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5 Productivity Tips for Studying at Home Under Quarantine 26 November, 2020   


The current global pandemic has dramatically changed our everyday lifestyles and brought about changes that no one could foresee. Everyone has been significantly affected by these changes: from the way we work to the way we interact with people, but students, especially young ones, are among the most badly affected groups. Young people are mostly social and love going to school, not only for academic knowledge but also for meeting and hanging out with their peers and friends. However, all of that has changed as most schools remain closed, and the open ones have strict social distancing measures. Schools are obviously not one of the best places to study during coronavirus since it brings together too many people, increasing the risk of getting infected. 


Even though schools are closed, the process of education hasn't and shouldn't stop. However, the pandemic has brought about a significant shift in how knowledge is imparted. Meaning, most classes are online, and students are asked to work on their studies from the comfort of their homes. Teachers have still been asking students to research and present plagiarism-free papers on academic lessons to further their course. But, working and writing an essay from home can be a daunting task, especially if you're unfamiliar with that particular field of subject. Thankfully, you can always get your research assignment done by reaching out to a research paper writing service that can present custom papers written by professional writers at low prices. When students order from this service, they can submit their assignments at the due date and not worry about their grades dropping.  

Why does student productivity drop during quarantine? 

It's easy for one to get distracted while in the comfort of their homes because there are too many distractions. While in class, students are expected to remain focused and have the support of their friends and teachers to help maintain this level of concentration. However, at home, one can easily switch off from working on their tasks to doing something else like watching TV or scouring through social media on their phones. A five-minute break may turn into a five-hour break if the individual is not careful. 


So, what can be done about it? And are there tips on how not to lose one's motivation during study time? Yes, times are hard at the moment, but the most important thing to remember is that this is not permanent. Soon enough, things are going to go back to the way they were. By working on your tasks, knowing that this will pass, you prepare yourself mentally to execute your work better. 


It's also important to not too much pressure on yourself. It is normal for one's productivity to drop during perilous times. Overthinking and putting too much pressure on yourself can further dampen your motivation. If you find yourself unable to focus on a task at hand, it's okay to put it off for the time being. While there are many essential things in life, the most important of all is your mental peace. 


5 productivity tips for studying at home under quarantine


While working on their school assignments, students may find themselves asking the questions, ' how to study effectively' and 'How to study at home productively'? Here are some tried and tested tips on how to study effectively that may come in handy for students who are currently stuck at home but still have to work on their academic lessons. 

1. Work out a rigid schedule


Individuals who have a set routine are most likely to succeed than the ones who don't. And this doesn't only apply to scholars. In fact, it works in every field of life. Individuals committed to building a stable schedule and sticking to it are more disciplined and have the time management skills to complete their work on time. 


Creating a schedule is the best answer to the question, ' How to manage time effectively for students?' It's best to start creating a time log for the lessons you are scheduled to attend every day. There are several online apps and tools that can help you with scheduling. Also, remember to add a few breaks in your schedule and allow yourself some slack time, so you don't find yourself rushing from one task to another. This is your schedule and must be made to help you, not overwhelm you.  

2. Stay away from distractions


We live in an era in which our biggest distraction probably rests in our pockets. We are, of course, talking about the phone. While having a phone has several benefits, such as how connected we now are with our loved ones, it has numerous distractions waiting for us at the end of our fingertips. It can be tempting for scholars to check out their social media every 15-20 minutes just to catch up on what's happening in the world. 


However, if you really wish to focus on the task at hand, it is best to limit your phone time. The best thing to do would be to put the phone in Flight Mode for a particular time and only allow yourself to turn it back on after the allotted time is over. However, that may not be a feasible plan for everyone. If you have to keep the phone on, it's best to turn off notifications for social media so you aren't distracted every five minutes when your screen lights up.  

3. Have a specific working place


It is easy for one to take their laptops to their favorite couch or even the bed to work on their assignments. While that can be comfortable, it can seriously dampen your productivity. It is best to have a dedicated working place instead meant solely for your work and nothing else. A comfortable chair and table work best. 


To add some ambiance to your studying space, you may wish to add lights or find a spot with good lighting to enjoy the sun. You may also want to add plants, pictures, or even inspirational quotes to remind yourself why you need to finish the task at hand. 

4. Listen to music


Most people listen to music while working on their tasks, and some specific genres are even known to increase one's productivity. This tip may work for you as well. However, it's important to note that you cannot be listening to just anything. If you start working with your favorite song, you may find yourself singing along and getting distracted instead of focusing on your work. 


Listening to instrumental music has been known to benefit working people the most. It isn't surprising that most workspaces have instrumental music playing in the background to help their workers' productivity. There are several playlists that you can find on YouTube garnered specifically for students, such as yourself. Give it a try and see if it works for you.  

5. Stay in touch with your classmates


Thankfully we live in the digital age where our friends are only a phone call away. With digital technology, we can even see them while talking to them, making our interactions that much better. While students go to school to study, they also strengthen their friendships and have a social life. All of that may have changed for the time being, but that doesn't mean our relationships with our friends have to end. 


While working on your assignment, you may benefit from working with a partner. You may find yourself caught in a rapport with your study buddy talking about the paper and other topics of interest such as sports, movies, or even survival students tips! Not only will both of you be motivated to finish the task at hand, but it also makes the process of writing your paper that much fun.  


Studying from home can be challenging, but the challenge only grows tenfold if you make it complicated. By creating a schedule and sticking to your routine, you can tackle demotivation at its roots and finish that task you have been dreading all day. Make sure to take regular breaks and do things that make your heart shine, such as playing games, painting, singing, or even dancing. Before you know it, the pandemic is going to be over, and you will have forgotten all about it. 

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