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5 Civil rights movement facts throughout history 11 December, 2018   

Civil rights are the most basic and important rights lay down by the constitution of every country to empower citizens and help them to live a happy and prosperous life. We all have suffered problems for not being able to get all the effects of these rights at some point in time. It is important to know what your civil rights are. These rights are the backbone of peace and harmony in any country and save the people of the country from being insecure about their privacy and security. Thus, their importance is a pioneer and it is respected by everyone. The people or organization who in any way breaks these civil rights and try to barge in on someone's privacy and punished by the law of the country.

There have been many such cases in the past that lead to the fact of people not getting what they have right for. These events have led down to several bi revolutions in the history of mankind. These revolutions changed the picture of humanity and mankind in both a positive and negative manner. This positive and negative has impact on the life and lifestyle of the people at that time and even now. The main and actual aim of these movements was to ensure that the rules and regulations that empower the humans of getting equal treatment in the eyes of the judiciary bodies and jurisdiction.

Today, we will discuss some interesting Civil rights moment facts, these facts revolve around us all the time but knowing them is important as it shows why civil rights are so important and how and why we should oppose or raise our voices in case anyone wants to barge in on our privacy and stop us from availing our rights. But before jumping into the facts and other stuff let us first learn about Civil rights and how they work in the country.

What are Civil Rights and why are they important?

Civil rights are the guidelines that empower a person towards certain things where no one can stop them from availing it. They are an essential element of democracy and the constitution of any country. In case anyone interferes with any other person's civil rights privacy or stops or harms them from availing their respective rights according to the Law is a punishable offense. If anyone is found to be causing any trouble for the masses in any way that affects the availability of civil rights, then they are punished by the law according to their actions.

Civil rights are a grand set of regulations and rights that are constructed to protect citizens of any country from any unfair treatment or similar issues. These rights are the make sure of the fact that individuals must get equal treatment. This helps to maintain the equilibrium of power and saves us from any sort of uprising. Civil rights include rules that include the safety of any individual from issues regarding Mental and Physical integrity, Safety and life. It also helps to end the discrimination and bullying that is done on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, color, political affiliation, national origin, religion, disabilities, etc.

Civil rights cover many concepts that ensure the safety and well-being of the masses. These concepts are based upon certain issues that people face in a day to day life, and many of us can relate it too. There are more direct concepts that can be related to an individual without much problem.

So, as we now have an insight into the topic of civil rights let us begin to dig the civil rights moments facts and get a better understanding of it.

5 Civil rights movement facts that are important to know

Civil rights movement facts are originated from the lack of the availability of civil rights for the masses. These moments changed mankind for good and helped the masses to know what their worth is and how they should also stand up against anything that stands between them and their rights.

1. The first civil rights movement facts come from the time of the happening which marks the commencement of the very first civil rights movement. At the date of December 1, 1955, a lady named Rosa Parks begins the modern Civil rights movements.

Airtract-ImageThis event was influenced because of the event when Rosa, African-American women were forced to leave her seat in the city bus which was heading to Montgomery, Alabama. She was forced by the people to go and sit on the backside of the bus because of his race and color. This discrimination is illegal in the vision of law, and Rosa took the initiative to start the very first civil rights movement which marked the empowerment of being saved from the troll that is done on racism.

2. This Civil rights Movement fact comes from the time of 4 September 1957, when a 15-year old girl named Elizabeth Eckford and eight other students were chosen to attend an integrated school known as Little Rock Central High School. They were invited for their Excellency in the field of studies. But there was a dispute because of these nine students being black.

Airtract-ImageThe Governor of Arkansas Orval Faubus himself called out the national guards for their protection and they were escorted in jeeps with military protection. These events gave rise to a major β€˜Right to Education' issue which is probably known to us by the name of "Desegregating Little Rock Central High School, 1957".

3.  The Malcolm X movement is a well-known incident to most of the people. There is a biography of the event with the same name which has portrayed a great outlook of the scenario. His original name was "el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz," and he was the national representative of the Nation of Islam.

Airtract-ImageHe raised the voice against the discrimination that is done to the Muslims of the country which led to the enhancement regarding Civil rights that protected the people for their living regardless of what race and nationality they are from. These events took place between 1964 to 1965 and mark a great deal in the history of mankind.

4.  "The Great March on Washington," this movement is a mainstream event and is a part of our civil rights movement facts. March 1963 marked one of the biggest civil rights events when a million man marked towards the capital city of Washington which was led by world-renowned Martin Luther King Jr.

Airtract-ImageThis movement marks the memorable speech of "I Have a Dream." This event slackened the roots of humanity and led to a very major change in the Right to speech that empowers us to say whatever we want under Legal bounds.

5. Women have a lot through years and years of independence and despite countless riots and marches, these unfortunate events did not seem to have stopped in any possible way. The Movement's ebb was the event when black women were forced to leave the movement of 1964. They were beaten and cases of violence and arrests were all over the country. This event marks the rise of Malcolm X and his idea of leaving the integration of separate communalism.

So, these are some civil rights movement facts that are known to be the biggest. There are tons of movements some small whereas some were groundbreaking but thanks to all of these, we are happened to make a much better society of human beings and we are able to live in peace and a world where everyone cooperates with each other and help each other to grow in a great way.

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