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5 Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering 13 December, 2020   

As we progress more towards the 21st century, technology and science and all other aspects of our lives are always changing every year. Innovations and ideas are coming forward, which holds significant potential to help us all. Most importantly, mechanical engineers worldwide are trying to develop systems and mechanisms that will help us lead a more advanced lifestyle.

One of the essential reasons people are constantly trying to bring forward new innovative ideas is to help us live a more sustainable life. As our lives are becoming more hectic and goal-oriented, it is the role of these ideas, which will help us to lead a better lifestyle. Mechanical engineering is an essential area of science that holds vital importance.

Mechanical engineering focuses to bring forward new mechanisms and technologies which can make our lives more comfortable and convenient. It involves the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing of different mechanical systems and products, which will surely help us in the long run.

Recently there have been some brilliant advances in mechanical engineering all around the world. In this article, you will come across them and know why they are so important. Keep reading!

Top Advances in Mechanical Engineering 

In the previous section, you came across why mechanical engineering is essential for developing human lifestyle and bringing more convenience to their lives. Now we will discuss the best mechanical engineering advances that have the potential to help the whole world.

  • Absorber to harvest solar energy

Structure for light absorption has been perfectly designed, capable of utilizing the array of different pyramidal bismuth telluride nanostructures over a light substrate, which helps absorb incidental solar radiation. The absorber has been developed and designed by Professor Ping Cheng, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with a collaborative effort with Professor Zhuomin M. Zhang, from Georgia Institute of Technology. But why is it important?

As the world is progressing more, we are using up the earth's fossil fuels rapidly. This is harmful because these are non-renewable resources that will take millions of years to be produced again.

Therefore the use of an absorber designed to manipulate the array of incident solar rays will provide us with sustainable energy. This metamaterial proposed has a brilliant potential to generate solar power during the conversion in the photothermal processes. Making it possible for us to use solar energy more popularly.

  • 3-D Printing Technology

We all know what printing and printers are, right? But have you heard of 3-D printing technology? Does it seem too futuristic? No, not at all. Recently scientists have successfully worked on 3D printing machines that are capable of producing 3D materials and objects. This is also called additive printing because the device successfully adds different layers of material, producing a 3D object.

But how does it work? Well, let us make it simple for you to understand. To produce a 3D object, you will first need to select the material to construct the object. It can be any of these plastics, ceramics, metals, sand, textiles, biomaterials, etc. Now the machine adds the layers of the material you choose according to the design you want.

3D printing takes some time to complete, but you will get an accurate and brilliant 3D object when it is. 3D printing allows us to get more tangible and accurate products without any limitations on the triangular shape. It is more cost-effective and also helps to save a lot of time.

  • Fuel cell hydrogen-powered vehicles

As fossil fuel's global usage is on the rise, people are more likely interested in developing mechanisms that will help them use renewable energy. Vehicles consume a lot of fossil fuels to make themselves run, and therefore we must find an alternative to it to save a lot of fuel. It is one of the best advances in mechanical engineering in recent years.

Fuel cell cars are powered by hydrogen gas and have an electric motor that helps the vehicle run. Fuel cell cars combine hydrogen and oxygen's power to generate electricity that is ample to make the vehicle work. These vehicles are also known as electric vehicles. 

Another major benefit of these vehicles is that since hydrogen generates electricity, the by-product released is only water and heat. So there is no release of harmful gases and pollutants into the atmosphere. Tesla, Toyota, and other manufacturers are making such vehicles, which will surely be more popular in the coming years.

  • Sustainable solar panel windows

Mechanical engineering ideas can be of different types, and sometimes they come forward in the most quirky of ways. Just like a solar panel window! Yes, developers worldwide have recently worked on a brilliant idea in which they have integrated solar panels on the windows of your house that are capable of absorbing solar power and converting them into electricity that you can easily use.

It is a brilliant innovation that can help households and offices produce their electricity and cut down the use of power produced by burning fossil fuels. Mechanical engineers and scientists have stated that since all the buildings you see around yourself have numerous windows, it is a very welcome innovation that will help us better.

Each window can produce 8-10 watts of electrical power and combine it with all the windows that you can see in a building. You will get a massive amount of electricity generated, which is renewable and environment-friendly as well. An iconic innovation in every aspect!

  • A New Portable Blood Analyzer 

Even though man has progressed a lot in recent years, humans still suffer from numerous medical disorders. The healthcare industry requires innovations that will help people all over the world live a better life. A few months back, mechanical engineers at the University of Washington have successfully developed a portable blood analyzer and have been considered one of the top advances in mechanical engineering.

Conventional blood analyzers require a hand to hand expertise to analyze and give the blood sample report. This limits the usage of the machine in many parts of the world, especially in developing countries. But with the invention of portable blood analyzers, doctors can now help patients more conveniently. So how does this machine work?

The new portable blood analyzer uses the optical properties of the blood sample that has been taken and observes the absorption and scattering of the particles. This helps it to measure the hemoglobin concentration and identify the type of problem present in the blood. Even though it is in the prototype stages, it will surely be used properly worldwide in a few years.

Here are some of the best advances and innovations in mechanical engineering, which can change the world and help us lead a better lifestyle in the coming years of the 21st century.


Mechanical engineering surely holds a significant impact on the way we live and the world functions. Due to the numerous innovative ideas coming up on the global platform, people are now more interested in working on different projects that have the key to a sustainable future.

All the advances in mechanical engineering that we have talked about in this article surely holds immense importance because they can show us a new way by which we can help each other and make our lives better in the coming years.

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