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5 Ways to Make Your Home an Oasis of Calm 23 October, 2020   

Who doesn't enjoy the calming and peaceful atmosphere? There is no place in the world where we feel the most relaxed than in our homes. So, what’s stopping you from creating an oasis of calm in your home? 

Depending on your preferences, there are multiple ways in which you can transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary. However, that doesn’t mean that you should re-do your entire house all over again. If you’re all out of the ideas, take a look at these 5 ways that will help you create an oasis of calm in your house.

1. Choose calming colors for your bedroom 

The bedroom is the place we should feel the most relaxed. However, that isn't always the case. If you want to create a bedroom that relaxes you and allows you to sleep peacefully, consider implementing calming colors.

Light pastel blue, light beige and baby pink are the ideal combination for any soft vibe room. Naturally, you can combine other colors that make you feel like you're at peace. Don't forget to add enough pillows and cushions for extra comfort, but make sure that they match the colors of your room. Besides that, if you're a book worm, fill your bookshelves with beautiful classics you enjoy for an additional homey feeling.  

2. Create a comfy kitchen vibe

It’s commonly known that the kitchen is one of the least comfortable rooms in the house. Many people made peace with that the kitchen will never be their inside oasis. But does it have to end like that? Create the kitchen where you’d love to spend time in.

Be the chef of your kitchen. How do you imagine your modest, but comfortable kitchen? Try to recreate that look. It doesn’t have to include anything fancy. Simply remove the clutter and try to keep your space as organized as possible. Include bright but calming colors and your kitchen space will come to life. Don’t forget to implement details, such as flower vases and cute fruit baskets to make your kitchen feel like home.

3. Connect with nature in your living room

There’s nothing that says oasis more than greenery and plants. Try to create a living room that is made out of natural materials. Ditch the leather and go for the cotton cloth or soft fabric for your seating area. Consider also adding fluffy rugs t create a cozier atmosphere your family will enjoy.

On top of that, consider bringing greenery inside. Plants and greenery will freshen up your indoor space and make it more artistic and relaxing. You can learn more about raising plants on the Green Pinky or try to find gardening guides that will help you take care of your indoor plants if you’re a beginner. However, that shouldn’t worry you as greenery will bring peace and calm to your home. 

4. Create a patio sanctuary

When we think of the word “oasis” the first association many people have is the garden or sanctuary outdoors. So, is there a better way to complete you’re your home oases than by including the backyard in the process?

Make sure you’ve got enough greenery and freshness there. Implement a comfortable seating area you and your household will enjoy. However, the only problem may be the changeable weather and climate. So, instead of giving up on the outdoors sanctuary, consider installing a high-quality retractable roof on your patio, that will protect you from various weather conditions like sun, drizzle, and rain. This retractable roof will also increase the privacy of your patio, so you can enjoy your secluded cozy corner without the creepy looks of the onlookers.  

5. Don’t forget to use the soothing lights

Did you know that the lights you use can greatly affect your mood? Even though strong and bright artificial lights are needed in your office to keep you focused on your tasks, you’ll need to implement soothing lights to create the claiming atmosphere. 

Pick any room you feel like it doesn’t have adequate lights that will keep you calm. It can even be a hallway or the bathroom. Instead of wasting money on expensive pendant lights, consider DIY pendant light ideas that will soothe your mood and keep your home peaceful. Indulge in this creative project to improve your home and make the entire atmosphere and vibe different. 


These are only some of the ways in which you can create a peaceful oasis in your home. Who doesn’t like coming home after the long day at work and feeling immediately relaxed by the unique and calming designs? What are you waiting for? Try them out yourself and see the improvement immediately.

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