these effective tools that will help you to manage your social media posts, planning them in an organized way while saving your time and energy. 

1. Agorapulse

With Agora Pulse, you can easily plan and automate social media posts. It allows you to schedule content for 6 different social media channels (YouTube, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), and track your performance too. It is an excellent time saver as it helps you to put up a sharing schedule to repost content if needed. You can engage with your followers and prospects from one place. Plus you can easily collaborate with your team members as well. 

2. Buffer

Buffer, being one of the most popular social media marketing tools, allow you to schedule all types of social media posts over a range of platforms. You can even specify the pattern of your posts, namely, ‘daily’ or ‘weekdays.’ With this tool, you can also follow-up your posts, analyzing the effective posts, and the reason for them to be effective.

3. Post Planner

Initially, Post Planner was a Facebook tool that had some great features. With time, it has now graduated into an excellent and powerful tool that helps you automate social media posts.

It allows you to discover all kinds of content, and help you in creating your own content which Post Planner will share automatically for you, across various social media channels.

This social media marketing tool also features an algorithm that lets you figure out the best time for posting, plus it automatically re-posts your most popular posts so that you can get maximum benefits.

4. CoSchedule

One of the favorite tools of marketers, CoSchedule, lets you schedule the timings for social media postings. You can easily manage multiple accounts from a single location. You can schedule over 60 posts at one time with the help of its interactive interface.

You can create your own social media calendar, and answer audience queries directly from CoSchedules’ interface. This social media marketing tool is compatible with WordPress and can help you with staff management too. It helps in the field of customer support and its cost-effectiveness is the reason why most marketers favor this tool without a second thought.

5. SocialOomph

This tool is simpler as compared to most other social media marketing tools. However, its wonderful functionality is the reason why it is a keeper. You can use this tool to bulk upload a huge number of updates at one time.

Take for instance; you can enlist a couple of blog posts in a single text file after which, you can upload them for random distribution at certain intervals on various social media platforms of your preference.

6. Zapier

Zapier helps you to connect your various apps easily and create automated workflows. It is just like email marketing automation where you choose a trigger and then act by that trigger. This social media marketing tool works with more than 700 different apps including Google apps, popular social media channels, and much more!

Important tips for automating social media marketing

1. Share content that your audience likes

Opt for sharing your most shareable content. To know that which the most shareable content is, you can make use of the content suggestion feature of popular social media automation tools. You should share posts that garner the most traffic. You can enlist articles traffic wise and add them to your queue of content.

Also, opt for sharing those pieces of content that turns your readers into customers. You can queue up all these content pieces with social media automation tools and get them scheduled for posting at suitable times.

2. Queue your tweets

Twitter can turn out to be a productivity drain. To avoid being disturbed by queuing messages, opt for spreading your different tweets throughout a couple of hours.

As you know, tweets comprising of 110 characters can get 18% more engagement, it is suggested to make your tweets short, and easily scannable. Apps such as Twuffer and Tweue can help you with this.

3. Determine the frequency of your posting

One of the most important social media marketing tips is to determine the frequency of your social media posts across different channels. You should remember that no two communities or audiences are the same.

Popular social media automating tools such as CoSchedule, and Social Media Examiner have come up with the following recommendations for post frequencies.

Facebook- If you have about 10K followers, then you should post 2 to 5 times in a day. If you have less than 10K followers, then you should post about 5 times a week.

LinkedIn- It is suggested to go for 1 post in a day or 20 posts in a month.

Pinterest- Go for 11 pins a day.

Twitter- Tweet up-to at least 15 times in a day to keep your audience engaged.

Instagram- Opt for 1 to 2 posts a day.

4. Use apps

Most of the tools for social networking have apps that are meant for browsers and smartphones. This enables you to manage your social media automation process even when you are traveling. One of the most used apps for active social media management is Hootsuite.

5. Do log in from time to time

It is suggested to interact socially on all your social media networks at least once each day. After all, it is not a great idea to leave your posts fully automated without any manual interaction. You can take a break while you are on vacation but letting automation take over you completely is really going to harm your customer engagement.

6. Automate analytics and social media reporting

It is very important to grow your community and keep your customers satisfied. For this, you need to analyze your efforts in these aspects. This is yet another important social media marketing tip.

With the help of several social media analytics tools, you can easily track the important metrics and automate reporting for your company. Various social media automation tools help you to generate a number of such reports. 

Internal reports- Internal reports help you to get an insight into how your various social media profiles are performing individually as well as together.

Cross-channel reports- They help you to figure out what is happening to all your social media accounts, and let you know the overall performance of all your social media profiles combined. 

Twitter reports – Twitter has always been a great source for improving your net promoter score or NPS. This refers to customer rating. With Sprout, a popular social media automation tool, you can get a lot of Twitter insights, for example, the keywords you should focus on for excellent audience engagement, trending hashtags, customer review about your brand, etc. 

To conclude, it must be said that the most important among social media marketing tips is that social media automation is a two-way path. With this, we mean that while some tasks such as scheduling can be automated, other tasks like responding to customer queries should be managed manually.

Thus, it is suggested to find the right balance between automation and manual work to make the most of your efforts. Social media marketing tools should be used in the right manner and at the right time.

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