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6 Best sites to find Premarital Counseling online 09 May, 2019   

It is very important that before you get engaged into the pious relationship of marriage, you should evaluate the expectations and set a list of common goals to steer and navigate through such a major change in your lives.

Thus, keeping in mind these changes and alterations which might occur after marriage, a to-be-wed couple should always consider for premarital counseling online sessions which will help them to identify such goals and would help them to cope up with such unexpected challenges in their marital lives.

Is Premarital Counseling Successful?

According to numerous psychologists, it is very important that couples should attend some pre-marriage counseling to adapt to the changes early on during their marital life, which will help them to overcome numerous hardships later.

Apart from this, various studies by latest magazines and newspapers have also suggested that couples who undergo premarital counseling sessions before actually getting married tend to have a happy and prosperous marital life, compared to the ones who do not attend any pre-marriage counseling.

Can you do the premarital course online?

In the current times, each and everything possible is up there on the internet. Be it the shopping bills, credit card bills, medicines, properties, cars or any other kind of commodity; you will find them all on the internet. Same is the case with premarital counseling as numerous couples are constantly working and have only a few hours to spare for themselves.

So, it becomes really difficult for them to attend personal counseling sessions and thus, they prefer online sessions which are equally beneficial as compared to the personal ones. So, in this article, we are going to look at 6 of the best premarital counseling online platforms which have proved the most beneficial for the newlywed couples.

1. Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After is, perhaps, the best premarital counseling platform for the newlyweds and dating couples who want to take their relationship to the nuptial ceremony. Designed and developed by Marriage 365, Happily Ever After is a completely self-paced premarital counseling platform. They have numerous videos and quizzes to help the couple mingle with each other, and all of their videos are led by Casey and Meygan, who are professional premarital counselors and who teach about healthy relationship practices.

2. Growing Self

Growing self is an up and coming platform which has made a good name for itself in this particular sector. They have a well-structured session for the couples and try to aim at 6 of the most important points during their premarital counseling sessions:

How to have effective communication with each other?

How to adore and respect each other’s views and aspirations?

How to deal with various misalignments of views and other day-to-day conflicts?

How to enjoy the beautiful essence of marriage and love?

How to have compatibility with professional aspirations and future babies?

How to complement the hopes and aspirations of each other as a couple?

Thus, keeping in mind these portfolios, they help to address numerous issues before the couple is getting married to avoid future conflicts. Apart from this, they also take a good interest to help both the individuals realize their dreams and aspirations out of the relationship so that they can lead a happy and prosperous marital life.

They have numerous centers across the United States of America and have an effective price rate which will not put any burden on your pocket.

3. Prologue

The prologue is a basic and completely free of cost online platform for premarital counseling which will help you to learn various tools to keep your marital life happy and prosperous. Led by the renowned pre-marital counselor and author Jeff Helton and the writer of a New York Times best-selling novel Dr. Gary Chapman, Prologue is an overall challenging and exhilarating online premarital counseling platform which will help you to eradicate your marital problems within five online sessions.

Designed with an interactive user interface which is easily accessible on computer, mobiles, and tablets, Prologue has been dedicated for the couples who are staying together as well as for those who are miles apart from each other. So, although you might be Seven Seas apart from each other, Prologue will bring you closer with your special one and will try to give you the best marital life you can imagine.

Better Help is, by far, the biggest and the most widely known online counseling platform for numerous mental issues. Be it depression, addiction or premarital counseling sessions; Better Help has it all. With an extremely talented pool of more than a thousand licensed psychologists, Better Help has been successful among the years and has given various successful results regarding their counseling sessions.

Apart from the usual mental health counseling sessions, Better Help also organizes premarital counseling online to help the newlywed couples or those who are in a relationship to cope up and eradicate all the possible problems which might arise in their lives. 

It has to be seriously considered that what might seem to be just a simple medical issue might lead to a big mental disorder such as anxiety, anger issues or depression and hence, it needs to take care of very effectively. Hence, it is very important to consult licensed premarital counseling to sort all the issues and have a happy and prosperous marital life. 

Apart from this, Better Help has an exciting range of pricing, and their unlimited counseling session plans are quite famous among the users.

5. Presto Express

Accompanied with a group of more than 1000 licensed counselors, Presto Express is one of the best ways to get premarital counseling sessions for the new couples. Along with various counselors for numerous mental issues, there are our relationship counselors as well who have a successful portfolio of saving numerals marriages from dilution.

One of the most exciting things about Presto Express is that they allow you to attend an online demo session which will help you to identify whether premarital counseling online sessions are your cup of tea.

6. Talkspace

Talkspace has an interesting and highly entertaining user interface which has made it a prime destination for most of the couples looking for premarital counseling sessions. Although there are hundreds of counselors working to help you with your relationship issues, yet, Talkspace also has a wide range of counselors who provide eminent help on any mental health disorders, depression or anxiety.

They have three attractive plans for online counseling sessions and can be adjusted according to your pace and convenience.

All these premarital counseling online sites have given a chance to get better counseling experience from experts around the world. It was around 2011 when online therapy sessions came into practice, and it has become one of the most popular and effective ways of treatment procedures since then.

These online sessions have allowed the people who are sitting miles apart from each other to get professional medical guidance from a licensed psychologist or therapist who can benefit them to a whole new level.

And unlike the personal sessions which used to take a lot of time and had a huge cost, the online therapy sessions consisted of a set amount of days which would help the couples who are working and have a very less time to prepare for this kind of activities.

Another reason why people prefer online therapy sessions as compared to the offline ones is that almost half of the United States do not have proper access to a psychologist. Hence, it is more than normal and helpful for the residents and individuals to get a proper online therapy session done than traveling miles to attend a personal session.

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