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5 Ways to Inculcate Lifelong Learning Skills for A Holistic Development in Your Child 14 August, 2020   

We have often heard that “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” and it is very important to light that fire within yourself at the correct time to achieve excellence. Attaining lifelong learning skills is a tough job but not impossible, therefore, it is suggested to start filling the pond from an early age itself. Here we are listing 5 easy ways to develop lifelong learning skills for a sharper brain:   


1. Promote learning ownership from an early age: At some point in life, the child will be exposed to learn independently, therefore, the first way to develop a lifelong learning skill is by letting them take the reins of their education in their own hands. In other words, the parents must promote the value of self-learning in a child from an early age itself. Providing them with the freedom of learning independently will transport high self-esteem and will also serve them well in the future. The early childhood education programs state that channelizing efforts independently makes the kids take more interest in studies and also stick by it regardless of the ups and downs they might face.   

2. Turn mistakes into opportunities: the second way to make your child a lifelong learner with a sharp brain is by teaching him to accept mistakes. Yes, mistakes are a promise to bring back opportunities and is not a crime. It is a promise to stand right back up and try, try until u succeed. Preaching the kids to learn from their mistakes from an early age will help ensure that they try different methods to solve a situation and will also provide them with a proper insight of hidden knowledge and mental awareness. Learning from mistakes is the best lifelong lesson any person can master and learn that as an early learner will help them to grow mentally and emotionally.  


3. Set learning goals: Kumon education has experienced that by working on drawing a blueprint with the students make them aware of the real purpose of learning making it a much more meaningful experience. Working on something without a purpose inscribed beforehand is like hitting a nail in air. Goal setting is one of the most important lifelong lessons because it strengthens the desire to learn.   


4. Stash a few go-to learning tools: Every child has different go-to learning techniques. Some rely on repetition learning and others learn by singing a spur of the moment song. Kumon education believes that a child won’t attain immense knowledge by learning just the school curriculum. Therefore, the institution familiarizes the students with all the learning tools available like introducing them to the finest literature books, promoting repetition and regular practice etc. If implementing these tools give them a thirst for learning and growing that’s a positive sign of them being on a fruitful path   


5. Adopt a fun learning model of learning: from the experience of 70 years of teaching kids, Kumon has understood that it is very essential to teach the kids in a creative and fun manner. Therefore, the institution adopts and promotes the use of a fun-learning model for kids wherein they learn every concept with the help of worksheets and video lessons. This exercise ensures that the child shows less resistance and more interest helping them to acquire lifelong skills.   


These 5 ways promote the development of skills for your early learners and make them the best learners for life.   


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