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5 Easy Steps to Help Keep Mom's Jewelry Clean 01 March, 2021   

For mothers, it is a very emotional moment when they receive jewelry from their kids. To have their children buy fine jewelry for mom for them makes them realize the children have grown up to be mature and responsible adults. Jewels gifted by your children hold the same importance as the jewels you had earlier.


So, it is important to always keep the jewels clean as if you got them for the first time. By keeping the jewels clean, you can make sure they retain their beauty. Keeping the jewels clean is a must if you want to wear the jewels again during any birthday or a party. Photos are a way to look back at the time when the custom jewelry was bought. So make sure to keep your jewels clean with these five easy tips.


1- Use microfiber for cleaning

Have some splashes and stains of oil on your jewelry? No need to worry as microfiber cloth is the perfect cloth to wash these stains. Dip the microfiber cloth in lukewarm water with a few drops of soap. Gently rub the jewels properly to get the sparkle back in no time. If solutions are used, then make sure that the jewels are rinsed before being used again.


2- Choose the location carefully

Make sure that while cleaning the jewels, places such as sinks and windows are avoided. One small misstep would lead to you loose your small pieces of jewelry down the drain. Choose an ideal location with black cloth underneath to help find the jewels easily if fallen.


3- Store jewels in a safe box

If you are not going to use your jewelry, it is better to keep them stored away safely. This would make sure that you do not misplace the jewels. Separate the jewels while storing, such as rings and earrings should be kept separately and not in the necklaces box. This would prevent jewels from getting scratches, and the box should have a soft cloth inside.


4- Protect the gems from chemicals

Jewels, when exposed to chemicals, can quickly get damaged. This is not just applicable to silver, gold, or diamond jewelry. The rest of the jewels, such as precious stones, gold coins, or gold bars, should not be bought be in contact with chemicals. While cleaning, you must avoid Hair spray, deodorants, and make-up. Avoid getting into swimming pools with jewels as the chlorinated water has negative impacts on the jewels.


5- Prevent exposure to high temperatures and light

Jewels exposed to UV rays for prolonged periods can cause the jewels to fade away. Gems such as kunzite, topaz fade when exposed to higher temperatures. Jewels such as amber turn darker over prolonged exposure.


To sum it up

The mom and the children have to ensure mothers' rings stay clean and beautiful.

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